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  1. you mean when you wrote that you will take the lgv back you simply overlooked my answer ? but its on others to deside now whats gone happen with you ... i am for keelhauling and hanging from the rig ... and then a demotion
  2. thats why i wrote on purpose ... a player of max rank should know what he is doing .. and i told you that this is against the rules maybe a demotion to shipmonkey could help
  3. today ,TheAgend47 from KINGS Clan ( british) joined a battle Pirate against US on Pirate side. He active helped the US player against the pirate players sabotaged, a boarding action and help sinking on of the pirate ships, more then one screenshot are available as a proove and two pirate players Richart Sievers and Black Sails are wittness. Agend47 has been told in battle chat that wat he is doing is against the rules and that that is a behavior worthy of demoting the player
  4. and you think that 30 sec of more speed gets you somewhere ? you dont play much right ? or is that like 100 knots we are talking about
  5. ohhh and the battle speed is still capped to 15 knots another broken mechanic not repaired
  6. diplomacy was allways interesting for mass no class nations like swedes
  7. nothing done about the revenge fleet bullshit no port to freetowns anddeep in the arse of the biggest nations ...crap patch
  8. ^wooow what is the i knot worth when everybody else has 10% more firepower ... in port battles ... nothing .... in other big battles ... well you get the chance to get away from the guys with the 10% more firepower.....
  9. Richart Sievers

    Hotfix 9.92 - patch notes

    a few shoots more for double shot double charge would be nice ,... and i think double charge should be at higher penetration double shoot at lower
  10. reduce that 20% bonus to 10% was a step into the right direktion ... its no longer broken ... only imba... if you guys half that to 5% relode bonus ... it would be a fair thing
  11. hehe you are shurly one of those guys who need 20 % more firepower then everybody else to have a fair fight .... and nobody said nay ... somebody said ... this way breakes the game .. and if you ask players with skill you get the same answer ...
  12. i guess what you whant to say ... is they are not nerfed to death enough .... what is left to go ... give pirates boats without sails ... to make it fair for you ? are you realy that crappy as player?
  13. oh and without make it impossible to win just becorse the other guy get 20 % more firepower as pressent ... that is not making pirate ultra expert ... it makes it ultra broken
  14. switch off the fleets switch off the officer and the game is fixed again