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  1. PvP desperately needs fixing

    Those ports weren't british, all ports in Portobelo, Costa Rica and South Mosquito when captured by Prussia were neutral. Prussians didn't had any contested PB. Once again you give wrong informations.
  2. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    Please devs, transfer this guy to Global server and let him there alone without food, water... and greenzones.
  3. You just proved my point, thank you. tip: if you want to gather correct informations, start playing the game instead of trolling all day on the forum.
  4. Many things you say are incorrect.
  5. Devs please, transfer this guy to Global Server and leave him there alone.
  6. [PVP EU] battle results

    If you knew the average british players skills, maybe you wouldn't thought in that nation as "possible".
  7. Where Shall the Tribes Establish Camp?

    If you think so...
  8. Where Shall the Tribes Establish Camp?

    You better read again, I didn't said anything about skills or better players, just said everyone is at war with Britain. Did I said a lie?
  9. Where Shall the Tribes Establish Camp?

    Britain, if you want to be at war with all nations.
  10. Your ganking in Jamaica won't be missed.
  11. I made another test and found your problem in OW, at 15 degrees does 4 knts, but at 30 degrees does 14 knts. If you want a sail boat to go fast against wind maybe you should use only the motor.
  12. I tested connie, mine does 14 knts at 30 degrees into the wind in OW.
  13. I agree with you, but we had these mechanics before and the game lost alot of players. It's a miracle we have 450 players online how the things are at the moment.
  14. Yes, they've changed for better, not for worse like he's saying.