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  1. Reinforcment Zones - Yay or Nay?

    The one time I've experience reinforcement fleets is I tagged a merchant player (Indiaman + Indiaman in fleet) on the very edge of the circle outside Christiansted. Got in, press button, and there were instantly 5 first rates right there to protect him so I fled. This wasn't a case of "seal clubbing" or even "mission jumping", which is what this feature is meant to prevent. What I would like to see change is that the reinforcement fleet spawn near the closest friendly port in the battle instance. This would be more realistic (as this would be the harbor/defensive fleet), and it also takes care of the reinforcement circle size; it can still be large, but since it will take time for the reinforcement fleet to get to you it should compensate for it. Then they become a sort of time delayed port fort, one which will meet you half way if you sail towards it for protection.
  2. so I started learning to oil paint 3 months ago...

    This is my version of "HMS Seaflower" by Geoff Hunt, used for the cover of the novel Seaflower by Julian Sockwin.
  3. In support of this, it would be interesting if the "cheaper" ports had different number of ship PBs; 6 ships, 12 ships, 25 ships, etc. A small war company could probably get really good at capturing cheap 6 man PB ports. No reason to limit them to shallow water.
  4. Less income ports which are less likely to have high defenses will be good targets for smaller war companies.
  5. You could just be able to enter the ports owned by your war company, you wouldn't gain access to all ports of said nation...
  6. I think the goal there would be that your "clan" is a collection of your friends, whereas a "war company" could be a collection of like-minded clans. This allows for lots of cool interactions, such as clans changing war companies because of disputes between other clans who make up said war company. I also like the idea of clans of other nations being able to join war companies. This allows for player made alliances out of the box, as well as all those mercenary company scenarios everyone brings up. Need some night flippers to help round out your war company, but all of your members are EU? Entice/hire/connive/whatever a clan from another timezone (regardless of their "nation") to join your war company.
  7. I like it! But as a player who would fit into the "solo pvper not part of a clan" population, even i'm not sold on the "being able to go into any port" idea; we should only be allowed access to free ports, national ports, and war company owned national ports IF the war company so allows it. We should be allowed outpost teleports to free ports, where as members of war companies are not.
  8. Grind discussion

    IMO the only thing that needs to change is crafting XP. For everything else the grind is less than MMOs i have played in the past. I have been playing solo France on Global since the wipe, never really ran out of money or ships. I have enough knowledge slots unlocked to be dangerous and don't feel pressured to unlock the others. Grinded some missions in the beginning, did a little trading. Been a lot of fun!
  9. A failed port battle is a "raid".

    I'm pretty sure the OP only concerns that the port is currently in 100% contention, and has nothing to do with the actual results of the port battle. The subject of the thread could be written more clearly.
  10. why bringing ship capture back?

    That's what they've been doing. Medium cannons are free by PvE grind. Watching CombatNews tells you where the action is. Now NPC ship capture provides cheap ships. So entry level PvP is now extremely cheap, and "maxed out" PvP is now extremely expensive. As it should be.
  11. why bringing ship capture back?

    If giving people NPC ship capture will make them happier and have more fun by improving their in game experience, then I'm all for it. More people in game will improve OW PvP, whether those people actively go searching for PvP or not. Even though I don't think NPC capture will drastically affect the ship market, there are plenty of ways to make money besides crafting/selling ships. People will adapt.
  12. so I started learning to oil paint 3 months ago...

    The HMS Phoenix and the HMS Rose engaged upon by fire ship.
  13. The Frustrations of a Future College Student

    I'm not old enough yet that I cannot relate to my college years, so I'll just give you the advice I wish someone had given me; stop playing MMOs. In fact, stop gaming altogether and find a better hobby, your future self will thank you. Otherwise, this is why they're making Legends. Hop on, get some quick ship battle action, log off.
  14. I haven't really thought this through much, but I wanted to get the idea out there. In my opinion the whole purpose of the leaderboard should be notoriety and fame for the people making it. As such it would be cool to see the winners on the PvP leaderboard from the *previous* day have a bounty on their heads for the *next* day. This could be done any number of ways, but something as simple as 10,000 gold per rank on the leaderboard for sinking the notorious player (so 150k for 1st place, 140k for 2nd place) would be interesting.