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  1. I agree, good point!
  2. In not gonna start a fight, but I have been in more pvp battles than you care to know, thing for me is the timing on the global server, I cant stay up till 2am for a PV, so I love the aussies for doing them in the afternoon (if im Lucky and have a day off that is)
  3. What nation are you sailing now Christendom, I cant keep track
  4. my few cents, us global players would't like to loose it all, ports and clan warehouse and such. So I'd say make the map a bit bigger, and give everyone a fresh start. Keep crafting, rank, and a few ships.....
  5. forrester

    VCO Takes the Black!

    Why would every clan need to do the same, everybody has his/her own favorite enemies. I as ex pvp1 came to the US finding a lively trade with the French discomforting, based on experience on PVP1. So after the whipe people with different histories came together, and that stirred the pot. I have good friends in Mars and thus am not keen to fight them, but if there would be a "fun" based portbattle, instead of all shanannigans going on now I would gladly join. Balance is now of great importance, so everyone has some quieter waters, and PVP/RVR arena's where they want. What is despice in VCO is that they want people only to look at the game their way, and are offended if you dont obly....
  6. forrester

    VCO Takes the Black!

    I entered the battle from the east and didn't make it to the brawl before the end was there..... Had a nice fight with a 3rd rate and 3 indiamen afterwards though...
  7. forrester

    VCO Takes the Black!

    Carebears, nah, but we like to fight those who pose the biggest thread, and me being american before I knew the fun when we were almost one ported, because of the big fella's that like to rule any nation they play for and think they are hotshots. Well, we showed you guys today at la navasse didn't we?, lets get it on..... Pfffffrrrrrt
  8. forrester

    Havana Occupied!

    If i Read this documenft I hafe a feeling the ifrocuif mifght be in neefd of a new set of falf teethf.
  9. forrester

    WAR!!! Great Britain Declares War on the US Nation!

    I know 40-60% of the brits on the US server, they were on pvp1 before, my feeling the US consist mainly of former PVP2 players who didn't have that much fights.... so there may be some difference in experience, for the Rats I dont know, many names are familiar, or should I say notorious.... I like the server to be a bit balanced, and fun for all, not just for those 5-10 warmongers....
  10. forrester

    WAR!!! Great Britain Declares War on the US Nation!

    I guess I still have PVP 1 in mind, some people came over to this server because they like this game to be worldwide instead of only EU
  11. forrester

    WAR!!! Great Britain Declares War on the US Nation!

    I can agree on most of that, before VCO and TF left, we as a US were the 3rd largest faction on the server, we were not so experienced in PVP as the rats, and not that experienced in portbattles maybe as the Brits, but I was looking for a fair fight. Then there came the dispute between two large factions we are now left with a bunch of cowboys (NPG) and a couple of smaller clans, trying to fight a war that we are far from ready for. That alone kills my fun in this game now. I didnt ask for this, we just get dragged in. And I wont like to lose the few ships that I have (redeemables mostly) to a fight with my old buddies, on behalf of those cowboys.... Dont get me wrong, I like a fight or two, done a lot of screening before the wipe, but Im not inclined to do a wateless uphill battle that I did not want in the first place
  12. forrester

    WAR!!! Great Britain Declares War on the US Nation!

    We as MARS showed up in many port battles that were not the west coast of Florida, the other ports from New Orléans on westward were not taken by TF and VCO, but by WTF, Mars and NPG (and problably some others, I could only make one prot battle because of timing.) nor NPG caused a clash with TF and VCO, and made them join the Brits, of whom many still are my friends (sailed BRIT before the whipe) We weren't asked in any way how to run US politics, and now NPG is calling us to arms for a war we dont want and didn't cause. I feel like stuck with a load of dung that I didn't order, and I will only swap sides to the Brits if my whole clan does (doesn't look that way) I want the US to have peace for now, and get a good national congress running instead of NPG acting as if we dont exist
  13. forrester

    WAR!!! Great Britain Declares War on the US Nation!

    Ok TF and VCO, I know for sure, many other US clans, though smaller than NPG werent consulted in this, and now we are asked to fight a battle that we dont want
  14. forrester

    WAR!!! Great Britain Declares War on the US Nation!

    Thanks NPG for getting us in this heap of.....
  15. forrester

    ships in traders tool

    I would like ships avaliabillity added to the traders tool (looking to buy a heavy rattle, but where to go?)