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  1. Opinions of a Newcomer

    I always do
  2. Opinions of a Newcomer

    even after the 90.000 people that bought the game?
  3. Opinions of a Newcomer

    the thing that I always ask myself is: why don't you hire more programmers?
  4. Dynamic/Interactive Crew

    totally agree! how cool would it be if your crew suddenly starts singing naval songs in battle, the best thing that could happen crew wise would be that you would be able to see all your crew on your ship all doing their own thing. crew busy with your guns( loading, cleaning, bracing, bringing the gunpowder and firing.) crew busy with your sails, dropping your sails, (pulling them up and changing the angle of the sails by pulling on the ropes and heaving the ropes) wounded and dead crew laying on the deck with streams of blood spilling slowly over the decks. of course, there would be a number of officers on deck shouting orders that you gave them and keeping you up to date with your surroundings, and you as the captain would be visible with a retractable telescope in your hand. but this would be way too much for the game and its servers to handle so this will possibly stay a dream( or maybe some ideas for NA2)
  5. The Battle of Trafalgar Video

    all 3 videos are very good and very informative thx for posting guys. #ILoveHistory
  6. Finding each other in OW

    Nice Profile picture!
  7. Finding each other in OW

  8. Finding each other in OW

    that is how NA is supposed to be I think, but there are always people who want it very easy and want their hands to be hold by the devs on every turn and win every time. if they lose they blame the game...
  9. Finding each other in OW

    after reading your statement, I thought about how in the 17th and 18th centuries captains would find each other. so this is my suggestion: create a system where 1 captain could request an information report on a player of its own nation or an allied nation, the other player will then get a message in its in-game email or a message on its screen telling him that a captain requests an information report, by clicking sent or accept (or of course "decline") a message is sent back to the player that requested the report with the position of the player, the nearest port etc. this whole system could be made more complex by for instance allowing ship movement reports, wreck location reports etc. (I am sure other people will also come up with idea to this system) let me know what you think.
  10. Finding each other in OW

    hey @admin sorry for not talking about this topic, I just wanted to ask you how plans, ideas (and maybe even work) on your team's new Boarding system is going. I really like the idea you presented a few months back and hope it makes it into the game. keep up the good work! kind Regards: Rickard
  11. Stop being negative!!

    Hear ! Hear ! Couldn't agree more!
  12. Eliminate Nations

    so most of the players will go pirate or are gonna be made pirate... Big no from me!
  13. Server Merge Poll

    let's hope your right, Sir.
  14. Server Merge Poll

    that would at the moment be the best option due to the population of the game.
  15. NorthViking False Accusation

    wasn't that in relation to Accusing someone on the game labs forum(tribunal)?