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  1. Turn inertia - discuss

    I tend to agree. I think players interested in Naval Action (as a playable Age-of-Sail battle simulator) in the first place will not have much of a problem with understanding concepts like leeway and inertia. Personally, I play NA and NAL parallel at the moment, and I much prefer the NA sailing model. I feel it gives a more challenging game, and a longer learning curve that good sailors will profit from. Not that I count myself amongst that illustrious group...
  2. Paints as a Ressource

    Swede dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree?
  3. Join Sweden for free Pretzels!

    Shouldn't we be offering Knaeggebroed, to stay in character?
  4. Ich bin mehr als nur interessiert, ja, geradezu enthusiastisch. Ich werde mich bei nächster Gelegenheit in Philipsburg einfinden, mit entsprechend gemästeter Geldkatze.
  5. Weekend 5 - new round of testing

    In the interest of gaining and keeping new players, I feel a quicker grind up to the first fun and useful ship (a Mercury, by my taste) would help. Keeping in mind that one game of grinding takes a lot more game time than it takes in comparable formats like Word of Warships. Just so that newbies don't give up frustrated because they can't get out of the cutter.
  6. Weekend 4 - New round of testing

    @karacho I'd differentiate on that: I entirely agree that the finished product should have some scenarios reminiscent of the full-blown fleet engagements that took place far off the coast (like St. Vincent, Trafalgar etc.), where victory goes to the side that deals the most damage. But I like the - admittedly artificial - circle mechanic to simulate engagements that revolved around outmaneuvering the opposition, and had secondary objectives beyond wreaking grim havoc. So I'd vote: keep the circle scenarios, add Trafalgars.
  7. New gametypes feedback

    I haven't progressed past the navy brig, so that colours my judgement. I like the new maps, as I feel they encourage close quarters, and actually make terrain a tactical element, rather than a pretty backdrop. I will see how the more cumbersome ships handle in such close confines, but so far, I dig it.
  8. Cannot change key binding

    Nope, tried that. It doesn't change.
  9. Cannot change key binding

    I have a German keyboard, and therefore would like to set 'rear mast sails to starboard' to the 'Y' key. I can open the menu, but I cannot change the standard assigned key, which is 'Z'.
  10. XP and Silver

    Thank you, it certainly does.
  11. XP and Silver

    This may be a silly question, but I'm hesitating about my first advance because: How do Silver and XP work: I spend Silver in order to research a new ship, but do I SPEND my XP for it, or do I just need to HAVE a certain XP level? I.e. are XP a threshold or a currency?
  12. General gameplay feedback

    I've only had half a dozen games so far, so I reserve differentiated feedback for later. But to leave a first impression: I'm loving it. I was literally laughing out loud in the second battle today (mix of 7ths and 6ths, with circa 8 players), when I had to drive my cutter like a bumper car to slalom through the battle and avoid collisions. And I think this will be a good draw for fresh blood. A mate of mine - who has expressed vague interest in NA for quite some time - came over for game night when I was sailing a battle. I could see he was getting very itchy indeed while watching.
  13. Map and battle type feedback

    Map with 3 circles, no forts One thing I noticed: the AI ships don't give a toss. Had a 5v5 games, just cutters with me the only player. The AIs went for each other, and I was left alone to cruise through the three circles. Even when they were capped, the AIs did not try to move towards them.
  14. Please make it its own steam entry

    Is that official? That would explain why I cannot connect.
  15. Remove/nerf skillbooks

    From where I am sitting, the effect magnitude of (stacked) bonuses is the problem. I think there is a mutually reinforcing effect that does more harm than it does good: Specifically, players playing for a long time... (a) train their personal "human" skills, i.e. they get better handling their ships, knowing combat tactics, having tactical awareness, etc. --> They get better at handling their ships effectively. (b) find/earn more ship upgrades and skills --> they have access to more effective ships So we have an "effectiveness gap" between veterans and new players. As far as this is opened by (a), I'm fine with that. When you add (b), I think this can become overwhelming. The players who can pretty much park their Surprises broadside-on under my stern because they are really skilled sailors, don't need 3 stacking effects to finish me off even quicker. I realise that (b) is a nice incentive to keep people playing the game. I would hazard one guess, though: if we give incentives that are "for show" (paint jobs, leader boards, titles, what have you), this will be (almost) as good as giving incentives that have palpable game effects. As usual, just my two pieces-of-eight. Discuss.