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  1. Caribbean Invasion News

    yeah it was ....but the context was different , and you cant compare monty python and faulty towers to a poor attempted dig/ joke on a forum
  2. Caribbean Invasion News

    no im english ... what has which nation you come from got to do with having a bit of class
  3. Caribbean Invasion News

    that was on tv about mid 70s,,, 40 yrs ago weve moved on a bit since then plus basil faulty was butt of the joke ,, he was the idiot
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    well maybe its time you stopped ,, and have a bit more class
  5. Caribbean Invasion News

    really ??? joke or not .. if you cant troll without resorting to that era of world history then you you need to take a break
  6. Caribbean Invasion News

    maybe if you stopped giving your puppets ports and taking their victory marks in return you would be nearer the top
  7. Caribbean Invasion News

    you can almost smell the desperation
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    lol dont think anyone was cheering on russians , that would be like having a party and sharing a glass of champagne with your friend because he has ebola
  9. Caribbean Invasion News

    which alliance are you talking about ?? we have no formal alliance with anyone yet
  10. Caribbean Invasion News

    looks like someones worried
  11. Caribbean Invasion News

    I hope there isnt a new coalition ,, its been much better as a game over the last months with no firm alliance .. of course we know that Spain will always seek an alliance as they are never strong enough to stand alone without someone propping them up
  12. Caribbean Invasion News

    how are the russians going to replace the ports lost to the spanish ,,
  13. Caribbean Invasion News

    lol ... what do you mean again ...
  14. [PVP EU] battle results

    lol ... so he didnt repair from the screening battle he was in .. tagged a l ocean and presented his weak side .. my apoligies indeed Gb vs any nation in a nutshell
  15. [PVP EU] battle results

    ahh ok .. not seen the guy who sank in pvp or rvr before so cannot comment ,,