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  1. Magistrates, Mayors and Governors

    apart from the ship naming ..all other ideas open to massive abuse where largest clans will dominate nations at the expense of other players
  2. RVR is currently imo in its best state since the flag system dissapeared ..... those that like RVR can do so .. those that dont like RVR ..dont have to . as you point out you dont have to RVR to get conquest or victory marks .....if a nation wins everyone get a reward ... if you consider RVR hard work ... dont do it .. extra points ..special rewards ,,,just create problems arguments over who gets in the battle who doesnt ... leave special rewards out of RVR this system may bring what we want of more diverse port battles .. 25 people with first rates may not want to take part in port battles without special rewards ... so players with smaller ships can get in
  3. Voted no .... why should defending get you points ...you havent gained anything .. the reward is you keep your region .... too many exploits available if points given for a defence ... also a penalty for a failed attack will get rid of rvr in the game ...
  4. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    i guess your talking about global on eu ... the advice is the opposite
  5. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    to be fair ..many british captains have jumped into battles to help clanless brits ... only to see the guy they jumped into help escape at the first chance they get .. leaving the would be rescuer in the position of been the victim ..
  6. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    the window is defined .. and applies ..port battles are at 20.30 server time ...well within defined times . if it doesnt fit where you live .. go global ... cant believe having this argument again
  7. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    and if your a brit ...it works the other way around 1700 is too early for us ..we are still at work on way home . in time with family ... maybe it should start later and wnd earlier to suit everyone hence ,y comment about a 3 minute pb slot
  8. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    your not starting on the night flips again ... its going to get that there will be a 3 minute window for port battles
  9. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    what does pre wipe figures have to do with anything ?? we lost whole clans including zerg who were the largest brit RVR clan to global .. based on last nights showing you have overtaken everyone else well done .. pirates dont seem to have any interest in RVR anymore ..as it should be ... stop crying and get on with that you are probably the biggest natiuon now ..and hence the biggest target .. brits had to cope with that pre wipe .. its your problem post wipe
  10. WANTED: British patrol captains

    and the one with the biggest ego .... how can you possibly know your the richest on the server plenty of rear admirals are noobs when it comes to pvp .... otherwise they wouldnt be messing about outside kpr homewaters are around your home ..by definition .... kpr is not mine or many brit clans home
  11. WANTED: British patrol captains

    so the real problem is ........... so you take the easy option of people new to game ... a Here follows my advice 1. if your getting bored..... go somewhere else 2,if its unfullfilling to kill of a lone indefatigable doing mission in the capital area. ..... go somewhere else 3. if yuou want more better content ..... go somewhere else 4. in short /go somewhere else .... its not up to us to provide you wiith the gameplay you want 5 when we want advice we wil ask for it ... but please dont be offended if we dont ask you.. we will be asking experts
  12. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    maybe ... but its only the same as the mutual understanding the French have with the Dutch .. or are they lying and its an official alliance...
  13. Danmark-Norge & Sweden: Cancelling treaties

    there is a difference between a mutual understanding and an alliance ... so nobody lied
  14. [PVP EU] Political Situation

    why would anyone do that ??? you dream up some strange ideas
  15. Total War against Great Britain

    the only hype surrounding Sorry is generated by Sorry ,,, no one else believes it ,,, no one else ia all that bothered ..