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  1. [PVP EU] battle results

    Hmm, one swede posting a french victory. Smells like "we let them win this time to keep them interested".
  2. Combat feedback

    I use both, it depends of my ship speed.
  3. Uninstalling

    I'll give another example so you can laugh more , since you find it funny. I don't know if he still remembers but some months ago, before Reinforcements Zone patch, Palatinose jumped a british mission, I was near saw that and jumped too to help the poor bugger (I was still brit in that time). I engaged Pala and the brit escaped unarmed. I knew had poor chances of sucess because he was sailing a pirate frigate and I in a surprise, at some point happened what I was fearing, he demasted my top main mast. You know why I slipped through his fingers in the end? I had plenty rig repairs, the mast by miracle grow up and I sailed upwind away from him. He tried to demast again but was too late, I was already gone. You think was fair to him?
  4. Uninstalling

    I almost finished him but he called the Reinforcements, had to run badly damaged.
  5. Uninstalling

    How about you tag someone inside a Reinforcement Zone just for fun, and the other guy accepts the challenge (he thinks he can beat you, he's confident and have bigger ship), the battle goes on and you kick his ass, he's done no way out... then he calls the Reinforcements. He was a good tactician, no? I see some similarities with multiple repairs.
  6. [PVP EU] battle results

    Very triggered, you wrote the word "shit" 4 times.
  7. Tournament - Y or N?

    What happened to Legends?
  8. sorry my english, not my native language.
  9. tele port to free towns

    I was just trying to point that is getting hard to get pvp in these days and he wants a final nail in the coffin.
  10. No, I expect you to die mr. Bond
  11. tele port to free towns

    It seems you don't know Captain Reverse, he's another danish player like you. Ask him if he shares same opinion as yours.
  12. All map can be blue we don't care either, if you think is better for the server, it's your choice. You already act like the server police so do what you want, no one can stop you.