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  1. Rickard

    login battle exploit

    don change existing mechanics but rather get us new mechanics and new content to make the game bigger, better and more enjoyable. new UI is nice but didn't change the game in its current form in any way. NA needs more content!
  2. guys just wait for the instructions please! don't act so super hyped LOL
  3. Sound good! smart call to first get the patch on the Test server. looking forward to your work.
  4. Idea for a new Mechanic !! Insurance companies run by clans for clans!!
  5. if you didn't check and play with this mechanic you can't say that its a step backwards.
  6. maybe first check it out before making a drastic action.
  7. Rickard

    It's time for Justice

    this is a serious threat to the Empire of Spain and the Tsardom of Russia. both Spain and Russia are open for diplomatic talks to resolve this matter, but if war is upon us we will fight with unmatched valour and honour to defend the right of the Spanish and Russian dominions in the Caribean region.
  8. Rickard

    Suggestion: Gender equality in Naval Action

    true but NA isn't even close to a system like that.
  9. Rickard

    Suggestion: Gender equality in Naval Action

    please don't start this highway of "feelings" gender is not needed since we don't really have visible characters. this is a feature that is not needed nor wanted. simply a waste of time. Ranks to fit the 21st century????? WE PLAY A GAME BASED ON 1790ish !! Adding china and the Zulus who both are on an entirely different continent!!??? is this guy just trolling? Gender neutral ranks???!!!! please don't even get me started on the so-called Gender neutrality bullshit... I consider this post a pure troll. (Yes you Triggered me LOL).
  10. Rickard

    OW Navigation

    give me Divider, sextant, nautical almanac and the ability to get a bearing on a OW structure and I can find my way on the OW without the game revealing my location in Coordinates. you could even expand on this idea by giving the player the job of making our own specialised maps and nautical almanacs, this way the game would be more realistic and there would be more things to do in the game.
  11. please educate yourself better by reading admins post. next time you can't win a battle don't claim that the game is "again unbalanced "maybe you just don't know how the ship works...
  12. Rickard

    BUGS that not get fixed.

    can't wait! keep up the good work and keep the patches coming!
  13. Rickard

    Griefing After PB is Over and Won

    maybe just change it so that if the battle is won by the attacker the defenders will have a shorter window in which they will be kicked out of battle.
  14. Rickard

    POTBS game Closure

    the Dev team running NA has the same staffing problem as the Dev team from POTBS, if nothing changes NA might in time become the next POTBS...