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  1. Rickard

    Treasure Hunt/Exploration Mission

    see this topic on NON-combat instances, we had some same ideas
  2. Rickard

    Treasure Hunt/Exploration Mission

    maybe even get this in a steam achievement form?
  3. Rickard

    Treasure Hunt/Exploration Mission

    put these two suggestions together and this would work very good. furthermore in general, if a player doesn't like long sails the player doesn't like Naval Action. sailing is a part of the game, accept this.
  4. Rickard

    Player nation control of AI fleets/ships

    not really, Alliance system was limited to making breaking peace, war and Non-aggression pacts nothing else. it was a very boring and small system that did not provide anything more than that.
  5. Rickard

    Facts and Truth of Spain.

    you do understand that after every server wipe players and clans switch nations and clans!? if you speak of spain in the Global and before global timesremember that the player base has changed for Spain (and probably all nations). I condem all satement in this post that speak badly of any players in the game, Shame to Horatio for posting this Anti-Spain propaganda!
  6. Rickard

    New Shipwreck mechanic

    I am not sure what you mean here? the sea has no bottom? in the game, you are not able to see the sea bottom, this is correct. salvaging a deepwater wreck would be (as I stated in the main post) very hard to do, you will need all the right mods, you will need to know the exact location of the wreck and you will almost not be able to see the wreck so its easy to miss if your not looking for it. since when is dreaming a crime? now on the realistic thinking side : bottom ocean: not necessary for this mechanic sea: we already kinda have this... deep water ports: deepwater ports are already in the game... corals: not necessary at all. dolphins and whales: looks cool but not necessary. floating thinks above the wrecks: would certainly make the game more immersive and good looking but since it doesn't add any new content it's not necessary, also due to the game engine multiple extra objects in an instance that the game also has to monitor and control would stress the instances too much to the point of crashing from your post I conclude that you did not think your post through before typing, next time just think before you release the keyboard warrior in yourself.
  7. Rickard

    New Shipwreck mechanic

    I agree, this mechanic is not gonna force you to take the salvaged material.
  8. Rickard

    non combat Instances

    the shipwreck salvaging from my shipwreck idea could also be using NON combat instances.
  9. Rickard

    not Hostility, rather Stability

    absolutely agree! this game needs more content!
  10. this is impossible due to Human nature... the devs are not gonna try to do this again(they tried it before).
  11. Rickard

    Future Additions after Main Core completed

    the battle instance also has a battle map in the lower right corner and when you press on M, enemy ships are seen in red allied ships are white-gray... maybe use the map a bit more and this won't be an issue anymore. (not personal)
  12. partially implement the new coins then, when you get to port you can store those coins in a special slot where they will be safe but much like gold, silver and such you can always get them out of the "bank" and ship them to another location. this "bank" should only be accessible in a port of your own nation and own outposts.
  13. I was being very optimistic of course.
  14. I know, but I was just wondering if you have any ideas or plans for new content in the future I am not asking that you focus on them right now but just think about it. if you do not have any plans ideas for new content then please keep in mind that the new UI will only provide some new players for a short while and if you have not added significant new content 1 or 2 months after the new UI implementation then the number of players will drop quickly (again). please keep this in mind.