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  1. Preechur Blackheart

    Testbed - Teleport fees

    I am not a complainer, and am generally supportive of the Dev strategy. But teleport fees would be a game-breaker for me, unless the cost is very minor. Crew replacement, for instance, is a very minor cost and does not impact game play. However, if the major way to pay for teleports REQUIRES PvP, or if the cost is otherwise major, players like me who teleport a lot for economy reasons, and do not PvP all that much will leave the game. I am certainly not going to spend empty hours sailing from one port to another. Having said this, I am willing to give it a try. But color me very dubious....
  2. Preechur Blackheart

    Success as a solo player

    Regarding the 'inevitability' of losing trade ships, as a solo player, this is historical. Unless you were willing to sail in convoys, you knew that losing your trade ship was very possible. Owners counted on making enough trips (1 or 2 at least) to clear a profit enough to sustain the loss of the ship. Any trips completed afterwards were gravy. This especially held true for blockade runners...
  3. Preechur Blackheart

    Please do something for bring the players back!

    Methinks Lovec1990 is onto something. If every PvP encounter yielded at least 1 PvP mark for both parties, there would be an incentive to fight even if you were sure you would lose. With so many elite players ganking noobs, new players quickly learn to avoid PvP. There just is not much in it for them - just the certainty of having to buy a new ship and cannons etc. But if even the losing player got at least 1 mark....there is incentive to fight. The winner of the PvP fight should get more marks of course....just a thought
  4. Preechur Blackheart

    Development plans for the H2 2018

    My playstyle (an hour or two at the most but every day) would suffer if the number of outposts were reduced. On the other hand, if any player could teleport to any OPEN port, that would lessen the pain of losing outposts. Currently, I struggle to do everything I want to in a time-efficient way. I could really use a couple more outposts, not fewer. I would get into more battles, too, if I had more outposts to which I (as a player, not a ship) could teleport. I get it that long sailing times are realistic. They just limit the players who, in real life, cannot play your game for hours per day. Just my thought, for what they are worth. Still a great game!!!
  5. Preechur Blackheart

    Mission changes

    Seeing these sample shots gives me a shot of adrenaline! Yes yes yes!
  6. Preechur Blackheart

    Hugging exploit

    It is part of history that smaller ships did take larger ships, sometimes dramatically larger. Didn't the SPEEDY (a brig) under two different captains capture 2 frigates and the Gamo 32 gun zebec-frigate? Point being, history allows for such events. I wonder if a 6th rate ever took a 4th rate though...
  7. Preechur Blackheart

    Tow To Port Changed?

    i ported to Charleston yesterday when under the old rules it would have been Beaufort lol
  8. Preechur Blackheart

    Partial materials wipe - advanced warning

    Just wondering about the pieces of eight and Reals...the two currencies after the update. Will their values be fixed against the other? Or will they change, allowing money manipulation? I wonder, as well, if we will ever see 'the Funds' as in the bank where British seamen would invest their prize money? Changing exchange rates, and a stock market, would add interesting wrinkles to NA....
  9. Preechur Blackheart

    Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    If no reward is enough to entice people out of their safe zones, how about tweaking the risk downward? I remember playing with multiple dura ships. I remember being WAY more willing to risk PvP in my less confident phase of gameplaying when a ship I had invested in was not lost forever. The smaller the ship, the more duras, which meant newer players could gain confidence and skill without taking the economic and timesink hit of having to get a new ship. By the time one ranks up to the bigger ships, at least one knows how to make money and understands basic pvp tactics (even if learned the hard way - by losing). Multiple duras may not be THE answer to more pvp, but is could be part of the answer.
  10. Preechur Blackheart

    Fleet commander gameplay

    I think this would be awesome! It would add historical realism to the game - you DID follow orders if you were a ship captain, or else faced consequences. I like incentives gained by being part of a larger plan. Of course, I enjoy Ultimate General also, so the arrows are appealing to me! Count me in if the devs can make good on this (unlikely though)....
  11. Preechur Blackheart

    To battleship specialists

    While not an expert in the field I played all the SSI board games covering that era, and remember some of the principles. Don't remember the SSI titles - Dreadnought? Jutland? Battleship? I remember the Jutland game in particular - it was one of my favorites....this possibility really excites me!
  12. Preechur Blackheart

    Love the new format hate the xp system

    WHAT? I have been playing for weeks and have never seen the above results screen! Is that new? Or have I somehow bypassed these screens? I even played this morning and did not see these screens. I have to look at the history to see what happened....
  13. Preechur Blackheart

    Combat feedback topic

    Observations from a NA-L player who is currently in a Merc: The xp grind is horrific to progress to a better ship unless you are very skilled. When this goes live, I am afraid many newbies will abandon the grind quickly. Solution? Lower the xp needed to get to the next level ship, at least until you get to a Cerb... I feel that the xp for the kill is very unbalanced...and would rather it be reduced and more xp be given for damage. The AI is extremely aggressive regarding boarding - it does not feel historic to me that boarding would be so automatic. If kept, friendly AI should be able to come to the rescue and join the boarding action on the player's side. All this said, I enjoy the game - it delivers on its premise....
  14. Preechur Blackheart

    Is there obligation for PVP server to protect PVE only veterans?

    Now that I am playing Legends as well, I am wondering why that same idea could not be integrated into NA itself. Everyone who is developing an economy, rank and ships could have a choice: go into a battle arena and have PvP on demand without fear of loss of ship and without the timesink of sailing and searching for a battle, or dare to fight in the OW where losing to a foes means you lose your ship as well. Best of both worlds?
  15. Preechur Blackheart

    The problem with Kill XP

    Would it not be helpful if assists also granted xp? Maybe half as much as for the kill, or even 25%? That would incentivize better team tactics....