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  1. Elric

    Near empty PvP Zones

    Until battles end up more balanced, I think the patrol zones will be largely ignored. It is a shame. I enjoy the even battles - but they are rare. Worse, the shallows has become requin/herc/basic cutter only. The fact basic cutters can even join is a joke. These ships should not even be allowed in. I would hope future ROE would force a balance - with you only able to join when it makes the odds fairly even - 6 v 7 and not 3 v 10
  2. Sir Tex - 1st rates being able to jump into missions - but if those missions are limited to the max rate for both sides, that wouldn't be an issue. Today, we have 1st rates running hostility on shallow ports - and no effective way for defenders to counter that hostility when it takes 45 minutes or longer to sail a defensive 1st rate fleet to the area.
  3. Some of the ships can be made relevant again by changing the rules around PB's and hostility. If the port BR limits the ship class, then 4th rate, 2nd rates and others become important again. 10000+ BR - any ship can enter, any ship can grind 7500 BR - 2nd rates max can enter or grind 5000 BR - 3rd rates max can enter or grind 2500 BR - 4th rates max can enter or grind How often do you see 2nd rates in battles now? Or 4th rates?
  4. Elric

    More Clan Control - Reducing Alt Problems

    If the list of friendly clans is used to control who can or cannot buy from a closed port, it helps solve the alt issue. It is frustrating to see all the scarce materials bid on by alts from other nations.
  5. Elric

    DLC ships in PBs needs to be fixed ASAP

    The issue today, is far too many shallow PB's have a BR in excess of 2500. So raising the Requin BR from 80 to 100 will do nothing for those PB's. The other shallows ships are essentially useless. I used to enjoy sailing the Heavy Rattlesnake - but not now. It just cannot compete.
  6. Elric

    DLC ships in PBs needs to be fixed ASAP

    I used to love the Nassau shallows event - I would go to each one. Since the DLC ships appeared, I have been to one... and that is probably the last one until the devs change these DLC ships
  7. Many of the ports with timers can only be attacked on weekends. A 7 day wait really limits opportunities to attack again. Attacking on a Saturday for a Sunday PB, the completion of a successful defense is likely OUTSIDE the timer window - and consequently a cool-down time of 7 days would mean effectively 2 weeks. If there are going to be changes - I would say a 36 - 54 hour wait to allow attacks 2 or 3 days after. Personally, I would like to see port timers being set differently for each day of the week - with at least 2 days a week where the timer window is far wider - maybe a 6 or 8 hour window The issue with some ports today, their owners set them during a time when few players play and hide behind the timer. The excuse the time is in 'their' playing time really doesn't hold up - especially on weekends. Many of the clans can play during a wider time frame on weekends, so why not allow a wider port timer on those days.
  8. We desperately need to rebalance these smaller ships. @admin several weeks ago you said the shallows ships would be rebalanced. Many of us have just stopped sailing in the Shallows Patrol and also stopped scheduling shallows PB until this occurs. Currently the Xebec is far to OP and has become the ship of choice in shallows PB's. The BR is way too low on the Le Requin, and ships like the Rattlesnake Heavy have become totally uncompetitive. Please hurry up with the rebalance. Very related to this, the larger shallows PB BR limits are WAY too high. Nassau is BR 2850 - why? if means 25 ships can get in without even getting close to the BR limit. We should have BR limits on ports that force attackers and defenders to select a mix of ships - not just pick all the most powerful ships.
  9. Elric

    Clan Warehouse

    It would be nice if clans could have numerous 'small' clan warehouses. Having the ability to store repairs or stage materials in select ports would be nice. Even if the secondary warehouses only had 15-20 slots, it would help remove some of the frustration around moving repairs around the map.
  10. Elric

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    seems like the same issue again. Just got kicked from the game and cannot reconnect
  11. Elric

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    http://www.businessinsider.com/steam-is-down-summer-sale-starts-2018-6 steam down for a time today
  12. Elric

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    I was seeing 4,000+ ping before I was disconnected - the game 'rubber banded' for 2-3 minutes before it quit players dropped from 290+ to 130+
  13. Elric

    Connectivity issues, lags, disconnects

    did the game crash? I am getting 'Connecting to login queue' - then it just hangs
  14. Elric

    RvR - Bringing back a better Flag

    When you go back and look at all the different approaches the devs have tried for PB's, the current approach is just about the most boring of them all. For a 'PvP' game, nearly everything in NA revolved around PvE grinding - PB's, epic events, books, upgrades... anything that reduces this incessant PvE grind would be good.
  15. Elric

    Caribbean Invasion News

    So you need to have all the best books and mods to fight other players? You can PvP without all the books.... Although seal clubbing is much easier