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  1. A Cunning GB Plan...

    There aren't many of them left, they just kinda fizzled out. For a clan that advertises "War is our business model" they sure didn't do a whole lot of it. I don't think more than a handful of them showed up to any contested PB. Those that remain just want to fleet in peace and jump on the sinking of brit pubs train that most nations are enjoying. Remember they're real fighters...
  2. A Cunning GB Plan...

    I dislike discussing the inner workings of a nation here on the forums, so I'll be brief. First step in a GB recovery is to get ALL of the clans, major ones at least, up and running on the GB TS and in the GB Clan Council. Currently we don't have support from RED, ELITE (your clan), WIN and several others. To quote a favorite show of mine, decisions are made by those who show up. Show up to the meetings and show up to the PBs. We have 3 main problems within the nation - Uneven populations due to time zones. Clan participation and willingness to fight Distribution of the population. we have too much of the nation spread out. ------------- Some steps were made this evening towards some of those things, but clans refuse to hang on to territory we don't need. If you want to change things Norfolk get your clan into the council and involved within the nation. Chasing pirates outside KPR does not mean you're involved. Also AUSEZ is no longer a GB clan. Majority of their senior members have jumped off the titanic and sailing their lifeboats into chinese waters.
  3. Increase Open World Speed, Time Compression

    Or bring back deliveries or teleports. The came us currently abysmal with the current system
  4. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    Right now pirates are the Zerg nation.
  5. Wanted: British Patrol Captains

    Unfortunately the QQ Crews need to dig their heads out of the sand at KPR and Cartagena. Back when we were fighting empty port battles we had to rush to get in before the other 30 who showed up that didn't grind filled the battle. Now that we have live enemies to shoot at the desire to fight seems to be remarkably less. My guys will continue to be at the port battles, but we can't fight them alone. The change in conquest mechanics is also partially to blame...conquest marks per port was a pretty good incentive to make folks show up. Now that they got their vics they can just farm fleets in peace until the french come knocking at their doors. Who needs victory points right?
  6. PvP Leaderboard - No Rewards

    Lex retro non agit Leaderboards clearly said rewards would be given out. Reward the players who put in the effort yesterday. Do the right thing. As for the Combat Channel. It seems a bit unnecessary. Just have a green text in global saying "Clerk: Pirate Constitution sank Spanish Cutter near La Habana" If no rewards are given for the PVP Leaderboard, then the parties involved in the battle don't need to be revealed. If rewards are given out then both of the names should be reported for transparency and to keep people honest.
  7. Duel and Clan Tournaments

    I'll volunteer to stream, moderate and spreadsheet the shit out of another duel tourney for you guys.
  8. Make CombatNews channel silent

    If awards are given out, transparency for all is the best course to take. It will prevent future issues that always seem to crop up with the murky waters of alt usage.
  9. Conqest mark to Combat

    I'm glad you tested it before I did....My 200 or so would of ended up the same.
  10. Make CombatNews channel silent

    Good idea. @Ink @admin Now that leader boards are a thing again, and the inevitable question of alt farming will arise, the Clerk should report which enemy player was sunk, just to keep everyone honest.
  11. by that metric it your ganking excursions out of pirate territory should take you weeks of actual sailing.
  12. This is not a lobby based game (yet....). Port battles should be a national effort with multiple groups of screeners on both sides preventing each other's fleets from getting into the battle. The scope of this game is and should always be larger than just 25 vs 25. Screening encourages players to come out and attempt to win ships off the enemy. This is a sandbox after all. I've been apart of actions where we've successfully screened out defensive players trying to join from the docks. Yes BR mechanics need to be adjusted and they were supposed to have been with this mega patch. It seems they have not. 5 Frigates should not be be able to tag 25 players in a fleet and 25players should not be able to tag 1 person to hide in the battle. The door swings both ways. Historically there is precedent with blockade fleets, delaying actions and disrupting of attacking forces trying to land troops and the like. Nelson didn't use a lobby, Nelson didn't fight ONLY 25v25 battles and Nelson didn't tag his friends and hide in battle for an hour and a half. Tagging an alt or tagging each other into an outlaw battle is an abuse of game mechanics and punishment should be served. Screening is an allowable game mechanic. If you think differently you're playing the wrong hello kittying game. TDLR - cheating is lame.
  13. Oh look, more mechanics abuse. If RVR between nations is to be equal, then using this to hide your ships in battle is an unfair advantage to the pirates since other nations do not have access or this needs to be a bannable offense. The pirates will most likely either sit by the join areas and demolish anyone joining with 20+ first rates or simply kite for 30mins making it impossible for anyone joining after them to catch up and tag. Hiding in battle to avoid screening fights was not the intended purpose of the outlaw battles. This clan has already been caught hiding in battle with the use of a pirate alt before.
  14. My perspective. Not a very good showing on our part. Ultimately the fight was lost about 15mins in when we had a couple players too far out to the right and just inexplicably sail into the pirate fleet. I should of had us turn into and help, but hindsight of course. @Coraline Vodka did a good breakdown with images here. https://imgur.com/a/nNGnG once those 2 players were lost right off the bat the brawl was over. Props to the pirates for the smashing in the battle. The french player (i hope) they used to hide in battle before the power however......I guess that's par for the course. Highlight of the battle was bailing a Brit captain stuck in irons and about to get stern raked at 42:22 by using the ole ramming maneuver.
  15. You entirely missed the point my post was trying to convey. The serveral hundred players or so that were around 2 months ago and currently aren't playing disagree with your thoughts. The game is less enjoyable then it was 3-4 months ago and that is a problem. Again...you're always right so why bother arguing. The data proves you are not.