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  1. Broken grape

    I thought it might have something to due with determined defender as I was unable to grape an endy down from the stern- then tried to board and couldn't because he had the officer perk...not much else i could do in an lgv...
  2. Merge the nations!

    national ports will start disappearing due to high tax rate patch - I declare a French Revolution against taxes of the Monarchy!
  3. Chain boarding

    As I and @Aster have stated before- Determined Defender should deal with chain boarding.
  4. Captain obvious here
  5. Notorious flag for people on a kill streak

    Good on you, but this does not represent what the majority of the server does.
  6. I would like to throw this out there as it is something I want to see instead of nerfing the accuracy of guns- 1.Bring back the demasting and sectioned mast HP (where demasting was more prevalent) and unique than it is now. 2.Delete the red aiming bar 3.Delete the aiming vertical spread (essentially no aiming aid in the game) 4. Allow us to fire cannons/broadsides without going into the fire mode, to where you can shoot just by looking in that direction- zooming in on your deck will give the player more accuracy visually to see where the shots are landing This is a more realistic attempt to make perfect broadsides harder to achieve. Or allow this feature for those of us who want more of a challenge. Im sure @TrashiRokuwont have such an easy time demasting.
  7. YES PLEASE. Why destroy boarding when you are removing a player's skill ability to pull someone when he can be in the face of greater odds???? If you dont want to be boarded, it should rely on your skill to not put yourself in that situation, not some cheap perk. ^^^ &(aster's a sexy bitch)
  8. Unequal battles

    Going back to admins post, I think it was a huge mistake to reintroduce 4/5 and 5/5 ships, anything of rarity (especially through RNG) kills pvp. Players who lets say have a 2/3 ship will not go out of fear from running into a 5/5 ship. On the other hand a player with a 5/5 ship will be extremely hesitant to take it out from fear of losing it. Great move to make copper plating craftable, I think just about everything should be discernibly craftable from special ships to upgrades. It makes traders the valued player in the game and PVP players a nuisance to them, but where the PVP player needs the traders/crafters to efficiently PVP. Its a delicate relationship between the two but the trader/crafter needs more power over the PVP player. Not to the point of untouchable though. Id like to see anyone with a smuggler tag not get to use reinforcements.
  9. Am I the only one upset about RNG in crafting? I thought this was done away with. Not a huge fan of the 4/5 or 5/5 ships because it stunts pvp, HOWEVER if the majority of people like it then at least put back in regional crafting buffs/ mid grade/high grade notes. It will make areas of the map valuable that are currently not and create more trading increasing OW traffic. Just my humble opinion
  10. Ability to create battle group cross faction

    I'm game for anything that creates more content (especially the lack of PVP currently) It has been reduced to ganks and dock-humping. I think that BR has its use for PBs, but has done more harm then good for OW pvp battles, it prevents skilled players from taking on more adversaries such as this-
  11. Looting Mechanic

    This could be as easy as turning the sinking ships flag from its national colour to the surrendered white
  12. Will there be more options of sail trims in battle to produce altered profiles? For example, there are no real differences when being Full sail or Half sail except a speed difference. Going slow sail is useless. Lets say I only want my foremast sails down for better turning downwind, will this be an option the sailor can perform? Many ships sailed with battle sails in combat to avoid catching fire, I think battle sail should have more of a use in battle than reduced speed. Also it be useful if the amount of sailing crew changed as you changed how much sail you had
  13. REDS + VCO Change Nation

    So who's up for another coalition to make VCO switch out of their new nation? lol #russiangypsies
  14. Speaking from the night guard and the leader of BLANC, there are no more Russian port timers we can hit. They have moved all timers to daytime. #RussiaOurVassal