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  1. so christendom will be killing SANTI and LOCO and christendomtoo will be killing CSA ... Theres got to be some kind of alt abuse there ??
  2. Grundgemunkey

    Caribbean Invasion News

    once again 4 nations v 1 .... seems you are quick to tell us what carebears we are what a set of noob players .. but none of you dare stand against us alone ...
  3. Grundgemunkey

    unwarranted rudness

    Some dont use TS because ithey dont like to talk 1v1 to someone thewy have been rude to / abusive in chat .. why your condition makes you want to agree with someone who is abusive ,, doesnt reallly add up ... the example above isnt an isolated occurance
  4. see your assuming as well ... im well aware of why other people think its broken ...why bother commenting on my experiences whether i play the game or read the forum when you have no idea of the facts .... my experience of battles around kpr ... are its a gank fest where people are trapped in battle for 1 ,5 hours either chasing or been chased . its no different to pvp zone
  5. well i have to guess because you claim pvp zones are broken but dont explain why you think they are broken ...
  6. what rubbish .. all these people using there is no one to fight excuses for camping capitals ... must be my imagination but i thought a dedicated pvp zone appeared every day ... and in a different spot every day so no one could use the " its too far" excuse what people really mean ... is there is no one with a lesser skill set than me in pvp zones ... so i prefer capitals were i can club a few noobs dont blame the game .. because your scared to fight someone who might beat you ...
  7. dont agree with op make it that traders cannot enter a port 15 minutes before or after maintenance ...
  8. Grundgemunkey

    Shallow port hostility - part 327

    its not a GB vs Spain issue .... it an issue all over the map
  9. Grundgemunkey

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    i do get the point .... your not getting my point that the game is not a simulation ... the devs have to take away real world physics to make up for game play and balance .... each first rate has a different attribute l ocean is probably the tankiest ... santi more fire power... victory most agile and fastest .... which way do you want to play take your pick take away the l oceans hull shape and thickness ... everyone will sail santi .... take awat santis firepower everyone will sail vic .... it goes on and on ... until you are left with 3 1st rates that can be taken out by a bellona
  10. Grundgemunkey

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    i do understand mate ... and i wasnt having a go at you ... back in the day the captain of the trinc .. connie or agga wouldnt have gone near the l ocean one on one ... because they would have died ... the game has to simulate that somehow .. because real life death isnt an option the devs can put in ...( though i sometimes wonder that they try .. desath by boredom lol) ... so the only way they can stop someone wanting to attack a bigger ship in a lesser ship is tp make it a worthless exercise As your a memeber of the elite 10% i understand your frustration ,,, but without us trash you wouldnt have anyone to hunt and if i cant beat the oak ai whats the point 😊
  11. Grundgemunkey

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    too many posts .. on this forum are made up of xyz is over powered aor so and so ship is still too tanky / fast mainly because someones favourite ship cant defeat another ... ... hachi .. trinks were never designed to fight first rates ... so nerfing the l ocean so you can breaks the game in RL big ships were built because the is a direct correlation between hull thickness cannon load out and the size of the ship to enable it to float ... they wanted big ships with thick hulls so mad irishmen couldnt sink them in 5 th rates
  12. Grundgemunkey

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Graf is like treasure ,,,,he needs to be buried
  13. Grundgemunkey

    Don't support this weekend Multiflip operation against France.

    im suprised your attention span lasts a whole sentence
  14. Grundgemunkey

    Don't support this weekend Multiflip operation against France.

    your welcome back 😊
  15. Grundgemunkey

    Alt abuse gaining control of port

    .1. also ban you from forum ... do you really think calling someone a retard is accepatable .. 2 doesnt make any sense 3 same as 2 ....