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  1. JG14_Cuzn

    Basic Cutter Nonsense

    Agreed: basic cutter should not be allowed to join battles in the patrol zones.
  2. JG14_Cuzn

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Echo machine? Nope. AGW did what it did on global mostly because that’s all there was. Simple as that. Here on the Caribbean server we’re still doing our own thing. Things change man, move on... We did.
  3. JG14_Cuzn

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Sucks that those doing the complaining didnt leave instead
  4. JG14_Cuzn

    Patrol Area ROE

    Agreed 100%. Basic cutters should be banned from the daily PVP patrol.
  5. JG14_Cuzn

    Lost contents from a sealed bottle when I hit teleport.

    @Sir Texas Sir there definitely was lag... while sailing to it there was a 'slingshot' feel to the sail.
  6. @admin @Ink I sailed for a sealed bottle, explored the wreck, picked it up, then hit 'tow to port' I got a message that said something like: cannot teleport while picking up...' and when I checked the hold all my loot from the sealed bottle was gone. I sent an F11 report. 11:50 Eastern time 4/1/2018 I know I pressed Tow to port as soon as I picked up the items so maybe there is a bug there? can I have the items I picked up replaced or the sealed bottle replaced? thanks!
  7. JG14_Cuzn

    Lost All Money. Negative gold

    I bet 'Vera Cruz' will have alot more enemy patrols out front
  8. JG14_Cuzn

    Lost All Money. Negative gold

    let me guess...bet this has to do with 'The Shadow' and his 'La Sombra/Lone Wolf connections
  9. JG14_Cuzn

    Alt Farming - Guayaguyare

    ..... HarlyHF is also a brand new player. In fact when I saw this on combat news I searched his name.... he was Brit! How can a Brit sink a Brit?
  10. JG14_Cuzn

    Should I join?

  11. JG14_Cuzn

    US Senate Resolution 8 Peace with GB

    Yup. Sad that they can’t leave global in their past. ...they’re like the high school guy who was super popular in high school but now works in Home Depot stocking shelves.
  12. JG14_Cuzn

    Who are in war with whom

    Then why bring it up in the first place?
  13. JG14_Cuzn

    US Senate Resolution 8 Peace with GB

    Dude: ya gotta stop with your fixation with global. Your posts border on obsession Move on and enjoy your nation.
  14. JG14_Cuzn

    PVP servers merge

    @admin @Ink ita cool. No real loss regarding bottles and aggies. ! Great job in the merge! Now it’s time for a really sweet steam sale to draw in some more players over the holiday break!!!
  15. JG14_Cuzn

    PVP servers merge

    @admin @Ink I'm Missing: 6 Sealed bottles 3 Forged Papers 2 Aggie Redeemables