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  1. Iroquois Confederacy

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    Those who say she can't turn I believe have not sailed her and are merely looking at numbers in port. Her gaff topsail makes her tack very cleanly for a vessel as heavy as she is. I sailed mine solo for however long I had it (a week or two), never lost, and at best was fought to a draw by an Endymion, Surprise, and two Hercs - the Endymion sunk. I worry that proposed changes would make her overpowered.
  2. Iroquois Confederacy

    Things Which Are Bad Luck

    Uttering any sort of victorious phrases before the battle is over.
  3. Iroquois Confederacy

    PvP or Prey?

    I am the prey 😢
  4. Iroquois Confederacy


    I just cannot find sympathy for someone who says solo sailing is impossible. I have an entire thread of gazettes dedicated to it I still sail solo 95% of the time, as my own schedule only permits a couple hours at a time. Loss is real, but AI ships for replacements and a willingness to hunt less frequented waters makes it extremely possible to be a solo PvPer.
  5. Wouldn't it defeat the purpose of you winning if you sunk her? We'll have to agree on the rules, I don't ever do the whole "honorable duel" thing.
  6. I don't know that I can number myself equal to Hethwill or jodgi, but a ship is meant to be fought. If you record it/stream it, and promise not to run, I'll fight. Maybe make it interesting and limit it to one repair each. Just no trolling afterwards
  7. Iroquois Confederacy


    What exactly is the "threat" here?
  8. Iroquois Confederacy

    Looking for Desk Suggestions

    I've been in the process of buying a house, and finally, things are settling down on that front. We close tomorrow morning! However, the desk I've been using for years is something I got from a garage sale that's just clunky and bolted together to keep it standing. I'd like to actually get myself a nice, proper desk. Ideally, it would be something that could be shipped to me, but, I actually thought I'd reach out and ask for suggestions as to what other people have and like, while trying to keep the budget below $500. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  9. Iroquois Confederacy

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    I think people need to reevaluate what it means to "win" as well. Everyone seems to think you only "win" if you sink the enemy ship. Simply escaping is a win too, but for some reason it's not recognized as such. If battle is open forever for both sides, it shouldn't be. I wouldn't know, since I generally sail alone.
  10. Iroquois Confederacy

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    Historically, even during the Revolution when the Continentals had a garbage navy, even they could raid the United Kingdom itself. There is no such thing as "safety" on the ocean.
  11. Iroquois Confederacy

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    I actually took an old Endymion into Brit waters last night to test out reworked reinforcement zones. Hit a TBrig, and he got... a Belle Poule, if memory serves. The BP didn't really do anything, but the player was kinda slow on the uptake and kept trying to run instead of hooking up with the Belle Poule. Eventually, he got other players in the fight, became something like a 10v1, and I kamikaze'd him to take out the TBrig, and was sunk after a while in the process. My take-away? Reinforcements are only as useful as the player who calls them. If the player does not care to stick by them, they're going to be useless. Other players who come in and who can guide the player will give better guidance in real time, and say something like, "Hey, sail towards us and we can protect you." I'd say they work as intended. They can scare off a player (or not, if the player doesn't care about the ship), but not guarantee that the invader is sunk for daring to sail into a protection zone.
  12. Iroquois Confederacy

    Determined Defender Perk

    I'm not for or against bringing back Determined Defender. I never used it in the past, and don't really anticipate that changing for the future. That said, what bit of data or experience brought about this change? It just seems a bit "out of the blue" to me.
  13. Iroquois Confederacy

    Safezone? Yes! For max lvl too? No!

    I know a lot of the "safe zone" complaints are really economy complaints. Essentially, the Age of the Privateer (patch 10.0 time frame) is dead. We are now in the Age of the Squadron. This is because the economy is largely meaningless. Everything can be done completely in the safe zone, and ships made in the safe zone are just as good as the ones made outside the safe zone. This has a few impacts: 1. The only cargo ships carrying goods outside the safe zones are doing trade goods for more money. (Money is largely worthless in this game.) 2. If you want to build vessels, you have to harvest materials, as you can never capture them off another player. (Why transport crafting materials if you can move them entirely in safe zones?) 3. If you do not have a port producing a material, you cannot craft. (This was an issue with Poland a couple weeks ago, though I'm currently uncertain as I've been going hard at Kingdom Come since it released) There are some solutions that would make things more interesting on the econ side, some easier to implement than others. Easy: Crafted ships in safe zones cannot have special modifiers or be "exceptional." They will only ever be 3/5 ships. Hard: Remove all crafting goods from safe zones. Remove all "production" buildings (such as forests and mines). Send goods out to ports and have them spawn more frequently, but do not allow contracts to be placed. Actually make people sail out, get the goods, and come back. Building slots could be used for "Harvesting Experts" which reduce the price / "weight" of those particular goods you purchase. If smuggler flag is on, triple price.
  14. Iroquois Confederacy

    Port Wipe

    Do you have a goal time frame for that to happen?
  15. Iroquois Confederacy

    The Death of a Nation

    Can I point out the irony of the original post declaring Russia dead, and the poster's handle of "Never Surrender"?