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  1. Broke VM for top Nations

    ...and yet players still fought over over "nothing but dots on the map" because they enjoyed the PvP brought about by RvR. I get that people like to get a cookie for winning, but where game developers go wrong is when the cookies they hand out create a stupid advantage for the winners. It breeds negativity within the game community and is a good catalyst for gaming/exploiting the system in order to multiply that advantage. PvP is the most fun/competitive when it's both balanced and accessible for those who want to participate.
  2. Share Your first day at see in the open world (Words only)

    Since dead threads don't say no.. Log in. Choose Pirate. Figure out UI. Set Sail. Attack some AI to figure out combat. Navigate my way to another island. Log out, forget about game for 8 months.
  3. US Senate Resolution 8 Peace with GB

    Let me join in on the idea of Lionshaft being the V.P of anything.
  4. Pissing in the wind, boys. Pissing in the wind. Not that it's my place to stop you if it's something which tickles your fancy. Everybody has their fetishes.
  5. Pepperridge Farms remembers when upgrades like copper plating were craftable and available for cheap. It actually gets my hackles up to think about, and the upgrade system as it is today is one of the reasons I have a really hard time logging in.
  6. EU's could start by not following the American protocol of thinking the world revolves around them. Kappa.
  7. US disaster Inc.

    So is it safe to assume that the U.S nation on the Caribbean server is going to be just as much of a meme as it was on Global?
  8. As an opportunist, I now take an opportunity. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aOBi9nYdZLk
  9. There's only one solution to re-visiting a failed concept via simply painting the dead horse and calling it a zebra.
  10. Whats up with all the National Talk ?

    @Sir Texas Sir, All I'm looking for is some people to sail around with and get into OW skirmishes, and do what I've always liked to do in group fights which is use a fast/maneuverable ship to "tackle" for the bigger boys. Outside of that, I've always been a privateer at heart. But, all of it is moot if after the merge the server population isn't any different during my play times than it is now on Global.
  11. Whats up with all the National Talk ?

    I'm looking at the EU map and thinking about where I'm going to go. First and foremost, I want to see what the server population is during the evening US Pacific time.
  12. An Argument For Dismasting

    Yep. NA is by no means a sailing simulator. If it was, the population of players would be lower than it is now. There's so much that goes into getting the most performance out of a sailing vessel (while still respecting the wind enough to not damage the boat and its rigging) that it would be too tedious for a lot of players, I think. I can still remember the "lecture" I got from my father the first time I "gybbed" our 27 Foot Catalina in strong winds. Was lucky I didn't break the boom right off of the mast.
  13. Is there obligation for PVP server to protect PVE only veterans?

    I definitely agree that the safe zones are too large. They need to be reduced in size as to only really offer benefits to less experienced players who don't have a need to venture far from home. However, with the current game population (especially on Global) the vast majority of the map is a safe zone. If you don't want to be found, you won't be. So all of this is academic until the game leaves "ghost town" status.
  14. Require pvp to play on pvp server

    This, this right here. Population would solve a lot of the problems NA OW has, but the problem is the game just doesn't have what it takes to entice the number of players needed for it to flesh itself out. Plain and simple, if we had the population the OP wouldn't have thought to post such a ludicrous suggestion. Why? Because he'd be up to his eyeballs in all of the PvP he could want, and he wouldn't be bored enough to get slapped by the "Good Idea Fairy". (Always beware the Good Idea Fairy, as the suggestions this little sprite often plants in people's minds are anything but good).
  15. Global Chat on Global Server

    When "the dumb" gets turned up to 11, usually turn global chat off. It's very Simon and Garfunkle.