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  1. ElricTheTwo

    RvR - Bringing back a better Flag

    When you go back and look at all the different approaches the devs have tried for PB's, the current approach is just about the most boring of them all. For a 'PvP' game, nearly everything in NA revolved around PvE grinding - PB's, epic events, books, upgrades... anything that reduces this incessant PvE grind would be good.
  2. ElricTheTwo

    Caribbean Invasion News

    So you need to have all the best books and mods to fight other players? You can PvP without all the books.... Although seal clubbing is much easier
  3. ElricTheTwo

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    SOL's wouldn't be sailing at full sail in battle. Ahead of the battle they would reduce sail and get the crew ready for combat. The fact we can have SOL's sailing at full sail during combat is one of the most inaccurate parts of battles.
  4. ElricTheTwo

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    You also need to fix the BR limits for shallow PB's. Raising the Hercules to 100 BR will still allow 25 of them to enter many of the shallow PB's.
  5. ElricTheTwo


    You are better off than most of the Chinese players. Most have quit playing due to ping and access issues with the EU server. While they always contended with poor ping into the PvP2/Global server, they could play. Most cannot now. There really needs to be an Asia/Pacfic server - but it is doubtful the population will grow sufficiently.
  6. ElricTheTwo


    If players want to pay for non-performance related items - like paints or changing names, I'm ok with that, but when you introduce pay-to-win to give a competitive advantage in the game, I will not play it anymore.
  7. you have barely played the game yet. Many of us have 1,000's of hours in the game (I have over 9,200 hours on my main character) - and much of it is just wasted 'wait' time. Having crafted hundreds of ship and made countless materials, the crafting is a boring chore. I don't dislike trading and acquiring resources, but the crafting itself adds next to nothing to the playing experience.
  8. This morning I made 15 Pirate Rig refits. I had to craft the fir first - just a couple of clicks... Then make Rigging Parts - the game only allows 64 rigging parts at a time. I needed 450, so a couple of clicks each time taking 7 or 8 seconds for each attempt - 1 wasted minute... Then I crafted 15 pirate rig refits - the game only allows me to make 1 at a time - so 30 clicks and several more wasted minutes. All to make 15 pirate rig refits. Yawn.... crafting is tedious and wasteful of time.
  9. ElricTheTwo

    Oak ships

    that is more than 7%... 57 is 32% greater than 43
  10. ElricTheTwo

    ships falling from the sky

    The same occurs joining active mission battles against AI. I joined a hostility battle already in progress and was boarded by an AI before I could even raise sails... fortunately I successful disengaged.
  11. ElricTheTwo

    Incentive for nations to own more towns.

    A big part of the issue is 90% of the ports on the map have no resources of interest. Each port should have some resource making it worth owning. As others have said, the cost of ownership is crippling. 100k for a worthless port that generates no income and has no resources. Why would anyone bother attacking it. Most players now have enough VM's coming in each week to not want the extra burden of a port sucking money from the clan. Give each port a resource drop making it worth owning.
  12. ElricTheTwo

    Adding a depower feature

    Yes, it would be nice is you had the same percent as main sails - 0%, 20%, 40%, 60% 80% and 100% - and be able to set independently from the main sails - the on/off nature of staysails today often means constantly turning them on/off to get the desired speed. At certain headings you can move the main sails to remove sails force - but heading closer to the wind that is not possible.
  13. Maybe. If the Devs force Modules to be stored in warehouses and transported by ship rather than via the common chest, then we may use up all the extra space quickly. Currently I maintain one outpost with 40+ different modules in it - but in the future we could easily have 30-40 modules in our main crafting warehouses.
  14. ElricTheTwo

    First Rates should become rare and very expensive = maintenance, baby!

    I would not say sailing a first-rate as particularly enjoyable. For the most part it is a boring experience sailing at 8 knots - but it does place much more strategy into battles - split second decisions needed? No..... I much prefer the shallows battles where the action is fast-paced and you have to make quick decisions - less strategy, more about execution. If I never sailed another first-rate and was 'forced' to sail just frigates and smaller I'd be happy - and I think most players echo this same thought.
  15. ElricTheTwo

    Patch 24: Properly depowering your staysails

    but... you could argue exactly the same with hull damage.