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  1. Surrendering in PBs to Avoid Point Loss

    Players who are sunk or who have surrendered should automatically leave the battle when it is over. They have no ship to sail, so there is no reason for them to be allowed to stay.
  2. Sealed Bottle Mechanic

  3. heavy bottles

    Another issue with these heavy bottles, new players cannot pick up much of the loot. It is not reasonable to expect players with 200 crew or less to own an Indiaman.
  4. Poll on limited use of repairs in battles

    Personally, I don't think repairs should ever get ships back to 100%. If repairs can only fix 50% of the damage taken, then when you lose 30%, you can only repair 15%. Lose another 30%, you can only repair 15%. The end result is a ship that gets patched up, but gradually deteriorates in battle. i.e. 100% drops to 70%, gets repaired to 85%, loses another 30% to 55%, gets repaired to 70%.
  5. pvp announcement

    Yes, the number of times you see Rubli Pirates killing Pirates in combat news shows this has been a tactic for a while.
  6. Technical problems and bugs

    MB, fir wood type, fir planking, very sturdy. Basic Ballast Relay, Basic Tackles Refit, Bow Figure - Lion Mortar Handbook, Powder Monkeys, Winged-Out Ballast, Optimized Ballast, Open Magazine Access HR, there were 12+ different MB's I was outrunning. These were all Teak/WO, but I do not know the exact mods installed. I do know the MB was sailing MUCH faster upwind than usual. The ship is on my El Ric Los Dos account
  7. Technical problems and bugs

    There appears to be a bug with the MB speed and sailing profile - it looks like the MB has been accidentally changed to be like the regular brig. In OW, I was able to outrun Teak/WO Heavy Rattlesnakes in all points of sail... the stats on the MB show just 10.34 for fir and upgrades. The Heavy Rattlesnake is showing 12.72 for the wood and ship knowledge.
  8. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    With some of the larger Shallow Port BR's, it is not possible to get to the BR limit. 2850 for Nassau...
  9. steam is not responding again

    I am in as well
  10. steam is not responding again

    I have tried several times over the past 10 minutes to log in, but get 'Unable to get ticket from authentication server' message.
  11. Patch 15: Tutorial testing and many other things

    The defender should have the advantage. If the attackers don't have enough ships to fight through the enemy ships, then the port shouldn't change hands.
  12. This feature stopped junior players participating in the grind to get a PB. It would be nice to have the Hostility Mission ships tied to the port BR limit. 1250 - 6th & 7th rate ships 2400 - 4th - 6th rate ships 2500 - 6th & 7th rate ships 4800 - 3rd - 6th rate ships 7200 - 2nd - 6th rate ships 9600 - 1st - 6th rate ships This would also give some more meaning to the intermediate big ships - 2nd rates and 3rd rates
  13. Wasa and new mark costs?

    I think this just makes the game a battle between the 'haves and the have-nots' - with the folks already possessing Wasa's having a massive advantage over the rest of the players. The real issue is the Wasa has the same BR rating as ships that are WAY inferior. Indefatigable or Connie versus a Wasa - the Indefatigable is inferior in every way. Slower, weaker, less guns, less crew. The Wasa is closer to the 3rd rate in power - yet only costs 250 BR versus 380 BR. Realistically the Wasa should have a BR over 300 - probably more like 325 to balance its overwhelming advantage.
  14. the issue is the game becomes unplayable - so it's not a question of choosing to play with 180 ping - it's a question then of what other game do I play...
  15. I get 40 ping on the Global server and 150-200 on the Eu Server - for me (and others) the lag is VERY noticeable. Not so much in OW or small 1 vs 1 PvP, but in large battles. In a couple of the 40 + player screening battles between GB and France, I was getting 5-10 second lag constantly - and even worse on occasion. I know I am not the only person getting unacceptable lag into Eu server. What drives the issue, I'm not sure? Clearly my older PC doesn't help, but I'm sure my PC isn't the worst out there - and may be typical of PC many casual gamers use. I have reduced all the settings I can to help reduce the lag, but it is still bad.