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  1. Ah, so your intention was to turn PVP server into a PVE server. It's the only explanation for your refusal to join PVE server.
  2. The Newbro Problem

    Devs already said in other post that this game is not for casual players nor casual gameplay.
  3. Caribbean Invasion News

    We are a small nation, you already forgot what happened in Little Cayman? 50 players screened 15
  4. Caribbean Invasion News

    They are, but despite that they still join forces. They must be weak in something
  5. Caribbean Invasion News

    Spanish, russians and US are allied because they alone are weak, they need some kind of handicap. Maybe GB should try to find an alliance partner to even things?
  6. Caribbean Invasion News

    They suffer from inferiority complex.
  7. Caribbean Invasion News

    He doesn't need to stop anything, your alliance already provides the hating the way it plays. Half the nations of the server allied themselves to bash solo nations. It's pathetic.
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    Lol, ya because you have not been playing the game lately
  9. Let's test limited chains before criticizing. Pina Colada I hope you are happy now

    Lol, omg
  11. Reinforcements update

    Ignorance is bliss for some, don't know if it's your case.
  12. Naval Action -- Mediterranean

    Your avatar is Vasco da Gama, you are portuguese?
  13. Reinforcements update

    I agree that new players must have a chance to gain some gold to buy first ships and learn sail and combat, but PvE Rear Admirals (and we have many ingame) don't deserve any room. This is a PvP server, if those PvE Rear Admirals and Commodores fear any risk, they are on the wrong server.
  14. Reinforcements update

    You are joking, right? In 200 square miles of ocean you can't sneak past a raider? You want an advice? Change to PVE server, it's better for you.
  15. Reinforcements update

    Maybe you should be less "nail" and learn to be a "hammer".