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  1. What's the incentive to leave the safe zone now? With very few exceptions, ports in the safe zones are just as good as ports outside of it. PBurg - Oranje - Gustavia - CdS provide *everything* you need for ship building. So there's no point in that regard. And I bet it's the very same for all the other nations and their safe zones.
  2. reinforcements need to go away again. Making missions inside safe zones instantly close is more than enough home water protection.
  3. Is there any way to tell which towns not held by your own clan have a trading outpost and a labor hours thingything?
  4. Hostility missions should be right in front of the port being attacked.
  5. There really should just be a warning if someone kills the first AI in a hostility mission similar to the old flag purchase.
  6. Sweden declares war on France

    >And before those 2 months? And the conditions when you took the port 2 months ago? Don't get me started. Gee, I don't know, there were 50 players online because it was pre-wipe?
  7. yeah, it's beyond silly. There goes any ambition we had to make 2-3 key ports pay for all the unprofitable ones. Map win now clearly will go to the nation that has the most PVE grinding going to pay for ports no one can use. Why are all the AI traders that are docking at our ports not paying taxes btw?
  8. @adminhow is maintenance of ports calculated exactly? we're paying over 400k for one of our ports every day... (Philipsburg)
  9. Sweden declares war on France

    we attacked a port we've held for the last two months, you dishonest spindoctor.
  10. Capturing NPCs

    You didn't take a screenshot? Also, you can order your fleet ships to demast?
  11. hostility Missions

    That doesn't answer the question. Of course you win.