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  1. Show them new ships

    The Prince looks like a big Privateer with the Pickles rigging. I like it.
  2. Declaration of Independence

    LOL at this rate everyone should go rat.
  3. The only guild I have seen that worked like that is my multi-gaming guild Aegis Imperium. We have what we have come to call a confederated leadership policy. We each do our own thing until we are needed to act as a unit, then there is ONE leader, and a defined chain of command. We had a standing rule, everyone is responsible for their own equipment in game. We dont have a centralized builder or crafter, it doesnt work when you have 40 different play styles. So if you use it, you better be able to make it. But we are also the only guild that I have ever known of that had no problems with letting members join other guilds or start other guilds. We were another games Illuminati and took great pride in knowing everything and having influence over almost every one, including the devs.
  4. Yes Pirate on Pirate show up on the combat news. Koltes and Koiz both have been on there sinking pirates over the past month. Then as for your attempts at insults, you should honestly say nothing because you know nothing and it shows more and more every day. Unlike other people on this forum I have never abused an alt to get ahead.
  5. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    The thing is with the Pickle and the Prince, both are hermo' rigs, is manual sailing is not as useful as on a square rigged vessel. It can still be used, but there is a bit different. When I used to use the Pickle a lot I found changing your sail power settings helped, because it would lower your square rigging and keep your fore-aft rigging up so you would handle more like a Privateer when turning through the wind.
  6. Declaration of Independence

    FYI It is, "You're".
  7. How about those who want to RVR go to nations and those who just want to PVP go Pirate. This means BLACK goes to a nation, PURGE goes Pirate. Problem solved.
  8. Not sure how that applies to my suggestion or comment. What You See Is What You Get- WYSIWYG. If I were to tag a Constitution, with no one else on the horizon, it should be ME and that Connie in a fight. Not me and the Connie, and everyone who just happens to sail by at a 75X compression speed rate.
  9. Now look at this

    Nothing wrong with the LGV, it is a great ship. I have used it once or twice for hunting.
  10. Now look at this

    Not sure what you are trying to show in either video.. the nearly 2 hour long one, or the 30min long one. The shorter one just looked like two people who didnt know how to board fighting each other in a boarding action.
  11. HMS Queen Elizabeth first entry in Portsmouth

    A bit off topic for the game. And I will never get used to the coffee colored waters around Russia. That Typhoon.... Such a monster of a sub. To bad it is VERY dated at this point and kind of sad. The shape of their sub fleet is depressing.
  12. Rig repairs are OP

    I agree accuracy mods need to go. Cannons are WAY to accurate now. I mean I can fire single shots at 750m and hit 9 out of 10 shots from a ship moving 15kn in rolling seas, on a ship moving 15kn on rolling seas. And I am not talking sail hits either.
  13. invisible

    Exactly. Invisibility is fine, but it should be both ways.
  14. I thought OW speed was a bit over 2 times combat speed, closer to 2.05 or 2.1 times.