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  1. Fenris

    World Cup (annual event)

    Mixed teams from different nations, 5 vs 5 for example....Not too small and not too big teams. I think it would be a great fun, reminds me a bit of small battles :)
  2. Fenris

    World Cup (annual event)

    What are you talking about? Because its taking place in Russia, its a world cup of shame?
  3. Fenris

    World Cup (annual event)

    Why not, bring it
  4. This has nothing to do with logistics, it is simple a broken game mechanic. Same can be done in Bahamas, which is known as shallow port area. And we see over and over again, that few 1st rates grind hostility for shallow ports, in deep sea areas, and flipping shallow ports. This is wrong and it should not be possible. Shallow ships for shallow ports. Period.
  5. Fenris

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    So you think about it and the others don`t ? People wrote their opinions, as i did. Read those maybe before being totally convinced, ONLY YOUR opinion matters.
  6. Fenris

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    sweet..... We do understand what is this all about, but i really do not care about 12 pd penetration..just not firing them at great distance. And maybe you overestimate your interpretation abilities, telling us we don`t understand what is this all about. Since thickness upgrades were downgraded, me personally is fine with thickness/hp as it is, and i personally don`t give a shit about 18 pds not being able to penetrate a 1st rate at close range, or doing not so much damage, as some people would like to. Call her Ocean, Santi or Vic. It comes with the boat you are in, and you should remember that all 1st, 2nd and 3rd rates have 42,32 and 24 pds on their decks, which are actually doing the most damage to those big boats, so if you use a smaller boat, and your cannons don`t penetrate the Ocean "because of the shape of her hull", then sail a bigger one. So, you may connect or separate a threadmakers engagement in a Trincomalee vs Ocean, that is up to you, fact is that SMALLER SHIPS with SMALLER GUNS, or SMALLER GUNS on a BIGGER SHIP can NOT do much damage to a ship, which has 12 % thickness upgrade, plus basic thickness value depending on her woods she`s been made of. Otherwise stop messing around with BR, HP, Thickness and all that, because too many are tired of this BS, too many people want a game that is working, and its worth playing. If you want a solution, a fair and sustainable one, there are only 2 possibilities, and both of them you probably won`t like: 1. Remove all heavy woods from game, only OAK remains as THE shipbuilding wood, as it was historically, considering 95% of all ships built in "our" era. 2. Remove ALL thickness upgrades. What would you like to have? Plague or Cholera?
  7. Fenris

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    So this thread is about this... Ok, no need to read further then
  8. Fenris

    Waiting for E3?

    https://chroniclesofelyria.com/ This one..Maybe alpha starts late 2018
  9. Fenris

    Mighty Mo thanks you all

    Never give up https://imgur.com/a/VpKaZKO
  10. Fenris

    Determined Defender Magic Perk

    That is your opinion there are others as well.
  11. Fenris

    getting the exclusive ships in another way

    If equal, or NEARLY equal BR can join on same side, it could work:) Not this 8 vs 3 we have now in patrol zones.
  12. Fenris

    getting the exclusive ships in another way

    Well, why not Good idea.
  13. Fenris

    getting the exclusive ships in another way

    Can you explain how this might work?