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  1. Cabral

    Flags Flags Flags

    Names in red above ships are the enemy, no need for same flag for all. Various flags in same battle will be more immersive to watch.
  2. Cabral

    Make Hachiroku Moderator

    Two qualities that Hachiroku doesn't possess. He may know well the game mechanics but doesn't know how to deal with people impartially.
  3. The devs want to end the possibility of a Hercules hug a Santi and wreck her to pieces with carros, and we are thankful for that, but opened other problems. It's the dance of one step foward and one back.
  4. So if was common practice and almost all warships had marines, why is not a automatic option from start? Why we must lose a slot for a thing that was common and wouldn't interfere with broadsides reload times during battle? Atleast the minimal percentage of marines should be a passive knowledge. Even the AI traders in this game have marines 😄
  5. Palatinose will take the place of Otto in HachiRoku heart?
  6. Cabral

    end of the red sails - Le Requin

    The rage is there, don't know if the sails color will improve it. 😛
  7. Cabral

    Is the requin bad for the game?

    You still use "buffed" word alot when you speak about Requin, did you noticed that already?
  8. Cabral

    Is the requin bad for the game?

    I couldn't say better.
  9. Happened to me once also. But I didn't lost the ship, I got back inside game and had to fight.
  10. Cabral

    Port Battle Screenshots (New BR)

    Turneffe against russians
  11. Cabral

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    I said only for a few hours. And is not better to advise the one that makes many quit than keep him?
  12. Cabral

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    You should take some time for yourself and leave the game for a few hours, it would do you some good.
  13. Cabral

    385 crew La Requin

    Cargo, cannons and repairs have... why not crew also?
  14. Cabral

    385 crew La Requin

    I wonder if that ship had hammocks for all those people...
  15. Cabral

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    But before you must be flogged.
  16. Cabral

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Because Prussia have mostly veteran players.
  17. Cabral

    WAR of the LOVERS! Spain VS France

    They only accept terms when the terms only benefits them.
  18. Cabral

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    Britain never believed that Russia would cancel all treaties, especially with Spain, we knew was all show. It's same players with alt's in both sides.
  19. Cabral

    Russia cancelling all Treaties

    You are really a carebear, I know because I already saw you fight. And if it's only needed big balls to win them, then take your big balls and go fight them and see if you win.
  20. Maybe is for the best, the dutch will turn to the light side of the Force again.
  21. You turned half server against the dutch, and now you leave them?
  22. Cabral

    Ship Rebalance suggestion

    Maybe you should work on your attitude, if it's not your opinion it's ok but respect others opinions. And he said: If you wasted time reading all text, it's your problem.
  23. Cabral

    Stop surrender abuse

    Surrender is realistic. In real life the pirates had no piety for those that didn't surrender, even some pirate flags had the image of the hourglass, meant that your time was ending if you didn't surrender at once.
  24. Cabral

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Typical spanish diplomacy 😄
  25. Cabral

    Determined defender tweak

    Your Le Requin is having troubles in rage boardings?