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  1. Can't see shards

    no aussies allowed
  2. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Didn’t we try only requiring 50% of the BR to pull in a full fleet already...and everyone hated it because it made screening too strong? Good thing it’s back....
  3. Rumor from below

    some say I'm still searching
  4. Rumor from below

    like NA?
  5. Batman founds the Justice League

    goes without saying
  6. Port / City visuals

    Personally I like the high mountain ranges that florida has....
  7. Batman founds the Justice League

    DC comics > Marvel Marvel Movies > DC Movies Kevin Conroy is batman
  8. Changes to how traders work within PvP

    I like this idea.
  9. Ability to create battle group cross faction

    No thanks. If you want to join up with that clan, go join it or that nation. Now if we had a clan based system instead of nations and wanted to add that clan to your alliance....that would be a different story. But for now it's enough that you can join them in battle.
  10. Looting Mechanic

    This a good idea. Trickle down effect
  11. RUBLI in the shallows vs RUBLI in a 2400 BR PB is a different animal entirely.
  12. Caribbean Invasion News

    I was always partial to Christendumb
  13. Caribbean Invasion News

    How dare you quote Michael. And yes, now that we are going Sweden we will be adopting their policy of “its only ok if we do it”. When in Rome.
  14. Caribbean Invasion News

    Such nasty language. It's a shame to see what you've turned into Otto.
  15. Changing the permanent mods to level the playing field

    The bad version should be obtainable from combat marks The good version should be obtainable from pvp marks. Give your average player a chance to compete while still making the hardcore players feel special. World of Warcraft has done something similar for almost 10 years now with different levels of the same gear with varied stats.