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  1. i gave up RvR a long time ago so my opinion on this topic counts for little, but why does the cost of setting a port's timer not scale with the value of the port?
  2. CatSwift

    so I started learning to oil paint 3 months ago...

    More! All my paintings are now on Instagram
  3. CatSwift

    so I started learning to oil paint 3 months ago...

    Well, its been just over a year since i first picked up a paint brush and I'm still at it. Here's my latest: All my paintings are now on Instagram
  4. CatSwift

    Alpha, beta ... launch!

    it means the written text in the game can be toggled to display in different languages.
  5. CatSwift

    Not able to enter battle BUG

    does the normal "equipment" button now say "in battle"? I think they changed it so you can't use the ship again until the battle has ended (whether intentional or not) :/
  6. yay! All sounds awesome.
  7. CatSwift

    1st impressions

    The problem is cannon progression does not add any grind, it doesn’t affect ship progression in any way other than to force you to use cannons you don’t want to use the first few times you get into a new ship. So instead of the joy of “yay, I just got into a trinc I cannot wait to try it out!”, the player instead goes “yay, I got a trinc. Too bad my first experiences playing it is going to suck.”
  8. CatSwift

    1st impressions

    Outside of playing with bots, cannon progression is my next gripe. We already have ship progression, I don’t see what cannon progression adds other than player frustration.
  9. I was on last night US prime as well. 40 players online and 12 battles active is what I saw. Let’s be generous and say 35 of those online were actually in battles. That means about 70% of the participants in those battles were AI.
  10. CatSwift

    Group size balancing

    I understand that, ty. However, the point of closed betas are to help find bugs and identify issues. not being able to be matched with the optimal amount of human players due to the current implementation of the balancer queue is, I would think, an extremely valid issue to bring up. Especially now with “less than optimal” players, since optimizing the number of human opponents when they are not in adundance is more important than when they are.
  11. CatSwift

    Group size balancing

    thx; i have tried this. I still get matched with AI. If this is the long term solution then there is indeed no place in NA-L for people who want to play against other people.
  12. CatSwift

    Group size balancing

    I want to have fair, balanced fights against humans only; I don’t care how long I have to wait in queue. Does this means NA-L will never have a place for ppl like me?
  13. If someone wants to just play against bots, then there is no point in having a "balancer queue", they should be able to just be dropped into a battle (alone or with their group of friends). No need to wait to begin with. As I mentioned, a simple "match me with people" toggle could be checked by those who "want to play at least with one other human". When the 2 minutes wait is up, if no other people are in the queue and you have the toggle set, you simply get re-queued instead of thrown into a battle.
  14. was very excited to get back into this, but the two problems I've been F11'ing since the start are still problems. I want to queue in NA-L and be guaranteed a battle against humans and (much more minor but this is a stupidly easy thing to fix) the game's UI does not scale properly on my monitor's native resolution and half of the UI is off screen. Queuing for two minutes to be thrown into a battle against AI only to leave it early and get punished with maintenance fees is not fun. Please, please, please implement a toggle so i can get re-queued indefinitely until there are other players i am matched against.
  15. CatSwift

    Finding each other in OW

    Like i said, there are many good ideas in this game whose implementation lacks finesse; thank you for listing some. We really shouldn't add more. And, no, all of the reasons i supplied are not immersion. As i said, if i'm a solo hunter or a trader out in the world minding my own business, there is no reason you should get a cheat to know approximately where i am.