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  1. Make CombatNews channel silent

    Instead of a separate channel how about just allowing 'clerk' comments on global with a different color text?
  2. Rum and repairs

    That's ? i personally still don't like the re-animation effects of rum.
  3. Rum and repairs

    So you're good with re-animating roughly 900 crew members on a Santi?
  4. Rum and repairs

    Of course it would. Ive never attacked a 1st rate alone Its always 3-5 of us in smaller ships -lets not divert this thread: all we are saying is Rum is overmodelled some like it's Voodoo ability to re-animate pulverized sailors... others think it should be limited for my reasoning I think it should be limited
  5. Rum and repairs

    for JG's complaint about the Rum, I have never seen that much crew repaired before but I don't see any screen shots from him. No one commenting on this thread has seen a video or any evidence of what actually transpired in the fight. For all we know the grape shooter sucks or they went 20 minutes in-between crew hits. this happened more than once, and unfortunately I'm strictly a PVP player, not a vloger so I do not have video. i sailing mostly smaller ships my only option is stern camping. I bet you have yet to encounter a 1st rate in a smaller ship?? I also bet once you do you'll change your mind unless of course you are the 1st rate
  6. Rum and repairs

    Well said.
  7. Rum and repairs

    I'm all stimulating PVP. it's ALL I do. But you must admit when you get a Santi don to 300 crew 3 times and the guy revives 1200-1500 crew to replace them it get a bit annoying.
  8. Rum and repairs

    Because it is supposed to simulate a surgeon in a fighting ship patching up wounded sailors and allowing them to retake their posts and continue fighting. There should be a finite # of crewmen replaced This cannot and should not be a multi-use repair. with the current system it's as if there are spare crewmen available in the hold.
  9. Rum and repairs

    Simply put Rum is way overmodelled. We literally had a first rate in battle... took his crew down to 300 or so 3 times.... and he was able to use the surgeon 3 times and get at least 300crew back each time during the battle. doesn't make much sense. Out of the 3 'repair' modes, Rum should only be able to be used one time.
  10. Guild Warehouse: Ship Storage?

    Yes! Clan shipyards are needed.
  11. another quick and easy solution would be to have PVP marks gained vs human opponents be equal to CM in relation to crafting worth. This way PVP players that don't want to sit in empty port battles can earn CM AND: More importantly; Screeners for Port battles can earn marks that they too can use for crafting/SOL's.
  12. Conquest Marks

    The conquest mark system needs to go. Period. I've made many suggestions regarding these. -scrap the different mark system and make 1 'mark system'. PVP should give the most followed by port battles followed by PVE or- go back to the drop system of port battle rewards.
  13. -remove conquest marks for port battle rewards the old 'drop' system was actually way better...one time post PB drop of either SOL redeemables...labor contracts....money etc -PVP rewards need to be increased dramatically perhaps bring back PVP exclusive content? -somehow bring back TP to capital... 1x per day perhaps? The long sail sucks period - post battle revenge fleets are going to happen. To allow the victim some measure of protection perhaps increase the invisibility timer? This way there is a sliver of hope to get away.
  14. Conquest Marks....their time has come to leave

    I'm sorry you chose my thread to bring up your sour apples. My feelings towards Conquest Marks wont change. But as per the highlighted text above: would you care to explain to me why the 2 huge US turncoat clans that left the US chose to join the largest populated nation instead of a nation that required a larger population?
  15. Conquest Marks....their time has come to leave

    Wrong. I won't get into your ad hominem stuff but will address what is related to my original post. I have access to hundreds of conquest marks. and this is the main problem. They, CM's are way too plentiful. PVP marks should have been the currency of choice for the big PB ships. As they, PVP marks, are now nerfed I feel that the Devs need to level the playing field and go to a single mark system.