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  1. Cabral

    Le Req is changing the game!

    Half the players only sail daily the Le Requin or the Hercules, the other half is the newcomers that still don't know the "wonders" of these ships and get farmed by the first ones. We could change the name Naval Action to Le Requin Action, fits perfectly at this moment.
  2. O clã já não está ativo, os membros perderam interesse pelo jogo e pelo caminho que este leva. Mas existe um clã de portugueses na nação francesa, chama-se LUSIT e o lider chama--se Reaper.
  3. Cabral

    Hugging exploit

    We have in game the Determined Defender perk precisely to avoid that, and almost everyone uses that perk (even you if I'm not wrong). How about that? 😃
  4. Cabral

    Hugging exploit

    Maybe was not them, but we already saw knowned streamers do this tactic many times. Some say it's a valid tactic, and yes it is, after all this is only game and this game mechanics permit those kind of actions. But in RL 2 frigates wouldn't dare to attack a first rate, it would be an insane maneuver and few percentage of sucess, maybe a court martial in the end for endangering their ships and crew in that crazy attack. Even in fiction it's a crazy move, in the tv series Black Sails, captain Flint knows that will have 50% or less chance of success when Walrus and Ranger attack that spanish galleon... and we all saw how it ended for him.
  5. Cabral

    Holy Grail of Shipwrecks

    And was the first nation in the world to abolish slavery, we saw our mistakes very early.
  6. Cabral

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    I believe he forgot I was with him in that battle too, and I think he also forgot if he was alone with the prussian L'Ocean, Staun would go down fairly easy since the other player was doing well. No problem, I'm used to that 😁
  7. Cabral

    "Immersive" water graphics

    You are a sailor or a landsman? 😃
  8. Cabral

    Blame devs for everything

    Used to be the motto of some british players when things didn't go well for the nation. Just used it here for some humor 😄
  9. Cabral

    Blame devs for everything

    "I blame the clans"
  10. Cabral

    Pirates vs Portuguese

    I didn't understand my topic, I'm not interested in that game gameplay mechanics, it's just a pity that Ubisoft give more importance to a naval nation like Portugal and Naval Action didn't.
  11. Cabral

    Pirates vs Portuguese

    NA have "arcade" mods, if they have the opposite may be worth trying.
  12. Cabral

    Pirates vs Portuguese

    Portuguese bow chasers were deadly 😄
  13. Cabral

    Pirates vs Portuguese

    Lol, I liked that