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  1. Happy Trafalgar/Constitution Day

    and as i said it has nothing to do with this at all ... goodnight
  2. Happy Trafalgar/Constitution Day

    read above educate yourself before getting all politically correct
  3. Happy Trafalgar/Constitution Day

    Before you get offended Trafalgar day isnt celebrated in the Royal Navy ,, because we killed French or Spanish sailors ..... Trafalgar day is a celebration of the Royal Navy ... its a celebration and a remembrance of all who have served in the RN ...and those that have fought , sacrificed their lives in defence of Great Britain on the seas throughout its history I will be having a tot tonight for all those that have served in the Andrew ps if we celebrated everyday we beat spamish and french ... it would be a 365 day party
  4. Server Merge Poll

    too many people entrenched in this is how it is .... this bit of the map is ours ,,and always will be ... thats why after big wipe and port reset ... the map doesnt look much different to how it looked 18 momths ago
  5. additionally are the circle captures going to be based on BR too otherwise the it will be far better having 25 basic cutters sailing around in a port battle dominating and kiting the circles with their numbers .. than having 10 first rates lumbering around
  6. Server Merge Poll

    ok keep eu pb timezones as they are in east and have western pb timers at a sutable time for us players .. if the say the majority of current french players only play in eu time at the moment having the opportumity to cross time zones may encourage more players to join france in the us timezone .. as i said each nation gets its own capital area in each timezone ..if your a eu timezone player why would you care about what happens on western side of map ..
  7. yeah i understand that ...it would be cool .. but a fight in a port battle is not the same as ow ... two suprises are not going to be able to sit and stern rake a 1st rate like they do in ow .. they will get smashed by something heavier .. doesnt seem like fun to me .. but lets test it and see .. trouble with continous testing is that when people leave because of changes they dont all come back
  8. Server Merge Poll

    maybe an answer is to spit the map put a line throught the middle of the map .. to the east of the line port battles can only take place between 12noon gmt and 2359 and to the west between 2359 and 12 noon .. each nation has a capital area in either time zone players can then play in the time zone that suits them .. the map will become more diverse instead of nations clustering around their current positions also there would be those players with an overlap that can play in both time zones
  9. the game is suffering from small player base as it is ... imo complicating things with variable port battle fleet sizes .. who can sail what ships in a port battle .. while may seem attractive to the hardcore few .. will confuse and demotivate the majority at the moment a port battle is 25 v 25 .. its either 1st rate 4th or shallow ... if you want to partake its pretty easy to understand what ship you need where it should be and when the BR system means that potentially you may need a ship of every rate either attacking or defending so you can fill a slot depending on whats required ,,, it will be chaos ... and thats assuming people can be bothered just seems a lot of effort to satisfy a few hardcore players who want to see a more diverse fleet if players want to sail other class of ships in a port battle make more port battle types most regions have 4-5 towns .. so have 1. 1st rate port 1, 2nd/3rd rate . 1. 4th rate and 1 shallow mixed rate BR based port battles wont be fun if your in a 5th rate getting battered by 1st 2nds 3rd and 4th rates .. you might do it once or twice then wont bother anymore same reason you wouldnt enter a formula 1 race in a rally car
  10. not thought about it but with current player base size and the fact that not all port battles are full at the moment 25 v 25 is adequate ,,increasing the port battle size is prefferable to reducing it ...
  11. [PvP EU] Norfolk's Busman's Holiday

    poor old ex powerhouse GB who only do pve ..... yet manage to control 55 ports 10 more than closest rival ...imo thats a fantastic result for a pve nation monk33y your really need to pluck up courage and actually come in game and see whats going on .. your view from the pve server is distorted you even left pirates off your list
  12. completely agree there have been some great smaller port battles ..but by limiting the numbers by game mechanics .you could also limit the smaller clans who currently team up together for a 25 v 25 .. ie they are not needed by other clans anymore .. its very rare to have a 1 clan port battle fleet ... and clans need the co operation of other clans to help fight these port battles imo the 25 v 25 mixed clan port battle is far better than letting a small say 10 captain clan isolate themselves and just fight their own battles because they can limit the attackers to the numbers in their clan who want to fight . anything that limits numbers is a step backwards for the game .... the game cannot afford with current player levels to exclude anyone by game mechanics the devs should be trying for more inclusive changes that help more players enjoy the game and partake .. not let players decide who does and who doesnt get to play been locked out of a port battle as either a defender or attacker because the clan that owns the port only has 5 players available to defend isnt the way to go
  13. nothing stopping smaller clans joining port battles now .. the mechanic that allows only 25 v 25 means some people miss out ..and are pissed off ..... a mechanic that only allows a say 5 v5 port battle pisses an extra 40 players off
  14. It sounds like a cool idea ... but its all too complicated I dont think it will work .. allowing clans /port owners to reduce size will make it elitist ....and negate the need for a nation to work together and help defend another clans port within nation limiting BR again will cause problems ... will cause too many arguments who sails what ship etc etc .. theres a romantic notion among some players that it would be great to see a port battle with a few 1st rate in it and a handfull of 2nd a nd 3rd rates then figates and smaller buzzing around ... we can have that now if we want .. why doesnt it happen ..because the meta is you have the biggest ships you can get ... theres even a meta within that ....your ship has to be a certain build . no one wants a fir /fir santi in battle with them so all in all a cool idea .... but I dont want to turn up in a l ocean .. only to be told i cant enter because .. 1 the defenders have set the port battle at a 5 ship limit and we have 25 players that want to attack ... 2, you can join but all the first rate slots have been filled .. you should have brought a 4th rate .. you dont have one here ..you have already used your 1 daily tp .too bad .. again the whole premise is that we have all day to sit around doing nothing but playing NA planning who needs to have what ship and where .. the game should be about getting the maximum amount of players to have maximum fun .... all I see in these proposals are limitations that will piss people off
  15. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    the opposite effect is having un accurate stern chasers encourages the speed meta for those that dont want a fight ..as they need to be much faster to escape if you dont want a stern chase use a bit of skill and get a better tag and start the battle broadside to broadside ...