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  1. pit

    Naval Action Meme collection

    The 2 and a half hours when @Palatinose is offline sleeping. His people are defenseless.
  2. Gold resource does not have an icon and is blank white. Also what is a piastres, and how do you get it?
  3. pit

    Whats about with the WASA?

    Make the Aggy playable again while your at it
  4. pit

    Friend List

  5. pit

    No Orcs, Elves, Dwarfes, or Trolls

    I may have some influence in the Royal court Unleash hell! o7
  6. pit

    Next DLC

    Remove @dark lord rediii and make him DLC. He's OP
  7. pit

    No Orcs, Elves, Dwarfes, or Trolls

    Sir! Great Britain's diplomacy IS WAR, good day! ps. there are plenty of trolls in NA.
  8. pit

    War and Peace

    1000 new regulars are more easily manipulated than these 300 regulars core bastards.
  9. pit

    Hugging, boarding, and determined defender.

    gives the SOL more time to figure out how to get out of it...and theres plenty of ways. And ™soon
  10. pit

    Hugging, boarding, and determined defender.

    ship hugging was taken to the extreme with a 32lb carro -low hulled le requim... take away its carros.
  11. pit

    War and Peace

    @Old Crusty the fact that your nation/clan cannot cooperate does not mean you need to force a certain game mechanic onto others that can. I remember the starting days with WO and BLANC, together we sailed, with about 95% of all member participation, 1st rate pb ships from leewards to bermuda. Quite a long sail. point is- you so happened to start off in a highly disorganized nation, and that's what your experiencing. learn from it, and if you desire, switch nations. As for trade agreements, France collectively decided to allow dutch traders into capital waters unharmed and vice versa. Once upon a time as a Brit, I would help guide dutch traders safely into KPR...It can be done easily. You don't need any sort of game mechanic for this things, just a TS or Discord. As Sir Traitor The RedDuke emphasizes - cooperation! and I'm sure even in those days it was a realistic factor in supremacy.
  12. Victory finally getting 68lb carros on weather deck?🤓 and I can only pray for DD to be linked to boarding prep... also remove 32lb carros from le req
  13. pit

    War and Peace

    RVR needs to be driven by econ and crafting. Bring back crafting regions- rvr becomes important-pvp outside capitals increaes-population increase. Period. You don't need an alliance system to force people to work together.. look back at Sweden and all they accomplished in their prime. Dominated the server because of cohesion in the nation.
  14. pit

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Gets fire-shipped by teammate @Sith Overlord Roronoa