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  1. Increase the daily number of tows to pvp zones

    @Percival Merewether Thank you sir, for giving a substantial and well-argued answer. While I do enjoy quick-fix arena type games (such as NAL will provide in due time, I'm sure), they are a crutch for when my playing time is restricted. Which it is more than I like, I'll be the first to admit. My most enjoyable games were the ones that happened in the OW, and that were well-matched one way or the other. That does not necessarily mean that ships and skills have to be matched, I had some very fun games running and dodging in a trader to reach the forts or the time limit. I guess the reason for this is that the engagements were imbued with meaning beyond the engagement itself (keeping a ship liked or needed, getting to a particular place on time, etc.). As such I whole-heartedly agree with @Wraith saying "Player-generated PvP content is needed desperately outside of the limited RvR mechanics." The one thing that occasionally spoils the OW for me is being forced into battles that aren't fun. Please note that this is not equal to "that I cannot win", but rather to "that I have no agency whatsoever in". "Ganks", some would call them. I think that sometimes in our discussions, we focus too much on limiting players that exploit mechanics, rather than looking into how we can encourage gentlemanly behaviour. I wouldn't expect a group of six who caught me alone for being stupid, to offer a 1-on-1. But restraining yourself to a 3-on-1 that both sides get more out of, that I'd like to see even more of. And I don't think we can get there by changing the RoEs, that is something playerbase culture needs to uphold. If you would pardon the ramble.
  2. Increase the daily number of tows to pvp zones

    First off: I'm not trying to be provocative, I am actually interested in the answer. What do you like about OW hunting that you cannot get out of PvP in the Patrol zones?
  3. That sounds like good fun. I'm sure we will discover it needs tuning and tweaking as we play, but I'm sure I will check it out to gain some PvP experience.
  4. Need more PvP? Join Prussia, while you can!

    Joined Prussia today, found a clan, got whacked in a 1-on-1 PvP engagement, and my clan avenged me right away. Flying start, I call that.
  5. Loved it so far, looking forward to the re-vamp as well. Yeh, I'm a fanboi...
  6. Your Ideal Naval Action

    - more players (Durrh, I know, but it would be ideal ) - buyable cosmetics (Paintjobs, flags, foretopsail decals) - 1-week RvR campaigns: port battle to open up a regional campaign, and then organised scenarios like blockade run, escorts, ... plus regular PvP to resolve who wins the campaign and conquers the region. - nerf modules and skills, particularly their cumulative interactions
  7. Thoughts about VM

    Speaking as a casual player, I'm not that bothered about not having a 1st (or even 2nd) rate. I can get my RvR kicks out of screening battles and reconnaissance skirmishing, and leave the decisive port battle to the hardcoreistas. What does bother me somewhat is that, in these battles, the smaller lineships (3rd and 4th) don't really have a raison d'être: they aren't 'ard enuff to go toe-to-toe with the big ships, and they aren't nimble enough to run chaining interference. So I'm stuck with frigates for now, which will probably lose its appeal at some point.
  8. Thoughts about VM

    I'm not very savvy on the RvR meta, so I cannot comment that. But that one statement I would like to reinforce: "Why not make it a bigger effort to get a 1st and at the same time make them less OP? In the end they were more prestige things than real effective combat machines right?" I grew up on the narrative that the 74-gun-Ship-of-the-Line (3rd rate and Bellona) was the workhorse battleship of the era, built and deployed in series. For me, seeing a line astern of a dozen Santisimas is just... wrong. Would it not make sense to make the 1sts (and to a lesser degree, the 2nds) more vulnerable and less tactically useful by restricting their maneuverabilty? Turn rate, speed, whatever makes sense. That way, you can use them for area denial, but you would have to protect them against grape-rakes, and could more effectively take them out of the picture with chain. Or whatever else works to make 3rds and 4ths a thing again.
  9. Turn inertia - discuss

    I tend to agree. I think players interested in Naval Action (as a playable Age-of-Sail battle simulator) in the first place will not have much of a problem with understanding concepts like leeway and inertia. Personally, I play NA and NAL parallel at the moment, and I much prefer the NA sailing model. I feel it gives a more challenging game, and a longer learning curve that good sailors will profit from. Not that I count myself amongst that illustrious group...
  10. Paints as a Ressource

    Swede dreams are made of this, who am I to disagree?
  11. Join Sweden for free Pretzels!

    Shouldn't we be offering Knaeggebroed, to stay in character?
  12. Ich bin mehr als nur interessiert, ja, geradezu enthusiastisch. Ich werde mich bei nächster Gelegenheit in Philipsburg einfinden, mit entsprechend gemästeter Geldkatze.
  13. Weekend 5 - new round of testing

    In the interest of gaining and keeping new players, I feel a quicker grind up to the first fun and useful ship (a Mercury, by my taste) would help. Keeping in mind that one game of grinding takes a lot more game time than it takes in comparable formats like Word of Warships. Just so that newbies don't give up frustrated because they can't get out of the cutter.
  14. Weekend 4 - New round of testing

    @karacho I'd differentiate on that: I entirely agree that the finished product should have some scenarios reminiscent of the full-blown fleet engagements that took place far off the coast (like St. Vincent, Trafalgar etc.), where victory goes to the side that deals the most damage. But I like the - admittedly artificial - circle mechanic to simulate engagements that revolved around outmaneuvering the opposition, and had secondary objectives beyond wreaking grim havoc. So I'd vote: keep the circle scenarios, add Trafalgars.
  15. New gametypes feedback

    I haven't progressed past the navy brig, so that colours my judgement. I like the new maps, as I feel they encourage close quarters, and actually make terrain a tactical element, rather than a pretty backdrop. I will see how the more cumbersome ships handle in such close confines, but so far, I dig it.