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  1. Salty Sails

    Tutorial feedback 2

    Rageboard Exam....Done! I chained the first cerberus, after that...i sailed away with cerb2... pushed them in the wind, boarding... jump on the full life cerb from NPC... sailed away, waiting for using rum, after that... i boarded the second cerb! No need for boarding moduls or marines... its just a NPC!
  2. @admin can you tell us something about the new permanent upgrade „naval clock“??? Any news about the new 2nd rate Christian VII???
  3. Salty Sails

    Bring back names in OW!

    I like both features... its more surprise if u get attacked or attack other, maybe its a unknown player or maybe its your old friend, that changed the nation.
  4. Salty Sails

    Good reviews

    My very negative review will stay after more then 4600 hours playtime till release, then i will think about it. But atm, i would every player tell, dont buy it...
  5. Salty Sails

    DLC - Outposts and Buildings

    Euro Trader are not for sell anything, they are just for buying stuff without buildings and labor hours... If you need Fir Log, you would create an outpost, buy a building and upgrade on level3, you have to wait till it’s full with fir log, then you need gold and labor hours to get your fir log! Euro trader is the easiest way to get resources. Make and outpost, set a buyconttact, you get Fir Log after contract is set. Example Fir Log cost 80 gold buy price, you put a contract of 5000 Fir Log for 240 Gold! You don’t have to wait and you get the amount you need in 1 min... You can easy earn Gold with PVE or with Traderuns... so i think, 5 Buildings are more then enough...
  6. Salty Sails

    DLC - Outposts and Buildings

    But u don’t need a building to get the resources! You can go the easy way with euro trader! Just an outpost, put a contract with x3 price and it will be filled instantly...? And you don’t need labor hours.. And gold isn’t a problem ingame...
  7. Salty Sails

    DLC - Outposts and Buildings

    For Outpost maybe, but tell me, why you need more buildings? Are you playing solo?
  8. Salty Sails

    [PGP] Pro Gloria et Patria

    ☠️ Sunday, bloody Sunday!! ☠️
  9. Salty Sails


    Maybe you should looking for excellent trading mechanics too! RVR is expensive, pay for lost ships, useless ports etc.! Better to hold players like Bom, he learned alot from LV!😜
  10. Salty Sails

    Big patch coming during next 1,5 week

    Under the API info it has the same BR as the Cerberus. They mention you got a premium Cerberus when you grade from the tutorial, maybe this ship would be that spot instead as a way to introduce a new ship? I think, this could be the misterious ship! Something like an 32 cannon frigate! Sounds for me like the BR of the Cerberus.
  11. Salty Sails

    Big patch coming during next 1,5 week

    No, I just said, that I m not sure, if the name change ingame will be available with combat marks like the perk reset or the name change will be part of a dlc....
  12. Salty Sails

    Big patch coming during next 1,5 week

    You will always find some solo players in frigates or SoL, who are sailing in this area. But if you are only looking for trader hunting, you should know the important ports( rare woods for shipbuilding, expensive tradingresources, high daily taxes), then you have to find the trading route and you need luck to be in right time and place to find players with a full loaded indiaman or lgv! But, it’s not impossible to find enemies on open seas.
  13. Salty Sails

    Big patch coming during next 1,5 week

    Sure that it is a SoL??? If i remember right, it was called frigate in the stream, but maybe i m wrong, don’t know...
  14. Hello captains, yesterday during the twitch stream, gamelabstv gave us some infos about the new upcoming patch during the next 1,5 weeks! Don‘t know what is coming from the following points they talked about. -new patrolzone only for frigates -second patrolzone for shallows -item for change the name ingame( maybe dlc) or maybe something like the perk reset - something about a clanlog, I think for clanwarehouse something about a new ship called: Hercules?! What should they change too, or what could change... feel free to discuss...
  15. Salty Sails

    Mysterious Ethan Doe

    @Banished Privateer why you not ask him via pm? I had a nice but short conversation with him. Maybe he will tell you some more information about his style of gameplay in NA.