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  1. Cabral

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    When you know what triggers them, they open their legs real easy.
  2. Cabral

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    But you, as an experienced player, did precisely what needs to be done to avoid the demast, the broadside of chains and the broadside to the hull, you hugged him. You know very well that at that distance is hard for him to demast, chain and hit you with all guns, he can't use all decks because he's taller than you. And about boarding? You ain't fool to let your speed go lower than 3,5 knts close to a first rate. All that said, you just wanted to destroy his hull at your pleasure with 18pdr.
  3. Cabral

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    I couldn't say better.
  4. Cabral

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Starts at 02:35:30, now I remember he wasn't the only 5th rate in the battle, but he's the only one complaining.
  5. Cabral

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    I believe that 18pdrs should do more damage to L'Ocean at 0 meters but, we need ingame balance. It's not the first time Hachiroku asks to devs to break the game because he likes to sail the trinco, last time he didn't like the trinco turnrate then the devs change it to values similar to surprise turnrate. It was a mistake, then they reverted to todays values. I saw the video battle in question, what happened was that Hachi was so frustraded because he was the only 5th rate in the battle and couldn't do s***. All spanish first and second rates were sunk by similar ships, just not by him. If we want to return to the same meta of the past we can call back PODW clan and start using again belle poules loaded with carronades, hug big ships and sink first rate fleets with frigates.
  6. Cabral

    Ocean is still to Tanky

    Those tests were made with oak, maybe the most used wood to build ships in those times, but in game you see mostly first rates build with heavy woods like LO and WO. And if you put modules stacked in it... it gets worse. I bet if that L'Ocean didn't had magic modules, Hachi guns would penetrate better. The problem is not the ship itself, it's de overpowerd modules.
  7. Cabral

    [PvP EU] Spanish clan political situation

    Because the spanish Alts clan think they own the ports that belong to other nation (Russia).
  8. Cabral

    ships modification & accessory's

    It's not the first time someone suggested that, but the devs have their priorities in line. That can came later, maybe after release, we never know.
  9. Cabral

    ships modification & accessory's

    I like your Naval Action streams, keep going.
  10. Cabral

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Lol, this guy is already a legend
  11. The demast meta players don't like it but on overhaul it's a good change. If the victim can't be informed of how many mast hits has suffered so far, why should the attacker be informed by computer and not visually also?
  12. Cabral

    Naval Action Meme collection

    Mercator never stops in giving us funny memes.
  13. Cabral

    Little things you'd like to see

    I would like to see whalers ( whale oil was a very expensive resource in those times ). Whaling ships could catch whales only in certain areas of the map, at high sea away from land, to give some chance of catching whales and elude raiders. The whales could be fished aleatory like the bottles. USS Essex hunted many british whalers on the Pacific before getting captured by british frigates. This would give more content for players that like to do only trade, and would open more windows for pvp.
  14. Cabral

    Problems of NA

    Sometimes? We all already think you dream with this game every night.