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  1. French Frigate L'Hermione

    So in-game L'Hermione does not have figurehead or nameplate, any reason for this?
  2. This land is my land - new game in development

    Clearly looking like it takes place in the American Frontier west, so we will be playing as [one of?] the various plains tribes. One of the first things that came into mind I'm rather excited for is the soundtrack and voice acting. i hope you plan for a lot of on-the-ground support for these, as authentic sounds and music would go a long way. (see Kisima Innitchuna) As a single player game, will it be more of an open sandbox? Or story driven (or both?) If sandbox, will we have a selection of tribes to choose from (apache, navajo, Lakota/Dakota, etc)
  3. Favorite Civil War Era Music

    I have an album by David Kincaid, The Irish Volunteer It's a collection of Irish marching songs, mainly centered around the 69th New York, with Kincaid adding the tune when needed. It's some solid stuff.
  4. American Independence and the Frigate of Freedom

    You are correct, I did in fact travel to the Philadelphia-Camden festival, but I was not able to see either parades of sail in or out of the harbor. It was easily one of my favorite trips I have ever taken and most certainly solidified my love of sailing ships. I believe I ended up uploading a number of my own pictures here on the Naval Action website as well.
  5. Gettysburg and Independence Day

    It's not just me; its the curriculum. This "liberal education" conspiracy theory is nonsense. I once asked a senior teacher what she thought of some local legislation that would enforce the teaching of "only things that highlight American exceptionalism" her response: "We teach history, and we will continue teaching history" This was in central louisiana where a population of the schools had the more "country" students refereed to themselves as the "camo clan" In these places, and mostly in southern states, the view that is pushed is that slaver was a non-issue. That is just as farcical as stating it was the only issue. As teachers, we have to combat both, but not only teaching but also being brought up in the south, I has see far more of the former than the prior. And it doesn't help when there are local monuments openly celebrating the opposition to further that narrative. Again, there is a difference between having something to remember past events vs something that is specifically design to celebrate it, where the local lore is that the monument is "defiantly looking his immortal enemy, the North." Does it deserve to come down. Yes. Does it deserve to be destroyed. No. It belongs in a museum. Otherwise people will make up their own history that teachers have to deal with. On both sides.
  6. Gettysburg and Independence Day

    False. I teach history. In the south. We teach that the road to Civil War was in fact paved with numerous causes. However, what we must combat is the very nonsense that slavery was a non-issue in the culmination of war. Six confederate states mention slavery as a reason to secede in their articles of secession. Four say it is the MOST important reason. Three mention white supremacy: "Our position is thoroughly identified with the institution of slavery-- the greatest material interest of the world." -2nd line of the Mississippi Deceleration of Secession.
  7. American Independence and the Frigate of Freedom

    In celebration of our Independence this 4th of July, we should do well to remember our closest and staunchest allies, and the ship that helped us win our freedom: America owes quite a bit to the French, be it the Democratic ideals influenced by philosophers like Rousseau, or the shared concepts of liberty. But America may very well owe its very existence to France, and its all centered around a ship unofficially and aptly dubbed the "Frigate of Liberty," L'Hermione. The French Frigate L'Hermione was a light corvette style, Concorde-class ship built out of Rochefort, France. Her role was simple: a fast and maneuverable frigate that would ultimately be used as a courier. L'Hermione's claim to fame would be ferrying none other than the young French aristocrat and statesman, the Marquis de Lafayette, to America to assist in its raging Revolution. The assistance of Lafayette was the first open act of support by France to America during the Revolution (France had long been secretly smuggling supplies to America, but nothing official). This would be the act that helped foster and furnish the Franco-American romance that would secure America's Independence, as the young (aged only 19!) Lafayette would develop a steadfast friendship with none other than George Washington. Seeing his potential, Washington would place Lafayette in a place of authority in the new American Continental Army, making Lafayette a general. Lafayette would prove to be crafty and cunning, covering Washington's retreat from the battle of Brandywine, and would would help lead American troops to victory in the Battle of Barren Hill, Monmouth, and others. The deliverance of Lafayette by L'Hermione would secure the assistance of France on the American side that would later come officially and in full force after the battle of Saratoga. It would be this French support, mainly via the assistance of the powerful French Navy, that would ultimately ensure America's victory and independence, as it would be a French naval blockade that would trap Cornwallis at Yorktown, forcing him to surrender to the besieging American troops. This is why L'Hermione is often called the "Frigate of Liberty" and why it is just a central a part of American Freedom as any other. So this 4th of July, don' forget to say "Vive la France, Vive la Liberte, et viva L'Hermione!"
  8. Gettysburg and Independence Day

    Precisely my point: I am all for remembering those who fought on either side. Remembering that they were willing to fight for what they believed in, not the cause itself. It is an entirely different thing between having monuments, iconography, etc. in a museum or similar setting vs. having a monument dedicated in celebration (and erected long after the conclusion of the war) in which the local lore is that the statue is "defiantly facing the enemy, the north" There is a clear difference in purpose and meaning in both; one benign and one, in the sense of a country that holds personal liberty as paramount, malicious. and @A. P. Hill nice attempt at a red herring; close, but no cigar: what we are talking about here is specifically chattel slavery in America and that when the choice came up, half of the country openly decided it would rather leave than try to continue the democratic experiment that many of those same people would claim today to champion. Opinion regarding other forms in history, while not unimportant in the grand scheme, is not relevant here.
  9. Gettysburg and Independence Day

    Get over yourself Hill; there's a major difference between observing the events and actions of the past and learning the lessons from them, and celebrating groups and individuals who would see the nation split on grounds of the subjugation of others. So yes, we should all do well to remember those that fought, and to observe that "War is Hell," and that it is good that it is so, "otherwise we should grow too fond of it"
  10. Rookie Ships and Missions

    The new Rookie Snow and Rookie Brig have been added to the lower tier missions. However, it appears they have been added to the 7th rate missions, missions that only allow for 7th rate ships (cutter through Privateer) enter. Despite being "rookie" in nature, they still outclass the player, and anyone player looking to grind missions on their own will be drastically discouraged. I have also heard that the upper level missions have also been changed to have higher tier ships. Has this been intentional? Or is this a bug with the new patch?
  11. Thinking of turning Pirate

    Ahh, my mistake. And my how I envy the Global server now
  12. Thinking of turning Pirate

    As it stands, pirate is just another nation with a crafting cap, FFA mode, and a whole lotta salt in chat, due to said FFA mechanic. As it stands many pirates have in fact defected to the other Nations (mainly Britain) because of this. Pirate isn't necessarily hard, but rather annoying instead. With people like Vicious leading the pirate charge, and all manner of vitriol in the nation chat, Pirate does not endear a fun experience. I'd personally wait for the next patch that claims to introduce raids to see if pirate is worth changing to. Hopefully we will see a movement to a more unique pirate play style that is actually worth going on the account.
  13. Forts inactive

    I have video from a mission I had right outside of Mortimer town. The NPC fired on the fort, but the fort did not respond.
  14. More advanced clan mechanics

    There are a number of features that could go a long way to making clans more useful. Making the Clan Info editing more intuitive Ability to transfer ownership while still in the clan Better warehouse management Clan History Notifications (Member has logged in/out) More in-depth roles, or even customizable ones, would also be extremely helpful: Clan Management Tools
  15. Naval Action Meme collection

    The current status of the pirate faction with these new mechanics