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  1. Clan/Warehouse Management

    suggested many times before. the dev team has no time to create this system in the coming months due to more important priorities like UI, but might be implemented in the long run(before release hopefully).
  2. get a Kickstarter going and sell special items that players in NA can use but don't affect the player's ability in the game (AKA don't make a pay to win) like paints for your ship and cool non-gameplay-affecting features like that. I would gladly gift you some money to keep the development of this game going.
  3. Thickness meta is back

    I think nobody will shed a tear over this... just saying.
  4. No more upgrade storage

    just no... don't suggest removing content, we already have that little.
  5. Give us proper clan management / finances!

    hey, admin just a question : are there any long-term plans drawn up for NA and are any of the ideas from the community? if not I still have some new game mechanic ideas just as other players.
  6. Edinorogs

    just want to know how fast did they sink you when you were ganked? so hard that you ran to the forum immediately?
  7. Patrol Mission vs farmers

    well said I agree!
  8. More interaction between PvP, RvR and trade

    what about these ideas ? mayby a merge between them could create a well working NA RVR/PVP/PVE mechanic.
  9. Remove the damn forts from OW PvP

    nope, never!
  10. New look at boarding

    were the devs not developing a new boarding system?
  11. Looting Mechanic

    hold your saltiness, Sir.
  12. A new take on RvR!

    this has nothing to do with RVR.... you are talking about the leaderboard score.
  13. looks very promising and good !! Love it!!
  14. Mast Rebalance Thoughts.

    what is your question/ Issue? small ships are weak and big ships are strong(like they should), what is the problem?