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  1. Nevertheless there will always be altfarmers and I applaud @admin for investigating and taking action regarding this issue.
  2. I was the snow and was tagging Simon in his Santi from the start. We held off shooting at you Axel until you made an aggressive move on us and seemed to be trying to ‘cap’ the Santi back
  3. PVP Mark abuse solution

    Not to get sidetracked: but what I’m really getting at is trying to stop the alt farming abuse to gain PVP marks. Its a known fact that it can be done hourly a simple check of the logs and cross reference with IP’s can solve this.
  4. PVP Mark abuse solution

    Not That I’m lazy but it’s not really my job to police other players. A simple check of the logs and an IP cross reference every once in a while should give the devs all they need to police possible nefarious activity on their own. I would just hate to see PVP marks go away again
  5. PVP Mark abuse solution

    Admins: i applaud the return of PVP marks, but I fear there may be abuse in how they are earned. Might I suggest a periodic view of the game logs to rule out those that are alt farming for PVP marks? The how and when I leave up to you. I’m a fan of rightfully earned PVP marks I would hate to see them be abused and then again be taken away.
  6. This. Sorry. It was abused ad-nauseum. And there are many many more ways outlaw battles were abused/gamed etc.
  7. This is a good thing. no more pirates hiding before port battles.
  8. Cartagena caulking refit

    Carta Tar is a bit magical I would say it needs a speed penalty. maybe -2%
  9. New 4th rate turn rates

    Just increase the BR of the Wasa and make it a 3rd rate.
  10. Limit Chainshot

    Agreed. And we definitely need to reduce the effects of Magic Rum in battle. OW is a different matter. But magic Rum in battle should be severely limited.
  11. Great patch!! Love the port battle BR limits and especially love the PVP rewards coming back!!!
  12. Limit Chainshot

    Agreed 100% magic Rum needs to be the first to go.

    We can go on and on here but here's the facts: The pirates are the Zerg nation with their non-pirate like rvr port battle fleets. Whatever. we had fun. 10 vs 19 in a port battle. Fun fun eh? have fun sailing pirates. But watch out around tortue. Heard there's a King there.

    Amazing when the Pirates are the LEAST pirate like nation and KoC's and his crew are more pirate like. Maybe Black and VSCO need to go French ?

    Welcome back King of Crowns!