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  1. Technical problems and bugs

    The issue happened to me ~17:05 (CEST) today.After the battle (fleet mission played with Bellona ship) I took one enemy ship and sent it to my port then I set the crew and then I expected the jump to the open world but I got only the blank screen, the monitor gave me a reply "no signal" and I was able only to hear a sound (sea waves) but not able to do anything else, neither ctrl+alt+del neither to switch to other screen. So I restarted my pc then but the situation remains the same - when I started the game ( after the reboot) then I got the welcome screen to the open world but then I got the blank screen again and what I could only do was to restart the pc . But I can't access the game anymore, it seems to be completely stuck to that blank screen, I can hear a sound (of the sea) only. It can happen that somebody sink my Bellona waiting in the open world and then I can access the game again, but evidently there's a bug what cut mu access to the game screen completely Edit: somehow fixed between whiles this afternoon, thanks to any power for the fix :-)