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  1. missing upgrades & books

  2. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    This is Trolling want a reaction.......... here you go ...............Get better
  3. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    And another one added to the list
  4. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    Don't really care mate to much trolling on both sides and I am done with it.
  5. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    Point here is Winning 50 bucks in the lotto not really winning when u spent 100. They all have made good points every single one of them. But No need to read threw them if I have to get threw 5 troll statement to see a good one. Just not going to do it ever again. Bridge burnt for me and to many others and I not making another one.
  6. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    How to make forums worth coming to and then enjoying the read.
  7. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    just ignore those two make about 90% of all the threads shrink by 50%
  8. Me and you should do it until wipe. I Got way to many 1st rates taken up room. I can easily pump out 10 a day (any)4th rates for about a week. And that is Just me.
  9. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    @SS Minnow Sorry mate, But I have to agree With him here. Put the Trolls on ignore... IE Slim, Hodo, Skully, and Wraith in US. Will be a good start.. Don't forget Kristy just for good measure. Get the trash gone and tell everyone to do same, then this game is not that bad. They will follow, Set up your own TS or Discord. You are done... But I would suggest you leave pirates alone(or ask, some of us will help you get a foot hold) and Fight the brits in the Gulf or better yet Tumbado and wont See a pirate very often just one enemy you are looking for. It will be a good team building to move as a GROUP. You know that is true, we did it in Watch. We had a Blast up until the alliance, patch killing britts....And get away from the cancer of he said, she said. and the blame game. I personally know you from Watch and we have a good time when we fight each other. Getting a foot hold anywhere would be a good start. If you do decide on this keep it out of the forum, Global, and Nation. Pm people, then talk on TS or Discord, talk to them that way. I will offer my help any way you see fit, if you want it.
  10. Its not hard a Vic permit can be done being lazy in a 4th rate in 3 or 4 hours. Need the Slots anyways. Victory marks easy not sure what you mean here EASY. 1 a week lol... that 1.5 hours in 4th rate mission.
  11. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    WE don't want to fight them in port battles. Until they can get their shit together. Its why we not tried to flip a port on them only as a Defensive move do we take ports from US. US has never been one ported and we really don't care to. I am 100% sure Sav would still be in US hands with the most of gulf had they not tried and failed to flip 2 ports at same time. We wanted the fights then, but not 2 at same time we don't/didn't have numbers for that. Now It is just a waste of time, mostly, for pirates to constantly be attacked by an unprepared nation. Granted best showing they have done to date but at what cost to them certainly none on our part.
  12. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    yea he a troll 1 of 4 that i have on ignore now. And low and behold the forums are now awesome.
  13. US Leaders have lost their Mind again

    This is true but even my Stupid Dog only went in to the someone else yard once that had a dog that was bigger than he was. Granted my dog is all of 5 lbs with a big dog complex, but even he understands his limits.