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  1. Pelennor

    Why did you ruin the wapens best trait?

    Wapen turns ridiculously well compared to 5th rate: IMHO, both conny and wapen turn rates should be lowered.
  2. Pelennor

    Best RVR clan in games history

    @Slamz Since when gankers can pretend to be considered as skilled PvPers ? You are dreaming my friend. I have always saw you fleeing my Renommée, and you will always be. It's better for your ego. PS: and hell yeah, SORRY, SLNR, RUS and DAS are on the top of EU server. On GLOBAL, BLACK rules obviously, but to me, it can't really be considered as a great achievement since there is not as many opposition as on EU.
  3. Pelennor

    Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    Who here likes grinding PvE for alowing a PvP instance ? and if so, why ?
  4. Pelennor

    End of the server

    After the server wipe, only GB has offered us a challenge, and they gave up after loosing only one 4th rate PB No, one day, you (and ppl doing the same thing) will have to admit you just use that as an excuse to not fight us. We are used to such behavior: US did the same, FR did the same, there is always an excuse to not show up in PB. I can't blame you, not every nation can afford to loose about 10 1st rate each PB. I hate to recognize that, but maybe the game has gone too hardcore, advantaging BLACK organization, and making it too hard for more casual players.
  5. Pelennor

    Declaration of Independence

    On those 40 ppl i can see on screens, there is about what ? 4 BLACK members ? If you had spent half the time you spent here on the forum but to practice, maybe you would have been confident enough to fight us/me (in game, not with screenshots). But well, you will still be sailing on this forum, that's what you are good at, after all.
  6. Pelennor

    Declaration of Independence

    So many champions typing pages and pages on this forum about how good they are... But when it comes to subscribe to a tournament, oh wait !? this is too much to ask !!! Come on, let's have some fun !
  7. Pelennor

    Declaration of Independence

    Cheap excuse for refusing the figth... why am I not surprised ?
  8. Pelennor

    Pirates - a personal view on their role in the game

    Your point of view is totally legit. An other one can say that in a sandbox game, pirate Republic can raise as a nation, and pretend to play a major role in Caribbeans.
  9. Pelennor

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Empty threats that nobody care: join pirates if you want. There is no difference between a sheep in brit nation and a sheep in pirate nation: they both provide no content in a PvP game. About Savanna: you want it ? Take it ! Don't wait on forum to have the right to flip it, NA isn't a .txt game. Simple as that.
  10. Pelennor

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Hahaha, PvP is now abusing a nation, what a shame! These guys ill never learn, never figth. You better leave to PvE server, you have nothing to do here.
  11. Pelennor

    Declaration of Victory and the Terms

    Trust me, you don't want to see my Renommée
  12. Pelennor

    Port battle du 23/07/2017

    Un message plein de positivisme comme on aimerai en voire plus souvent ! Bravo la France !
  13. Pelennor

    A Cunning GB Plan...

    GB needs to practice. The lack of will to fight of this nation is critical and brits have to renew with self-confidence. I suggest that: 1) Find an enemy, not too big, not too small, someone who can fill 25 lineship PB 2) Go at war, not a total war, don't try to one port your opponent, keep it soft, don't screen with a swarm of trash ships and face 25v25 PBs 3) You will fight against ppl maybe not as experienced as pirates, you will sink enemies, get sank, just PLAY the damn game 4) The goal is to find the leaders AND the core players, gathering your nation around achievements and victories, then see what can be improved individually and collectively 5) Finally, face pirates with a real 30 players team of experienced and enraged captains
  14. Pelennor

    Repair timers need attention

    10mins cooldown is way too short. I agree with Koltes's propositions.