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  2. All this Guys in this forum are ....... Crazy plus Devs!!!!! Have fun Guys Im out ......
  3. Hi guys, I know that all 500 homeboys of the game dont want to hear that but nitneuq94 is total on point . I read all this posts in this forum for more than 12 months, but now i cant be longer quit !!! This game gets worse with every patch.I dont know why everybody say the patches are good .I think thats that 500 homeboys that play at the moment .And only this 500 guys are told the Devs that the way the Devs took its good but it isnt good . What nitneuq94say is completly corect,this game is no longer playeble except you play in a clan !!! who say everybody wanna play all the time in a clan???? The homeboys of this game that self in a big clan as a officer and this guys making suggestions for all people who play this game and thats the Problem !! Not everybody like to go making something in this game with 30 people on ts . Right now you can do nothing without a complete fleet ,you even can left the harbor ! Ive you wanna make a mission you get ganked in you mission after 2 min. . But everybody say after the social Peark no thats to much take that Perk out of game ! And thats the same people who ganking ships 1vs 7 on the coast of a capitol and kill freshis . Thats allso the reason for the small Playerbase ! homeboys lock every day at the players base when you lock in ). I remember days with 2500 Player on pvp 1 and 800 at pvp 3 , the good old days when you can easy take a mission and rank up slowly to get an Rear admiral . When not on every corner a big Ganking fleet wait to raking your ... . The same with the crew , the devs put it in ,after a wile we get the doc Perk and Half price crew Perk and medic kits ...For what is that to be good ?? For the reason that everything geting more complicated ? No i know it must be more realistic, but in a battle ships can collide without any damege ???? The new good splinter Damage o my god ((( It is not enough that every ship only shoot on your back and raking the .... out of your crew noo we need more damage on crew )) and you cant continue after 5 min in battle because you crew is gone lol ! So nobody who play alone can make missions because you lose so much crew every time that you have only a small gain to your Gold. And again the only how have gold and a nice ship are Players in a clan !!!DEvs ive you are wanna make a game for 500 clan members ok to this but this game will be death after a half year after release , look at the playerbase its geeting smaller and smaller . Im a rear Admiral but when this Game will be released and you make a character-wipe i will certainly not rank up again ,with all this things crew, damage, ganking Fleet etc. I will not do this to myself any more, ive im a newbe right now i will stop playing this game after 5 hours ,its not fun to rank up right now. The people here in that forum say so much important stuff like: raking balance too much time to spend to get something done in this game , or fleet ai or broken trader system or hideing in battlescreen , defense tag, and you bring out a patch with more damage to the crew and the new mission system (open for everyone) i dont know man if thats your first priority:(( Devs i love this game so much but im geeting tired from all that realistic things that kills the game ! And I apologize for my bad english. P.S.: I know many Homeboys will reply this post and will start a shitstorm ,like every time some captain say something bad about the game, but thats my opinion and im sure not everybody like how the game has changed.