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  1. Introducing PVP separated ranks. Why not?

    dont try to start a derailed conversation, we get it you don't like the marks system.
  2. Introducing PVP separated ranks. Why not?

    there are some good historical/ close to historical names on this wiki below. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Royal_Navy_ranks,_rates,_and_uniforms_of_the_18th_and_19th_centuries you could also keep things very easy of course and just add senior to all ranks. Senior midshipman Senior leftenant Senior commander Senior commodore Senior Admiral Senior Captain and such...
  3. Introducing PVP separated ranks. Why not?

    very cool idea indeed! I would support this idea, but only if some special historical ranks are used and not names like "hopeless carebear" that's just immersion breaking and annoying.
  4. Didn't get victory mark

    did you refresh the shop? sometimes the marks don't show if the shop was not loaded, refreshed or opened.
  5. European clans setting US timers & ethical gameplay

    this is not an issue.
  6. Why Civil Wars are Necessary

    it would indeed be cool if we could declare a rebellion/civil war. maybe with the coming of the political system again the devs decide to add more in-depth systems for leading a nation and conducting diplomacy with other nations (the previous system was way to easy and small to be taken seriously).
  7. Notice Board at ports

    good idea, I would support this.
  8. Map Wipe

    totally agree!!
  9. Map Wipe

    just stop please. the game is moving in the right direction. stop hating and wanting other players to join you in hating. the problems you are facing are not just with americans and ausies we all have those problems, but instead of writing a hate full forum post (about a topic we have all discussed many times befor and are sick of it) DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT! PLAN BETER! sometimes the wind blows in your face and not in your back, deal with it...
  10. stop whining everybody, the game gets better and bigger every month. seriously I am already happy that they didn't pull the plug on this game so, be thankful for what you got for once...
  11. this is a positive thing, otherwise, you just get random battles in which its free for all just like the battles in WOT, WOWS and war thunder. strong and strictly ruled clans are the ones that will kick your ass and that create the RvR and take initiative because they work together.
  12. PVP servers merge

    Totally agree my old friend! see you soon on the seas
  13. how is the progress going on the new boarding system? can we expect it in the first half of 2018?
  14. indeed , and leeway can be easily adjusted by calculating the amount of degrees leeway has just like in real live.