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  1. Almost every MMO I've played has zones where players progress through until they get to the show or the sandbox. Albion has blue zones (NO PVP), Yellow (Flagged PVP no loot) and Red (Full PVP full loot). Technically there is a black zone too, but it's like Red+++. WoW has contested zones and uncontested. Eve has different sectors. High to Null. Even in Star Wars Galaxies you had to flag yourself for PVP in the major cities. Naval Action has nothing. ---- There needs to be an area for the carebears to do their thing without worrying about getting bullied out of the game. Most games limit what these players can craft or obtain in the newbie zones and the player hits sort of a wall if he wants to progress. If they want higher level mobs to kill, higher level crafting mats or dungeons...they have to progress to the next area. Eventually they get to the point where they venture out into the real part of the game, the sandbox. I see no reason why NA has to be any different. To do so they would need to streamline the game a bit more, cut back on nations and consolidate starting areas and unfortunately bend realism a bit to create solid game play. This game to needs create areas where each nation has a capital, couple crafting ports and limit what you can make. As the characters progress they go to a different zone on the map where only certain types of missions spawn and rank appropriate NPCs roam. For Example. Bahamas - Rookie Zone. Each nation has a capital and a port or 2. No PVP in the rookie zone. can only craft up 5th rates or lower. Resources here can't be used in higher level areas. Gulf - Mid Level Zone. Each Nation has a capital and a port or 2. Light PVP outside of protected waters. Rank appropriate NPCs and Missions. Current Regional Capitals - High Level Zone. Each nation has a capital and appropriate ports to craft basic ships. 3/5 standard green or blue ships. No special woods spawn inside capital area ports. Moderately sized safe zone. Player owned ports - Anything goes. Spawn valuable woods based on location. Crafting ships will give a random guaranteed trim and a change to get a purp or gold ship. NPCs and Missions killed or spawned outside of the zones grant higher XP, More money & better loot, Missions stay open longer. Risk vs Reward. ------ Naval Action solved.
  2. Christendom

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Oh my
  3. Christendom

    Incentive for nations to own more towns.

    This system would work well if we had the people to fill up most of the map and make more than a handful of ports useful. But we don’t. This game needs players first and foremost. It also needs to create reasons for players to go to player owned ports. Increased rare ship crafting percentages. Maybe special trim regions. Something. In typical lazy dev fashion they flipped the switch on increased port costs without giving players a reason to need those ports in the first place or ways to make the ports pay for themselves. Admin is kind of like my wife, she always forgets to pick up bread when she grabs peanut butter at the store. It’s like well, wtf do I now. Increasing port timer costs without creating a reason to own the ports is exactly the same thing.
  4. Christendom

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    So does this make intrepido a conquistador denier?
  5. Christendom

    Battlefield V (your thoughts)

    It’s not World at War
  6. Christendom

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Anyway we need to stop mucking up this thread. Need to save room for spain to change it's status towards me a few more times.
  7. Christendom

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    I'm sure you do. 3/4 nations vs the US on the coast. Same thing happens outside KPR. Sweden vs France/Prussia/Dutch/Spain down south. In the patrol zones Prussians joining Dane battles or Dutch battles vs pirates or whatever groups happen to be the noobs. All these pro players never do seem to fight each other. Easy marks are easy marks I guess. The gang bang killed the pirates/sorry (or maybe Hachi did 🙂) and Russia. Same shit different day.
  8. Christendom

    Great forum battles

    What is the point at which one goes from troll to trash and why hasn't KoC hit it yet?
  9. Christendom

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Hey we're almost on your level. Everyone and their uncle is up on the east coast. In a game that barely cracks 400 players on during prime time and 200 or less during US prime time I don't think being allied with 3/4 nations is the best idea for server health or providing content. But that's just me. Global died because it was 4 nations vs 1 small one, I see similar things happening here.
  10. Which is why the game needs to be encouraging players to leave the zones organically rather than wasting dev time altering the zones so other gankers can get in. If you keep beating down the players with a stick they'll just move elsewhere. You can't force them to PVP. If you beat them with a stick occasionally and make sure they get a carrot sometimes maybe they'll leave the zones to see if it's worth it.
  11. Christendom

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    this past week with spain has been like a highschool romance. On again...off again...on again..
  12. Christendom

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Interesting change.