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  1. Free port of Viques

    Topic in the past, everyone is happy... not free town vegas,future PB without screening for Danish ^^
  2. [PVP EU] battle results

    I hope someone will be useful to my thoughts... 1-st ty Swedish for good fight! I dont want to belittle the merits of the Swedes, they did it(fight) very good, but at the same time I see the reasons for the defeat in the actions of Danish players: a number of mistakes, or more correctly - many players with individual game styles, it was not squadron... Partly this is the reason why Danish will change. These changes began before RT PB, even before swedish take Cartaghena. I'm grateful to the Swedes for what they have given us what the Danes have not had for more than a year - a worthy opponent. I believe that this Swedish threat was necessary for the Danes to understand own weaknesses. However, I hope that this threat will continue for some time, if this is so, Sweden will soon get a worthy opponent too, i belive it, i know it and I will do my best to realize this. It's no secret that this opponent will no longer be Denmark, weakened by light battles. Denmark transformed into a democratic republic, it is no longer combat-ready, Her best sons either left the caribbean for a long time or were forced to change the flag. Times when Danish sailors were feared and respected for the quality of the battle and not for the quantity ended. However, recent changes in Europe will undoubtedly affect the Caribbean. I dare just hope that the Swedes will remain strong enough to withstand the new threat... Cheers, Officer of the Russian United Sailors, a servant of His Majesty Alexander 1 DreamMaker.
  3. French EDR clan has pacted with Brits

    First RDNN then AHOY now EDR, why nations dont appreciate clans thanks to which they exist as a nation... French remains only to expel EDR and announce the dissolution of the nation.... Refuse from EDR and delcare war Danish, good idea!
  4. Sweden declares war on Great Britain

    This happens not only in the GB nation... I wish you good luck mate!
  5. А теперь выкладывай 2-ой скриншот, боя то 2 было))
  6. VCO Takes the Black!

    a narrow minded approach.... do you mean i should go pvp global and fighting in PB when i have 5:00 AM local time? next time before you will start write post, try read post your opponent twice(or more). I help you this time:
  7. VCO Takes the Black!

    im not blame, and im ok on PVP EU
  8. VCO Takes the Black!

    in truth, idk why u play global... of course it's your choice and no one will force you to change it, but realy.. you choosed emptiness
  9. VCO Takes the Black!

    Cmon gentlemens! this game is almost dead, switch server and have good fun!
  10. Free port of Viques

    Go cry: "Admins killed PVP" Go cry: "We cant play game becouse all time PVP near our capital" Haters gona hate... You dont care about new players... just excuses... PVE players have good safe zone - if they have brain they can farm combat/fleet orders rly easy, pvp players will leave game faster if they cant find pvp.. now you can start cry: "Noobs will leave game if they lose all ships, in this patch ships wery rare! My clan care about new players but we cant build ships for they " At least someone in this game wants to just play ????
  11. [PVP EU] battle results

    You're wrong. It was great! First pvp(With clan, uses clan communication) for 5 mates from clan =) and 2-nd pvp(First was Cartaghena PB) for the remaining 3 people. Ty for good fight! We rly need it now for our recruits!
  12. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    Someone asks you to abandon the ports? Are u talking with me or with other dreammaker? P.S. Try not to offend a person when he sends a message from the clan. It looks like an insult to the whole clan.
  13. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    I would hate to participate in this conflict, but the circumstances require... 1) RUS are well aware of the current situation. We are talking, primarily about the PB sabotage! not about the excessive seizure of territories by the DNP! We should clearly understand this! 2) We fully supporting RDNN clan in this matter. If someone accuse their in in national treason, Russian squadron dont betray old faithful allies (Panama keeps memories...) 3) We talking only about RVR movies, The nation should not suffer from this, our priorities in OW not change. Friends will remain friends, even if (in our opinion) they didnt do the right thing. 4) National consilium like a Swedish? We had this never! I think this makes us the strongest nation. Unedited by the council, the nation can quickly make and implement decisions. 100 people cant decide what 3 people can do. We consider these actions a compulsory move, I believe that if all try to use the TS not only as a place to communicate with the clan-mates, we can find solutions. Sincerely, Russian United Sailors.
  14. Danmark-Norge renouncing saboteurs

    I would in your place try to speak constructively and not to prove who is good who i bad. Let's not repeat the mistakes of the past.