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  1. Hotfix 2 for testbed patch 9.99

    I've noticed very repetitive AI fleets. I Just killed the 4th GB Endymion/Cerebus AI fleet since yesterday around Jeremie . The other day is was multiple Rattlesnake/Snow fleets around Dominica. Kill one, another appears, over and over.
  2. PVP Global Server - Clan/Population Chart

    It is easy to force a better distribution of players - the devs just need to limit the number of new players for each of the top nations. I've played a couple of games where game mechanics limited new players joining larger factions to force a balance. I don't think it would take much to do in this game. Alternatively, you reward players switching to smaller nations rather than penalize them with resetting XP.
  3. PVP Global Server - Clan/Population Chart

    Without any attempt by the game developers to balance the game, I think the game will continue to lose players. It is getting beyond frustrating that the game is missing such a crucial piece of design. No balancing of players across nations No attempt at providing nations with competitive resources Starting positions that condemn Sweden and Denmark to a huge battle to gain regions and resources. I hope when the game restarts after the wipe we'll see enough players for France, Denmark and VP to make each competitive - but for Spain and Sweden, it looks like they will be dead nations - and any players opting to go to Spain or Sweden, they will be punished by not even being able to restart with another nation unless they reset their XP. Not good.
  4. Economy changes of the testbed server. Patch 9.99

    The lack of reward in capping AI ships is frustrating - it ends up being a gold sink. No XP, It costs you crew, you have to repair your ships, you get a pathetically small amount of materials in the traders, you get 5 gold selling the ship or a very small amount of materials breaking the ship up.. In the warships you don't even get bow or stern chaser cannon. You get some medium cannon - but cannot sell for more than a handful of gold.. The capturing rewards for AI ships needs some adjustment as the game only rewards you for sinking ships.
  5. Economy changes of the testbed server. Patch 9.99

    Current buildings can produce more materials than one person can use. Yes, you can sell the surplus, but the cost of production is far higher than the typical shop prices - so everything will need to be sold with contracts - and that is limiting as you can only have 5 contracts active at once. The medkits and repair kits are not saleable through contracts or through the port shops. I think that is a problem. Without deliveries, it will make it difficult to impossible to hold on to remote regions. The French region in Louisiana will be difficult to impossible to supply with ships and repair kits - and you cannot craft them locally as all your buildings will be used elsewhere.
  6. PVP EU Server - Clan/Population Chart

    I agree the game should have a balancing mechanic. But, in lieu of that, we the players need to help the best we can. By discussing and getting some people to move, the balance is already going to be better on PvP2/Global than before. It will not be where it needs to be, but without this effort, the GB / USA nations would have 75% of the player between them.
  7. PVP EU Server - Clan/Population Chart

    So you would rather people just go to their same old nation and continue the horrendous imbalance between nations?
  8. PVP Global Server - Clan/Population Chart

    Well... committing to GB will sure be safe... no risk whatsoever - other than getting bored as you have so few opponents... and that is the issue. The game is gradually decreasing active nations due to the imbalance. FAR TOO MANY players want a safe and easy game... As it is looking now, GB 36% of the players USA 20% Pirates 14% French 13% Dane 9% Dutch 8% Spain and Sweden essentially dead. GB can take on and outnumber the two other largest forces....
  9. Partial removal of fast travel

    TP between national ports only. No TP to or from free towns. Make the nations regions mean something. Put the war zone at the edge of each empire.
  10. Ships of the line in free towns

    I would prefer to see free towns only used for trade. It brings more meaning to owning regions. The war zones then move to the edges of the empires - rather than it is today where any region can be attacked easily because of free towns being used as offensive bases.
  11. Hotfix 1 for testbed patch 9.99

    Carriacou a couple of minutes ago I have seen similar in a couple of other ports - but this is the worst by far..
  12. Flags or Hostility

    I don't know that is has to be one or the other - there could be a requirement to gain aggression after the flag is purchased - then the defensive side has the ability to intercept the port battle before it happens. I do like the idea of gradually capturing regions one port at a time - then there can be a little more ebb-and-flow than just an all or nothing capture. If the region capital is harder to capture that would be good too.
  13. Flags or Hostility

    I like the idea of hostility generation, but the amount of AI grinding is awful. In the testbed it is just about impossible to raise aggression - they are just too few enemy fleets of the right nation in the area. Flags would be OK providing there is a 1-2 day lag between pulling the flag and the battle. Plus, I do think having a preset range of possible attack hours like in the past would help. Maybe 4 hours instead of the 2 hours in the past. I would like to see the defensive side have more control over when the battles occur - and not in the middle of a weekday, or in the middle of the night.
  14. Preliminary patch 9.99 deployed to testbed server

    I know more is to come with raids - but the ability to raise aggression is difficult, almost impossible at the moment. Three Four five complete circuits of Dominica looking for GB fleets to attack. I found a GB 2 x rattlesnake and 2 x snow (which I quickly sank) - saw another snow in the distance, but other that those, only GB traders, Spanish and VP fleets. Hmm... 1% aggression raised... 100% could take forever...
  15. Post-Wipe will the game be worth playing?

    I'm looking forward to the wipe and new features. The game will never please all players - but it is a game that has fantastic battles and complex OW demands. It is NOT for players who want to join for 15-30 minutes a week. It certainly can consume time playing it.