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  1. Caribbean Invasion News

    I wasn't there to sink ships, I was there to act as a buffer.... But when you live with your life on a Sverige chain the world gets distorted I bet... Here puppy want your ears tickled
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

    It was fun seeing the aloha boys SH$t themselves as an onfire ship moved in.. Still to pick the best wood type for burning. I made a few mistakes, but I did my job
  3. Caribbean Invasion News

    One night stands have consequences... Nasty inflections will need treating... Anyone know a good doctor!?
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    Suprised to see a pirate/dane/sweed alliance.... I do wonder how this alliance will shape future Russian activities....
  5. [PvP EU] Norfolk's Busman's Holiday

    I didn't know you had the ability to speak/see sence..... Russia with love
  6. [PvP EU] Norfolk's Busman's Holiday

    Norfolk I think what tour doing is brilliant but Im sorry to say gb is dormant/dead/asleep/scared/pointless! Gb used to be a large fighting force, with at least one port battle every few days. Now it's a suprise to see that any gb clan has raised hostility. I know Batman you beat the usa! Who hasn't! If you really want to dip your toes into the inner workings of the eu server, you'll need to look past gb. We have the : 1) Sverige powerhouse 2) Prussian holdings 3) Russian empire being built 4) Danes rebuilding 5) French revolution 6) Spanish reborn 7) Polish, failing math! 8) Dutch on holiday 9) USA running away 10) Pve GB On eu we have started to move past the traditional national ties and distrust.... I respect you Norfolk but you will have a number of forged papers, try a world (eu server) tour.. Monk3y - Russia with love!
  7. Caribbean Invasion News

    I tried Google translation and we'll, I'm more confused tbh.. From Russia with love!
  8. With @admin talking about mixing up br for port battles and mabey introducing raiding in the future. It's dawned on me that our port battles don't include the port.... What I suggest is adding a port with ships to every port battle. The simplest way of this is a slim brown rectangle floating in the dock position. (this would represent the jetty) with four ships positioned with rear of ship facing the jetty. The four ships should include two traders and two, top class battleships for the port battle. The positioning of the four ships would place the warships on the outside facing the battle with traders protected behind the warships. (the warships would be AI controlled, unable to move but can fire cannons) Currently towers give points once destroyed, I'd propose giving a point bonus for destroying the four ships. Destroying the four ships would give the points of sinking two ships. Or a set point total. If raiding ever gets added, the number of docked ships could be increased and those traders need capturing to raid the goods. Again giving a focal point to the pb. To gain more points or to raid resources the trade ships must be captured. Adding a dock with point rewarding ships forces the defender to hunt the mortor Brigg, meaning mono fleets would be silly. Also players like myself who enjoy fireships would have a target for battles... Adding a port with point giving ships would also open up future possibilities for upgrading the hp of the dock... Upgrading the hp of the ships in dock etc. If the ports were capped at 1 million tax revenue per day with a stage one port (4 ships in port), a stage two port (8 ships in port) would have no tax revenue cap per day. The stage two port would open the door to more tax revenue but make the port slightly easier to capture in theory. This port idea opens the door to raiding, more versatility in pbs and port customization. Ideas welcome (on phone so format is iffy)
  9. I just wish the development team would enable port customization. To upgrade the hp on towers, upgrade the gun... (giving longer range but with longer reload, or get the fort to fire chain etc) I still feel that out port battles are missing an important feature, the docks... Every port battle should have a location where the dock is located. The dock should have a number of stationary ships (with working cannons), the number of ships and size of ship depends on 4th/1St rating. The attacking team should have the ability to destroy the forts and the docked ships to gain points. If the docked ships are captured then there should be a points bonus... The defending team would need to hunt the mortor Brigg to protect the docked ships. Personally I'd add a dock with 3-4 ships. Two (traders) Indiaman and two warships (santi) would be a good ballance. (if raiding every gets added in the future, having a dock would give a focal point to capturing materials/goods) This would add another level of strategic gameplay to the port battles...
  10. Caribbean Invasion News

    Yeah it was only a matter of time before they start trying every trick to get us all banned.. Funny really considering they joined pirate and successfuly bullied players until they quit.
  11. Caribbean Invasion News

    Mr reporter, are the other nations doing anything or have they fallen asleep?!
  12. Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth PvP EU

    Remember you have friends in similar positions..... All it takes is a signal fire! From Russia with love.
  13. [VLTRA] EU server Spanish faction

    It's good to see you got home safely. From Russia with love
  14. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    If we opened up the gulf of Mexico from controy, past Salam along the coast to texas area, over the top of the gulf, down the backside of Florida to West end. So all those ports had no timer restrictions on them. Remove the French non capturable zone. Would this not give non eu players 25+ ports to fight over on a single server.... One server two playerbases able to mix Players on global keep saying global is too spread out.... And let's be honest who uses the gulf on the eu server.... To keep the server abit less predictable one or two ports in each section of the map could be set to no restrictions on pb. So players can still interact... Simple solution guys... Very simple
  15. [Poll] Rename PVP Global Server to PVE

    If you want server wide timers why don't we open up the gulf of Mexico to usa timezones... No1 of eu uses that area anyway!!!