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  1. Laugh. We don’t even have 25 people. You might be referring the time 7 RUBLI sunk like 20 Russians over 2 or 3 battles when we were there and VCO participated, though we were not the majority force or running the show. #fakenews
  2. It's nice to see Prussia as the new hot nation to be in and you guys are all about PBs now, but no one else really cares. Just like Russia was the hot nation at the start of the merge and Sweden before that....things will get boring and people will move on. RVR is basically dead. Ports don't matter anymore, so why bother. Other than some fun shallows fights I personally have zero interest in it and I love doing PBs. While hostility isn't really difficult now, it was tweaked just enough to be a little annoying now that you can't go in there and power through it with 1st rates vs 4ths. It's meh. Take rediii's suggestion and go hit Carta. It's a good way to get their vassal states of Denmark and Britain against you and you'll get plenty more content.
  3. 8000 BR sure is a lot of ships....
  4. Problem with the BR battles is that people are always gonna bring big ships. Especially now that 1st rate BR was lowered a bit. Sometimes I just want to be in a 4th rate and fight other 4th rates and plan battles along those lines. But yea this latest patch has pretty much killed RVR. Why bother grinding hostility when you can just sit back and collect your 1 mark a week
  5. I'm kinda on the fence of the new BR port battles vs the old 25v25 style with rates being limited. On one hand the smaller BR allows smaller nations and clans to compete and given the current population of the game I'm not sure many nations could field 25v25 battles right now....so it's kinda given this game a life line as it circles down the drain. On the flip side I still feel like some ports should be 25 v 25 with types of ships locked so port battles don't always turn into the big ships follows around small ship type of fights. I'd prefer some sort of hybrid system for both. For example, lets say each region has 5 ports. The capital of that region should be a 25v25 battle with varied rates depending on how important the region. Important region, 25 1st rates (like cartagena). Moderate importance, third rates (think George Town), low importance 4ths or shallow ships (something like San Augustin). Then the rest of the ports in that region could be determined by BR. During my time in Russia we had quite a few 25v25 1st rate fights against @rediii and sweden and to be honest, I miss those. A full 25 has more chess pieces to move around and I feel like there is less "sailing around bored" when it's 25v25 rather than 9 people vs 7. The epicness of those fights has yet to be recreated I think with the BR PBs. For example at New Smyrna last night, which is more or less a useless port, I think it was 6 vs 7/8 people. One side had 4 1st rates in a 2600 BR PB. Just feels wrong. Sure you could still bring 25 ships of a certain type, but if one side is rolling 1st rates and all ships kills matter equally.....it would be very easy to get a circle and 10 kills to just end the fight. I think if we're going to do the BR in PBs method throughout the map, the points lost for each ship needs to be adjusted based on the BR. Losing a MB vs losing a 1st rate is the same. Makes no sense.
  6. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    A good suggestion, I like the idea someone had of making the pacific a thing and creating a PVE zone. Given the size of the player base, maybe making the gulf a pve zone would be more ideal. The problem arises of ALTS going in there and abusing the non-combat rules and then transferring that money/goods out. The more and more I think about it....alts have really done more harm to this game than good. I wish there was a market in capitals that encouraged players to purchase some of the trade goods like furniture, muskets and the other crap. Like maybe needing them for various ships, kinda like what was done with the L'Ocean when it first came out and the french wine. Having only certain points pay for certain items kinda weirds, but a player supply/demand system would be far better.
  7. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    I'm not convinced that it's the fear of loss really that holds people back. I'm not sure people really care about their ships that much. Perhaps it's more the fear of simply not knowing what to do and too many rules involved. Basically being overwhelmed. PVP is considerably more complex in NA and the entry level bar is set high. I was talking to a guy in the US who has been playing since the Xmas sale and he said every time he tries to go out and solo pvp he always runs into a group and just gets ganked. He's right, solo pvp is basically dead. The price for admission into PVP is very high in NA and learning the ropes is....difficult. I think it's just more of the "fear of the unknown" syndrome + shit is constantly changing. Another part of the problem is there is no casual PVP. Par for the course.
  8. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Casual players. Guys that log on for a couple hours a night and do missions, crafting or light PVP. The crafting in this game isn't complex enough for someone to exclusively be a crafter, which is quite frankly a shame. Casual players are typically your mission guys who like to bang out a few after work. They are the bread and butter of MMO games and Naval Action has forgotten them for a very long time. Missions are stale and beyond boring. People lose interest quickly. Hardcore PVP is not for everyone and neither is RVR.
  9. Clan/Warehouse Management

    Correct me if wrong, but I don't think I've seen this elsewhere on the boards. Maybe a change like this deserves it's own post/discussion?
  10. Thickness meta is back

    ssssh. You’re wrong. You and the 100 other people complaining about it just have all had wrong angles
  11. Caribbean Invasion News

    Don't forget RUBLI/Pirates also.
  12. Caribbean Invasion News

    That was a long sail from tumbado to find no one to screen out. Spain had already done the job. Bring more people next time
  13. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    UI is great and long overdue, but if the game has limited content people will stop playing it at some point. Which is how you end up with a game that barely cracks 700 people on at a time.
  14. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    Right now there is zero incentive other than labor hour reductions to craft outside the safe zone. So people don’t. Other than a handful of ports on the map that actually pay for themselves, they don’t matter. Why bother fighting for them when you already have your names down as lord protector on another port or 2 collecting that freebie mark every Monday. If the game doesn’t incentivize taking ports and actually hinders those by charging them daily for territory we don’t have enough players to make relevant, we sure as hell won’t be able to encourage folks to go grind bots. The dev team needs to stop tweaking PvP to cater to the small percentage of people who actually want to do it and focus on getting casual players back in the game and keeping them playing. More people on the water will generally fix any problems with RVR and PVP.