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  1. Na-L going live when?

    and one 8v5 all players needless to say that didn't go well for me being on the 5 side
  2. Na-L going live when?

    I not talking about the AI lol. That last weekend was insane with running and just leaving the match. We had at lest 10 +5v+5 matches
  3. Na-L going live when?

    I could name names but no need to, It the same guys that complain all the time. About anything. You just have to keep an eye on them. (edited my self mods before hitting enter on rest) sunk.
  4. Na-L going live when?

    @admin you never answered the question you think it will be up today?
  5. Na-L going live when?

    you only gain points like in NA if any enemy ship in circle with you you get nothing. You can be fighting someone else they will cap a circle then run to next and so on. Not that big of a deal you may lose. my problem is missing out on the xp from such short games/matches
  6. Na-L going live when?

    o no they will run to circles and cap win never firing a shot. get like 3 xp that is a win for them
  7. Na-L going live when?

    HAHAh they still run in legends
  8. Na-L going live when?

    Yea I had to rebooted like Friday/Sat early morn it been there since then for me
  9. Na-L going live when?

    That is not a good sign then. Not good at all
  10. Been waiting for server to go live. Been looking at this for to many days already.Please give the captains a goal or at best a best guess. @admin @slik
  11. Limit chain like double shot

    Looks to me like runners just trying to make it easier to get away. They have already nerf the hell out of chasers, and more so if using chain, But they buffed Stern go figure, that was about a year ago. Makes my head hurt every time I see stuff like this.
  12. Sorry you are wrong on this, all you are doing is getting the vocal group fired up and start bitching now about something that "YOU" Don't like. It just Patch 10.3 all over again and you have not even played the game.
  13. I was a beta tester for WoT and WoW. Trust me when I say the 2 games may have same concept but battles are nothing a like. Unless WoW battleships and every thing else had a range of less than 1/2k
  14. WoW is not the same game. You will have a 10 min Sail before you even shoot your 1st shot in line ships. I already f11'ed that and its is almost impossible to actually sink all the ships before time runs out. Stop making broad statements before the game is even been played.
  15. You will find something else to cry about. But I am so sure you wont stop crying about this ever.. (Even Vegas wont give you odds). You will get your bandwagon of friends that think they alone are the only ones that matter, The Devs will more than likely cave and we will right back in to same problem as we have now with Naval Action. The vocal few are not the player base in this game.