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  1. Christendom

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I sink Spain as well. Haven't had the opportunity to run into many Russians lately. I'm pulling a sruPL and saying I have no allies.
  2. Personally I think the change allowing shallow water ships (other than MBs) into deep port battles was a foolish one. Allowing DLC ships into any port battle is even more foolish.
  3. Christendom

    Please Dredge Kingston/Port Royal Channel

    also why they have harbor pilots
  4. Christendom

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    Banished has repeatedly accused Admin of bias. So the above is not really an accurate statement, unless admin just assumes anything said by Banished is just BS. Which is probable.
  5. Christendom

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    Wind typically doesn't change the angle it's blowing at every 15mins IRL, so what you're really asking is how dynamic and how realistic do you want wind to be in this game? If you wanted more realistic wind, it's angle would not alter much inside of a port battle but it's intensity would perhaps fluctuate more. IRL I'm on the water fishing in the Caribbean (I live in Manataca on the NA map) several times a week and it's actually rather predictable. unless we have a storm rolling in. Personally I'd prefer wind to change less drastically inside the battle instance so it does not play as much of a role in determining port battles as it does right now.
  6. Christendom

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Request to return to Pirate denied. Sincerely, Pirates PS - I'm beyond grief at missing that battle.
  7. Christendom

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    You guys gonna hire rediii to take the port for you guys again?
  8. Christendom

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Russia, Spain and the US have been allied for the better part of a year. I don't think it's news to anyone. When 7up was in Russia they fought BF who was Dane. Russians in Russia fought other Russians in Pirates (RUBLI) and Danes (BF) regularly. 7up also fought BF just recently when they were Dane. Much like your relationships with WO/France and the Dutch, at least Spain/Russia/US is honest about their loyalties and don't lie behind the guise of "I attack anyone" bullshit like you do.
  9. Christendom

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    I think he just likes me more than you.
  10. Christendom

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    explain how it was russian biased.
  11. Christendom

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    Alex Jones weeps for WO
  12. Christendom

    Wind changes in North Inlet port battle

    At least you didn’t get the port layout ninja changed that morning on you.....
  13. Christendom

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    When we do it for weeks on end you can call us hypocritical. For now we’re just fighting as pirates and enforcing our no ally policy. Unlike you, we will sink anyone.
  14. Christendom

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Always friends, never allies. sruPL is perpetually in the friend zone.