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  1. hostility Missions

    thats actually good news! ty
  2. I was under the impression that the clan who 'buys' the hostility missions gets the port battle? It doesnt seem to be so...looks like whoever does the most damage or whoever has the most ships in the battle gets the port battle. that sucks for smaller clans...
  3. Why did players leave?

    And unfortunately you're at a standstill. you wont get new players interested enough to become veterans...and you will lose your veterans
  4. Why did players leave?

    I really hope that the servers will merge.
  5. Why did players leave?

    1/2 of our group came back after the wipe...saw the grind...never returned. The other 1/2 tried the grind...found it boring...found RVR boring and basically just slowly drifted away. Unfortunately you cannot have a game in alpha for 3 years and expect the excitement to continue.
  6. End of the server

    no offense dude but didn't you say goodbye and leave? Or is this truly going to be a 14 page Internet goodbye?
  7. End of the server

    Ahhh.... The Naval Action rendition of the: 'Goodbye it was all your fault' Internet Post. Dont leave: just hide out in an outlaw battle for 236 days.
  8. 3v3 is fine but I think it would be better 4v4 for both sides.
  9. Combat Mark farming with alts

    And here we agree. The absolute worst move the devs have made regarding this latest incarnation of naval action was the nerfing of PVP marks. Why they decided this is beyond me. Pvp marks should be the pinnacle...peak...apex...zenith of Marks if i were making these decisions I would make pvp marks the highest Mark then the conquest/victory mark below them to craft mods or larger ships but I'm not a dev
  10. [Serious] Server Health

    And werent you still GB?
  11. Nope: The Pirates just want their revenge gank fleet back to wait outside of battle. Invisibility plus the speed bonus has reduced the gank squads that wait outside the battle. The way it is now is perfect. Speed plus Invisibility gives the aggressor a fighting chance to get away as it should. There is still a chance he'll get ganked... but also a chance he'll get away. It's fine as is.
  12. Devs have made it clear they are cool with alts. OK. We'll live with that even though I'm against them But: there are known alts that sail with impunity and sometimes taunt on nation chat. There should be some recourse we should have: maybe have a national tribunal? deportation? Execution seems harsh.....I would rather something along this: " 'The Shadow' has been proven to be a known Pirate alt....he is hereby banned from all nations except Pirate faction. " how can this be proven beyond a doubt is the hard part...maybe the Dev's can act like a judge in this tribunal? This way the $40 isn't wasted..... the player no longer can hide in plain sight, nor does he lose his $ paid for the alt.
  13. [Serious] Server Health

    Sheet....... I dont think I have 3 slots unlocked on my surprise and thats all I basically use now. PS- RVR is dead. your 1st rates should be mothballed in Kidds.... Or Bermuda
  14. [Serious] Server Health

    You do know a ship with all slots unlocked sinks just as fast as one with none unlocked?