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  1. Elric

    385 crew La Requin

    I could live with the requin remaining a 6th rate once the hammocks are changed to reduce the overall max crew. The Requin armor needs to be less AND the crew should take more kills while being so exposed - both from broadsides and in boarding - esp. in boarding they should not be able to brace (hide) from deck gun or musket fire.
  2. I too would like to see the MB become less of an offensive weapon. The fire rate and accuracy is too much. Like others have said, the forts are next to useless. Make those defensively much stronger - maybe doubling or tripling the hits needed to destroy them. Even allow a player to aim and shoot the cannon on each fort (separate from the ship captains).
  3. Elric


    Like others have said - the PvP zones give easy PvP marks - 3-10 PvP marks without much effort, 20+ comfortably, 30+ spending some time. Also, considering how ridiculously easy it is in this game to get gold - you can buy all the PvP marks you'll ever need...100k-150k is the typical price - and most players can make several million in gold a day without much effort. So you can buy 100+ PvP marks a week if you apply yourself (and not cheat). As to running fleet ships with an LGV Refit - as already mentioned, you are clearly not understanding your fleet ships are slowing you down. My LGV refit will hit 15.4 in battle - and there's no fleet ship worth having that will sail close to that in OW.
  4. Personally, I would prefer no multiples of DLC ships. I would also like to see no bonuses added to DLC ships - this would reduce the number of people breaking up ships every 24 hours until they get a purple or gold ships.
  5. @adminWith the change to the BR, the permit costs may need to be revisited as well. 100 CM for a Wapen & Ingermanland, 70 CM for the Buc, yet only 30 CM for the Aggie and 3rd rate, and 20 CM for the Indefatigable
  6. There is a deck's penalty - but I don't think that gives enough of a penalty. For example: the Requin alongside an LGV - while both have a single deck, the requin is appreciably lower - and against some of the 2-deck ships, massively lower.
  7. With players Maybe removing the possibility of getting crafting bonuses from DLC ships is part of the answer. Remove the ability to own multiple of the same DLC ship at the same time. Like many others, I feel the Requin should have more negatives. The Hull and Structure should be far weaker. Bow should be much weaker to reduce constant attempts to rage board - and should result in leaks and not just damage Crew losses to both ball and grape should be much higher. Boarding a much higher ship should also come with penalties. Crew on the requin have no easy way of scaling the sides of decks. There is far less rigging on the requin to help use for boarding, or entangling the opponent ship to hold it while boarding.
  8. For players crafting their own ships, at least 4 or 5 outposts are required to obtain the materials - with the new building DLC, possibly more. If players can place buildings in nation owned ports and teleport to them without needing an outpost, the number of outpost required could be limited to a small number of free ports and/or open-to-all ports.
  9. The only thing I noticed disappearing are Mail messages in the Mailbox.
  10. I welcome the patch. When are changes to the boarding mini-game going to occur? This upgrade has been mentioned in the past - but never seems to make it onto a committed list?
  11. Elric

    Near empty PvP Zones

    Until battles end up more balanced, I think the patrol zones will be largely ignored. It is a shame. I enjoy the even battles - but they are rare. Worse, the shallows has become requin/herc/basic cutter only. The fact basic cutters can even join is a joke. These ships should not even be allowed in. I would hope future ROE would force a balance - with you only able to join when it makes the odds fairly even - 6 v 7 and not 3 v 10
  12. Sir Tex - 1st rates being able to jump into missions - but if those missions are limited to the max rate for both sides, that wouldn't be an issue. Today, we have 1st rates running hostility on shallow ports - and no effective way for defenders to counter that hostility when it takes 45 minutes or longer to sail a defensive 1st rate fleet to the area.
  13. Some of the ships can be made relevant again by changing the rules around PB's and hostility. If the port BR limits the ship class, then 4th rate, 2nd rates and others become important again. 10000+ BR - any ship can enter, any ship can grind 7500 BR - 2nd rates max can enter or grind 5000 BR - 3rd rates max can enter or grind 2500 BR - 4th rates max can enter or grind How often do you see 2nd rates in battles now? Or 4th rates?
  14. Elric

    More Clan Control - Reducing Alt Problems

    If the list of friendly clans is used to control who can or cannot buy from a closed port, it helps solve the alt issue. It is frustrating to see all the scarce materials bid on by alts from other nations.
  15. Elric

    DLC ships in PBs needs to be fixed ASAP

    The issue today, is far too many shallow PB's have a BR in excess of 2500. So raising the Requin BR from 80 to 100 will do nothing for those PB's. The other shallows ships are essentially useless. I used to enjoy sailing the Heavy Rattlesnake - but not now. It just cannot compete.