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  1. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    Damn..That is correct Didn`t think about that. But if, for example, only 2000 BR are allowed, on both sides(raiders and defenders), PB could not be instantly triggered, unless your guys do the hostility mission as you raid in same port.
  2. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    Hm. Just asking, but why connecting raids with port battles? I like the idea, buy the flag, raid the port, however, imo, no need to connect this with conquest. Instead of bots, if any present, defenders COULD join the area, with equal BR(less BR possible, but higher BR not possible, and try to repel the raiders. Still not sure how much would the flag cost, and what is the reward for the raiders, and which ship classes are allowed, but generally this might trigger instant PvP.. A "small" PB, with lower rates, without taking the actual port, but which would be economically shattered, if raiders suceed.
  3. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    Good idea. Maybe this mission costs "only" 100 PVP marks or 5 Vic marks per port. Generally i like the idea
  4. A way to include new players in rvr..

    Why separating? Look post above.
  5. A way to include new players in rvr..

    ? Screening battles, if properly tagged, can give you more PVP marks, than a boring PB, where sometimes really nothing exciting happens.
  6. With the new patch 19 ideas!

    No you don`t. There is no need to see players name, the reason is already known. Flag also not needed, because you know his nation. Ships can be recognised with spyglass, if it says "5th rate", you will be able to see if a player sails on an Indiaman or Frigate. BR? Why BR? Fleet rates also not needed to be specified. That is the risk when sailing in OW. If a player sails an Indiaman, has 2 5th rates in fleet, well, thats the thrill...Has he 2 Indiamans or 2 Frigates in fleet? attack him and take a look
  7. New hostility missions

  8. Is the option to SINK an enemy ship AFTER boarding in PATROL missions disabled? Or is it a bug? Noticed that a dude which was in battle, after he boarded an enemy, he could not SINK that ship..... Thanks for your help.
  9. Hmm well.. Didnt know you can take Ss with F9... No clue where these land..Maybe in explorer somewhere.
  10. Usually taking pics with F12, they should be in Steam folder, Steamapps, common etc..... If you use Win 10 there might be a folder in Explorer too.
  11. Edinorogs

    Ok, try to out dps 1st with poods. 1 on 1.
  12. Edinorogs

    Finally. I thought this "discussion" would go on forever. Lol, you are "reasoning" ? LOL. They are not? You mean i NEED Edinorogs for PVP ? Ah ok Case closed.
  13. Edinorogs

    https://imgur.com/a/Dd1Qb Told you i don`t need Edinorogs. Show me how many you have . You can not be saved.
  14. Edinorogs

    This is your logic? Everyone can BUY it, so let it be? But you are bragging about having 2000 Edinorogs, and they still need to be nerfed, although i have none and don`t need them? Rofl.