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  1. for those who interrested - the political influence in Caribbean and Central America from 1700 till now can be seen on this map for example. All in all it's just a game , not a history simulator. Anyway, I'd personally prefer to keep the previous layout (GB, ES, NL, SW, DK, US) for 1800 era than the new one.
  2. Technical problems and bugs

    The issue happened to me ~17:05 (CEST) today.After the battle (fleet mission played with Bellona ship) I took one enemy ship and sent it to my port then I set the crew and then I expected the jump to the open world but I got only the blank screen, the monitor gave me a reply "no signal" and I was able only to hear a sound (sea waves) but not able to do anything else, neither ctrl+alt+del neither to switch to other screen. So I restarted my pc then but the situation remains the same - when I started the game ( after the reboot) then I got the welcome screen to the open world but then I got the blank screen again and what I could only do was to restart the pc . But I can't access the game anymore, it seems to be completely stuck to that blank screen, I can hear a sound (of the sea) only. It can happen that somebody sink my Bellona waiting in the open world and then I can access the game again, but evidently there's a bug what cut mu access to the game screen completely Edit: somehow fixed between whiles this afternoon, thanks to any power for the fix :-)