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  1. sealed bottle weight

    where do you buy these super basic cutters that can carry 2682 is it a bug i thought it was fixed seriously if your going to make bottle rewards heavy it would be nice to know the size of ship to pick up the loot .... theres 45 minutes of my life sailing an lgv that i wont get back .... no its not a magic naval action moment its a waste of in game time ... from the moment i left port to getting back i didnt see 1 player of any nation ... so it wasnt even a pvp opportunity for someone
  2. Clan Leaderboard

    why dont you just get on ts/ discord whatever and talk to someone ... rather the devs time and resources spent werer spent on something more important .. like the acrual mechanics of the game you can discover all you want about a clan in a 5 min chat ... plus added bonus if you find out you dont like them you can leave a clan and join another .. its not a lifelong connitment
  3. Most fun without sailing

    the mad scramble to build 5/5 ships ,,in the 30 minutes from the devs announcing the shut down for the hotfix ..to the servers closing was the most fun ive had in Naval Action for a long time not sure what happened in other nations but Gb really came together to help each other out // people were giving each other resources and materials in sometimes large quantities in some cases for free to help each other build ships ... I understand why the decision was made to roll back the server ,,, but the dissapointment of losing the 5/5 ships was temrpered by the fun in making them and the scramble to find dock space ,, and recources that had run out i t would be fun if at random times maybe only once or twice in the week it could be announced in the same way that the treasure fleet is announced that .. for next 5 mins all ships crafted of one class will be 5/5 for example next 5 mins all crafted wasa will be 5/5 or all bucs will 5/5 you may argue that it will ruin economy i feel the opposite will happen ... in the half hour yesterday KPR shop was emptied of crafting materials and resources .. iom pretty sure if the rollback hadnt happened some traders would have made a lot of money or does anyone else have an idea that would cause such a scramble over a short period of time ?
  4. have the devs considered that by removing player names and ship types ... the old saying once burned twice shy .....personally theres a few captains ai wouldnt 1v1 in equal ships i know thet are better players than me ... i would however still tag them if i thought i had a better ship but once i get burned by attacking a no named player .. and finding its someone i wouldnt have tagged if i knew who it was ... im going to be far more careful in tagging anyone in the future therefore less pvp because once im unsure who im attacking the less likely im going to do it
  5. Nights are too dark

    you need to alter settings go tto control panel ... select personal ..... turn off been poor and go buy a decent graphics card and monitor other than that................... its dark at night .................. that is shocking news .....but its historically correct
  6. Really? Did that just happen?

    . you need to keep your wits about you at Kpr .... even if your in safe zone never sail in tagging range of an enemy ship .. they will attack ai to drag you in .. or as happened to you use one of their alts .. .its a slimey cowards trick used by players to gank but they were french what else would you expect if you need help with replacing your ships pm me in game
  7. [7UP] is recruiting!

    that makes me feel sad .. for many different reasons
  8. pls change timers

    dont be silly
  9. pls change timers

    looks like scipio conned server into doing his bidding ... lol ....good work scipio
  10. Odd Crutches that Reduce OW Traffic

    why do some players insist on wanting to force other players into a situation they dont want to be in ..... if some players dont want pvp and are forced into it the game no longer becomes fun for them and they quit .. making it so you cant cancel missions is one of most stupid ideas ive seen for a long time .. instead of forcing people by making safe areas smaller or missions cancelable entice people out of safe areas how about missions not in a safe zone earn double xp and gold
  11. Outlaw "nation"

    can someone make a summary of this
  12. Solve the PB timer abuse

    its not our job to give you contemt .... same as its not yours to give me mine .. i want to attac la navasse its my only goal in game ..your " cancerous " timers are spoiling my content i cant attack between 3-6 am .... el toco was flipped early friday afternoon ... that proves we have players at that time to defend bahammas .....how strange that we found the french trying to flop it too .... i thought no one else was in game between 1100- 1400 every port has a 3 hour window for you to flip ... wheteher its after maintenance or not its 3 hours .....same for everyone
  13. Solve the PB timer abuse

    and how do you regulate a clans main game time .. some clans have members from all time zones ....
  14. Limit regions PB timers

    thats because it meant you had to fight ...
  15. pls change timers

    because CKA dont own any ports ... you are weriously confused we have ports battle timers throughout the day and eveining ... not everyone in uk or europe works 9-5 .. we have enough eu based players to defend 1100-1400 ...