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  1. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    looking good felix well done
  2. 8 ships are uncraftable now for majority of players , seems a strange decision to me. wapen van hamburg , niagara , ingermanland , l ocean , santisima , heavy rattlesnake , prince and victory all victory mark for permits.
  3. i feel that the combat/victory mark conversion to labour contract removal is the devs way of getting more alt acct into the game so players have to farm hours across multi acct instead of earning the combat marks and spending them on labour contracts in there main account.
  4. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    nice one felix , i know you put a lot of time into this thanks
  5. HELP: PVPrs need more ways to find PVP

    read combat news see where other pvp'ers are hunting and go there fight them , or do you mean easy pickings like traders.
  6. 22mb patch thru steam just finished , so wont be long now i guess
  7. New weights system!

    @admin are the prices being reduced by 3 also ?
  8. Patch monday - urgent.

    @adminwhat is the process for capping back the port your based in , how long does it take, how long is the cool down, i dont think you can move a clan warehouse in 48 hours.
  9. PVP-EU server issue

    3 times in 2 hours , sort it out.
  10. Naval Action Developer Q&A

    why don't you mail / message players with news after patches and fixes so that bored / unhappy / frustrated players may return to the game , as some of the issues that made them leave may now be fixed or no longer exist .
  11. Boarding prototyping

    you better not take the bagpipes away !!
  12. boarding

    boarding seems to have been fixed killed a ship by zero morale still had 263 crew on board
  13. perhaps it is at a point between all the locations to find where the treasure will be , it was something similar with a weather report last time ?
  14. I can't enter any port. At all.

    i have had this issue before and only thing i can think did it was that i had cancelled a teleport shortly before and after that i could not enter any port ,was fixed after 8am maintenance.