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  1. They do 2 steps forward, then 3 steps backward.
  2. Jesus, I'm gonna get tired of this game soon...
  3. If many prefer the NAL ideias why the devs don't get rid of this huge map and change to lobby system? It's walking that direction... I prefer OW pvp and the big map, and I think I belong to a silence majority, but the noisy minority is the one giving the cards.
  4. You think so? I think was merged on NA
  5. Caribbean Invasion News

    Yes, bring more people, sometimes 50 is not enough against the danes.
  6. Reward long trips

    You understood wrongly what I wrote. I was criticizing the fact that the map is big and there's no rewards or incentives to make people sail around. I also like to sail along all map, it's more immersive and give some meaning to all that space, but many people don't like to sail around. Less sailing, less pvp. Big map wasted if everyone joins in a single spot. I don't agree when some say the arena pvp missions are the answer for better pvp, there's other ways. I didn't like NA Legends because was only arena, I prefer OW pvp. Now they joined NAL to NA OW and somehow defeats Open World purpose.
  7. Reward long trips

    Low rewards for long trips is one of the reasons why players don't like to sail alot on this big map and consequently less pvp, but somehow the devs don't care and think solving the pvp problem is by introducing the arena mechanic into the game.
  8. Caribbean Invasion News

    The way you are growing, you will start getting them soon
  9. You can talk to your people, or you prefer to talk with the enemy?
  10. Pre-patch quick number changes suggestions

    It's gonna kill ships like Trincomalee, Essex and Pirate Frigate. These ships have no stern chasers and if a solo captain can't defend tag a gank group, it's certain death. Most players will leave these ships.

    Seal clubbers are always seal clubbers, don't blame the devs.
  12. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Reverse did that once in front of KPR. He was on a boarding frenzy, I had to stop him with grape or he would captured 3 british ships in row.
  13. Is leeway still ingame?

    You said it all, the game has become a simcade game over time, and probably was not devs first intention. But if they turn it more sim... all hell will be set loose, alot of carebears will complain... sadly.