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  1. The one thing POBS had up on this game was that player knowledge about broad / beam / close haul / running was much better.
  2. I have to say - if rudders were that irrelevant to turning ships as they are in this game version, why were they added to ships back then? They were pretty complicated and expensive.
  3. we need semi-curated PVP, not encouraged ganking.
  4. Bad reviews due to lack of information.

    Will you also stop making daily threads about steam reviews? If so, I vote we just all take a 6 week break from the game, including the developers and get this in return. Can you make a blog for us to not follow?
  5. [PVP EU] battle results

    La Navasse PB: BF attacks Sweden Captain Reverse, Raven72, CptArtifex, Gringo69 sunk in Wasas. Battle over due to time limit.
  6. Conquest Timezone Suggested Maps

    Teak and White Oak for shop resources. Every rare upgrade resources is also hilariously limited anyways. the harvestable resources are common enough as it is. Maybe cotton as well.
  7. What exactly is it that the new wind allows that it didn't before? And I don't mean reversing at beam reach.
  8. But you're bleeding speed hard if you depower, so since you're slower with depower but still turn as fast, doesn't that mean that depowering increases the turn rate from the square sails?
  9. Surrender in PvP

    Exactly as it is now: It becomes an abandoned 0 crew ship. You sail up and select "sink ship", you get the marks or you crew it and get the ship in fleet. I mean the main reason for this thread is that if you are about to lose a PVP fight, you can just deny your opponent the rewards by pressing surrender. And that's just BS.
  10. I'd much rather disable the double tap mechanic and have locked rudder on seperate hotkeys. I have enough of those on my keyboard.
  11. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    Neither did many Italians consider Sweden the winners of last night. It's unsporting of you to be such bad losers as well, I hope you're aware of that. , > A team comes with 3 lynxes and sail upwind for 1h, getting a guaranteed victory. Pretty sure the rules don't work like that.
  12. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    They sunk two and lost one. That secured them the victory. You expect them to deliberately lose at that point for what reason exactly?
  13. Tournament - Group Stage & Results

    I wished all these people who scream "die for honor!!!!" at the top of their lungs would apply the same heroism in the non-curated PVP of the game. The same logic could be applied to Football fans this weekend demanding Sweden score an own goal against Italy because Italy should be at the world cup. Except no one did that.
  14. @admin is this actually working? Because I can't see the option.