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  1. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    The Constitution has been nerfed so many times since it came out that it isnt even 1/10th of what it should be.
  2. The problem with the current speed cap is just that, the cap itself. It means all ships have the same top speed, so why go with a ship that was actually built for speed at a set profile, when you can take a heavier ship, set it up to go max speed at that same angle, and go.
  3. 4 Redeemable Forged Paper

    They should be able to sell them.
  4. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Sorry but I have to disagree. From my experience game play and stability trumps pretty and eye candy.
  5. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Eye candy is great and all, but some actual fixes and such will go far further. I have seen all of the prettiest games in the past do really pretty things and ultimately still end up dead.
  6. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    No offense but, why? Not like we are dealing with anything ON land. While it would look pretty, we dont need it.
  7. I agree they had better navigation tools in the 17th and 18th century, and this game is based in the 19th century. BUT with that said, I can sail from Nassau to Charleston to Bermuda to Mortimer Town without getting lost just using the protractor, a stop watch or a clock, and the trader tool. I would set my protractor line to a set point say the tip of an island, then sail to that point. Reset the protractor from that new position, then sail to my next mark. I know in my Prince I average around 22kn no mater the wind. Or my Cerberus I average about 19kn. So each grid is roughly 25km so I know how long it takes me to cover a grid. I can set a watch and sail by it. If I get off by a bit I can check the trader tool with the nearest town and adjust from there.
  8. Prime Times and Numbers

    OT- I like your sig, 54th Mass. On topic- I can say that the only solution is as @IndianaGeoff said, getting more people. There are two ways of doing this. 1- Merge the servers and be damned the bitching about "night flips". or 2- MASSIVE advertising on STEAM.
  9. Uninstalling

    Depending on the controller it can be quite simple. Seeing as NA combat only uses the WASD and 1-8, F, T, E,Q,Z,C Which can easily be translated to your thumb sticks, D pad, bumpers, triggers and 4 buttons. That alone you have 28 different control interface options.. at best guess, without having combo options.
  10. Uninstalling

    Funny I have been on EU server lately and aside from a bunch of carebears hiding in safe zones and the Swedish armada mopping up the map, I dont see much going on. I guess you all have already #quitthegame Or are you #badatNA Because you are definitely #badattrolling. So #Getgudson Or #getwrekt
  11. Uninstalling

    So in short HachiRoku quit because of these very important reasons. -Repair abuse -Speed Meta abuse. -Lack of real players. And I agree with all three. The Repair thing is good and bad, it can be tweaked further, but the replacing masts in battle is just stupid. It takes HOURS to replace a sail, and possibly a day to replace a mast and you cant be at sea to do it. The speed issue is retarded. Every ship limited to the same top speed, sorry but I am so over that shat. The low population numbers on either of the two PVP servers is a joke, just merge the damned things.
  12. While we are at it can we get different pirates, can we get Barbary Coast Pirates? I mean they flew the red flag.
  13. BR Issues

    Might be 100... been a while for myself.
  14. BR Issues

    You have to be within 200 BR to tag. The trick is have a cheap expendable NPC ship with you to boost your BR, or have a friend nearby to boost your BR.
  15. Server merge until release

    That is a topic for another thread. But it is a good question.