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  1. RaimundoJoe

    Want too buy Santa cecilia

    Ско́лько денег?
  2. RaimundoJoe

    Server is down!

    Maybe go outside... 😎
  3. RaimundoJoe

    My reasons why this Game will never Succeed....

    admin be like... "when i finnish counting ill deploy the rest of the UI"
  4. RaimundoJoe

    Sealed Bottle Cargo

  5. RaimundoJoe

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Nice fight, congrats! Thing is when u win in this fashion, as in stomp the opposition, only one thing will happen they will avoid you. So you will probably get one more fight and if the result will be as decisive as the last they will no longer fight you! Maybe attack some stronger pvp nation!
  6. RaimundoJoe

    Sealed Bottle Cargo

    @qw569Maybe i do not understand what u mean, but to my knowledge is not possible to have more than one bottle open, plus u have to get all the cargo in one go. So, unless changes were made, u're wrong!
  7. RaimundoJoe

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Hehe, youre plan is bold, i dont think that it will work thow! 🤨
  8. RaimundoJoe


    Devs are telling us they are in the process of making changes to all the mods. So i guess just exercise a little patience and we will all find out soon enough.
  9. RaimundoJoe

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    If they all are zerg, then no one is zerg...basic logic!
  10. RaimundoJoe

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    No, man! Those are friends, that would not be fair.
  11. RaimundoJoe

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    U should get another hobby! Have u learned nothing?
  12. RaimundoJoe

    Server Hiccups (Caribbean)

    #metoo maybe, someone removed the functionality behind the START button 😊
  13. RaimundoJoe

    To All Of Those Hunting Around Capital Ports

    I have said before, every port should have a defined pb set, in the form of slots, same for the screening fleets. A PB should be a two tier action, both for defence and for attackers. This is what i thing it requires. First we need to define the place were the pb takes place, the algorithm needs to check for active pb and only allow you to chose those of your nation. Once you are here one can get the ability to choose the type of action you want to participate in: screening or port battle. 1. Screening The screening fleets need to be limited to half of the pb br. meaning that there have to coordinate so it will need two screening fleets to drag a pb fleet in a battle. Or they can just engage the enemy screening fleet and let the pb happen. 2. Port Battle Lets have a new battle group called pb group wich has a more defined slot set eg. commander slot, this slot is open to all types of ships, one 1th rate slot, two second rate slot, 6 third rate etc. There is still required some type of rewards for this type of actions in order for them to be attractive.
  14. RaimundoJoe

    Devs, you must see this video.

    Agree, that is arcade but, it will be enough to scratch that sailing itch for a lot of NA players. This is actualy good news for us players, competition is here. 😀
  15. What conquest? There is no conquest, only friendly fights or vets gather to kill noobs, which by the way its called a great battle.