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  1. Iroquois Confederacy

    TESTBED - Port User Interface Feedback.

    Two things I notice: 1. "Notes" for ships give a redeemable ship itself. "Notes" for skill books give a blueprint as to how to make it. Definitely room for confusion there. Recommend for the skill books something like a "Schematic" instead. 2. Clan UI is still the old one. Might not be on the docket to update, might have snuck by.
  2. Iroquois Confederacy

    United States Revenue-Marine

    Those interested, please PM me so I can add you to:
  3. Iroquois Confederacy

    United States Revenue-Marine

    Junior Officers are all the better! Fewer bad habits to unlearn, willing to try new things, and unfettered to the lumbering ships of the line. Give me a score of such Junior Officers!
  4. Iroquois Confederacy

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

    A point against him of course, but proof positive that perfection is not required
  5. Iroquois Confederacy

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

    Mostly, you start by having a reputation that precedes you for integrity and being a positive force in the community - both forums and in game. And of course you have to ask.
  6. Iroquois Confederacy

    Classic Connie--Your Killing Us Here!

    Those who say she can't turn I believe have not sailed her and are merely looking at numbers in port. Her gaff topsail makes her tack very cleanly for a vessel as heavy as she is. I sailed mine solo for however long I had it (a week or two), never lost, and at best was fought to a draw by an Endymion, Surprise, and two Hercs - the Endymion sunk. I worry that proposed changes would make her overpowered.
  7. Iroquois Confederacy

    Things Which Are Bad Luck

    Uttering any sort of victorious phrases before the battle is over.
  8. Iroquois Confederacy

    PvP or Prey?

    I am the prey 😢
  9. Iroquois Confederacy


    I just cannot find sympathy for someone who says solo sailing is impossible. I have an entire thread of gazettes dedicated to it I still sail solo 95% of the time, as my own schedule only permits a couple hours at a time. Loss is real, but AI ships for replacements and a willingness to hunt less frequented waters makes it extremely possible to be a solo PvPer.
  10. Wouldn't it defeat the purpose of you winning if you sunk her? We'll have to agree on the rules, I don't ever do the whole "honorable duel" thing.
  11. I don't know that I can number myself equal to Hethwill or jodgi, but a ship is meant to be fought. If you record it/stream it, and promise not to run, I'll fight. Maybe make it interesting and limit it to one repair each. Just no trolling afterwards
  12. Iroquois Confederacy


    What exactly is the "threat" here?
  13. Iroquois Confederacy

    Looking for Desk Suggestions

    I've been in the process of buying a house, and finally, things are settling down on that front. We close tomorrow morning! However, the desk I've been using for years is something I got from a garage sale that's just clunky and bolted together to keep it standing. I'd like to actually get myself a nice, proper desk. Ideally, it would be something that could be shipped to me, but, I actually thought I'd reach out and ask for suggestions as to what other people have and like, while trying to keep the budget below $500. Any suggestions are appreciated!
  14. Iroquois Confederacy

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    I think people need to reevaluate what it means to "win" as well. Everyone seems to think you only "win" if you sink the enemy ship. Simply escaping is a win too, but for some reason it's not recognized as such. If battle is open forever for both sides, it shouldn't be. I wouldn't know, since I generally sail alone.