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  1. Clarion Call

    DC issues

    I had the same issue over the last 2 days as well: it was almost every 20-30 seconds i would get disconnected; both in OW and in battle instances. I've finally found my crash logs, and attached them to help you guys try to find the issue. If you need anything else from me, please let me know! Respectfully, Clarion_Call custom_20181003191535.log custom_20181003191541.log custom_20181003191550.log custom_20181003192533.log custom_20181003192700.log custom_20181003191520.log
  2. Clarion Call

    Warehouse stacking Glitch

    Sir, My ping is a stable 112 -120 max and FPS 60-90. I don't normally have connection issues from the East Coast of the US. I have cable internet and 100 Mbs speed. This was the first time I've seen an issue like this and figured it was just a UI glitch.
  3. Clarion Call

    Warehouse stacking Glitch

    To whom it may concern, I think i found a glitch with the warehouse stacking ability. I had a sealed bottle in the warehouse and after sailing back from KPR, I had a second in my hold. When i went to stack them in the warehouse, it instead deleted them. I did an F11 report and was able to get them back in my hold, properly stacked. Just wanted to let you know of the potential glitch, if you've already fixed it for the testbed with the new UI, cool. Have fun sailing captains! o7
  4. Clarion Call

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    I've read a lot of people's comments. @Licinio Chiavari and i have had several fights where we talked about the pro's and con's of the game. So I'm just going to put my 2 cents in here. - "Safe zones" are used in many other games. We all acknowledge the EVE and WOW and <Insert old MMO here> used them. - We need to protect new players and give them a spot to learn/experiment with the game to overcome the steep learning curve - We need to ensure that it is truly the "new" players that are protected and avoid giving veterans an alt/lowbie that they abuse the game with to avoid other veterans. We all agree on the objectives above, but we go about implementing them differently. We are all human... we all have different perspectives and opinions on how we want the game to work/direction it goes.... We all recognize that we as the beta testers learned things the hard way.... But people, we WERE the testers... it was our JOB to learn things the hard way, break them, see how we can cheat/beg/borrow/steal an advantage and then see how we could fix those issues for the FUTURE players and make the game enjoyable for them as much as we love it now.... I personally believe the current iteration of Safe zone needs to be adjusted/removed and the open battle mechanics stay open for every fight until we reach a sever population that can excuse taking it away... I've sailed often from Aves, Key West, and just KPR itself and gone hunting for some PvP.... More often than not I find a gank fleet rather than a lone individual looking for a fight like me. How often does VIXIT, HAVOC, or other major clans come to KPR to kill the alts/noobs/lowbies/traders? I HAVEN"T seen a day where at least 2-3 VIXITs weren't running around in Requins in the green zone ganking left, right, and center. The ship has mechanics that need to be adjusted but I won't get into that here. We as the players need to consider the new players, the ones who are just coming to the game for the first time... We don't have a key control reference sheet, there is a short tutorial, and not a lot of "help" for some who are loners so they can learn this game. To be honest, having done the tutorials and the final exam, the mechanics taught ENCOURAGE people to max/min the game like I would a real life fight.... I'm going to do my best to screw the opponent in any way I can so I walk away with the loot. So having said all of that; here is what I propose.... We shrink the nations involved in the game to the historical nations circa 18th century. This gives us quite a few larger nations (Britian, France, Spain, US, Dutch, Portuguese (Hope I spelled that right?) and Pirates). A grand total of 7 nations with 2 safe zones of different types per nation. I will use Britain as my example: Britain has two capitals: KPR and Belize. I propose that it be changed to 3: KPR, Belize, and Govenor's Harbor. Govenor's Harbor: Completely safe zone for captains up to Master and Commander - If you did the tutorial your granted M&C rank automatically if you haven't surpassed it. - Players in this zone can conduct missions/trade/and sail around without fear of a large gank fleet or veterans coming in to squash them UNLESS they attack first. Current BR rules would apply. It allows them to learn against AI or other players if they so choose to attack... If they end up sinking, well, its part of the learning process (i.e. you don't attack a high level player as a lvl 1 character...) - Players can NOT craft high level ships ( i.e. Rattlesnake, Heavy Rattle, Herc, etc), find advanced mods, woods, or do things that would give them a greater advantage over the less safe areas. KPR & Belize: Current Safe zone as implemented. It allows new players who think they are ready to start coming out into the OW and joining the veterans and clans in end-game content. But at the same time, they are running more risks and face more consequences. How do we get people to leave the shallow Safe zone? Simple: We now add a new Admiralty mission to the game: call it something like "Assigned Fleet Command" or "Called to Active Duty" the mission is to sail a ship from the safe zone capital to the nation capital of choice (KPR or Belize). In return, the player is granted a decent amount of Poods, ship notes of various types (not to exceed 10 ships total), 2 million gold, 10 advanced mods (but not craftable mods) and a rank-up (i.e. if I was already a Post Captain before I accepted the mission, I would automatically rank up to Flag Captain) Most new players would jump on the chance to get more loot/ships for a little risk and it would encourage them to leave and explore the rest of the world. Just my 2 cents.
  5. Clarion Call

    GB leaving Campeche

    You sir, are worthy of great respect for your actions. Do not worry about your English, you speak it well and are fluent in the more important languages of Honor, Integrity and Courage. I salute you sir.... <0
  6. Clarion Call

    Salute to Swedish Captains

    Well, they jumped in on the Swedish side, so I considered them Swedes, My apologies for the mistake.
  7. Clarion Call

    Salute to Swedish Captains

    Gentlemen, Yesterday evening, Myself and John Keats were sailing to the defense of George Town. We encountered a light squadron of Swedish warships. I had an NPC Trincomalee I was transporting up to port to give to a clan member along with my Indefatigable. John was in his Aggamemnon. The Swedish ships initially ignored us and went after and sank the Trinc. That allowed us to get into range of the fort defenses of Little Cayman. After they chased us into range of the fort and suffering some damage, the Swedish turned away and left the battle.... Except these four... The four captains you see in the screenshot below, were honorable gentlemen. After we tagged their ships and challenged them to a fight, they fought their ships well until their sinking.... All of these captains refused to surrender their ships and fought them to the death.. At the end of the battle, we (British Captains), had under 200 crew per ship, so my hat is off to these fine captains for a courageous and valiant effort. Salute! <0 HMS Clarion Call Pennant # 63 "Salty Dogz" Squadron His Majesty's Royal Navy Squadron operating near Kingston
  8. Clarion Call

    Brits & Spanish agreement 24-06-2017

    Admins say in this thread that ships can shoot at each other to light them up as fireships so long as both sides consent to it. They further go on to say that the brits could have used bigger ships and it wouldn't have been an issue.. Which is why they fixed the basic cutters to not go boom....
  9. Clarion Call

    Total War against Great Britain

    Or instead of trying to get the devs to review the conquest mechanics, you work on actively recruiting players away from other nations to yours? What about getting new players to join your nation? or hiring pirates (Pagan Pete comes to mind as someone who could steer some pirates your way)? Work on increasing the player base, which will help us all out in the future. I know that's what I do, and it seems to be working since the british nation is getting bigger....
  10. Clarion Call

    Brits & Spanish agreement 24-06-2017

    And I'm saying, let bygones be bygones, and let us strive to have honorable combat in the future. Are you with me on this?
  11. Clarion Call

    Brits & Spanish agreement 24-06-2017

    Celtiberofrog, The Spanish used basic cutters to counter hostile fleets previously, which has been posted in screenshots by those who were present when it happened. So, at the time of the hostilities at Omoa, the British players used a tactic they remembered the Spanish had previously used. As you said yourself, this has been addressed and fixed by the devs, so no need to try and beat this dead horse anymore. Its dead.... BLUF: if you considered the British using basic cutters as nasty gameplay, then you (Spanish Nation) are guilty of it as well. Let us delcare that henceforward, we will fight in honorable ways as officers and gentlemen (and Gentlewomen) of our respective nations and strive to make this a fun world to fight in. Are you with me?
  12. Clarion Call

    Total War against Great Britain

    Was it wrong to use basic cutters since they were free ships? Absolutely!! No arguments from me there mate!! Was it wrong for the developers to reset the port battles for a day earlier than they should have been? Yes!! We should have been fighting at 1700 today instead of yesterday night! What I am saying is that you should be aware of your limitations, recognize them, and plan accordingly. If I know that I have superior firepower to my enemy, I will decide to use hit & run / guerilla tactics to try and keep them from accomplishing their objective. If you know that the enemy is going to use those tactics because you have such superior firepower, you have to be willing to accept it and plan to counter those tactics. If you don't have the assets to do so, do you actually go ahead and pull the trigger? Those are the decisions that had to be made before you guys started this fight, and you need to be willing to accept the consequences of it now. Its like one school wanting to play 11 man football with their neighbors, but only having 11 players, while the other side has 22. If you complain about having to keep your players on the field the entire game, then should you have really started playing 11 man football to begin with? Maybe you should have played in a 7-man team league instead? In this case, you shouldn't be complaining about being swarmed with 70 guys if you knew beforehand that it was going to happen.
  13. Clarion Call

    Brits & Spanish agreement 24-06-2017

    No worries, Glad the misunderstanding was cleared up! <0
  14. Clarion Call

    Total War against Great Britain

    I'm confused here Chakal16. I understand your upset about British players using Basic Cutters as fireships attacking your L'Oceans... However, on the flip side, using L'Oceans to grind hostility and a Port Battle when we don't have equal ships to fight those is also something that should be condemned. When it comes to the port battles yesterday, I've already said that it wasn't very fair to you (the Spanish nation). However, the decisions to set the port battles to the times they were, was by the devs, which is outside our control. So just go with the flow, have some fun! If you aren't going to play because you feel you are being discriminated against, then leave! But know that not even the developers can foresee each and every bug, glitch, and issue. That's why we play!
  15. Clarion Call

    Brits & Spanish agreement 24-06-2017

    Celtiberofrog, To clarify my statement, since you have taken it partially out of context, it was SPAIN that complained to the devs if you look in the other threads here in the forums. It was SPAINISH players that requested the port battle timers be reset by the devs.... and you posted in another thread that the developers said "this is a bug and will be addressed." Further, you intimated in another thread that there might be a "technical" solution to the issue. So, using logic, I deduced that the devs had been approached by SPAIN and decided to honor their requests to reset the port battle timers. The only thing I was saying is that there was no "illegality" to the capture of the port battle, that's all.