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  1. Leeway warning! Important!

    For myself, I want all the realism possible including running on rocks and getting sunk (leaving all your stuff behind for someone else to find) and much more. It should be dangerous to be at sea and not just because of enemys. The sea it's self can be your worst enemy. Fair sailing and Happy New Year
  2. Leeway warning! Important!

    Awesome new mechanic. The coast of Oregon, where I live now, has claimed many vessels from this. Some of their wrecks become visible from time to time when uncovered by storms. I would like to see the use of anchors be implemented and the use of ships boats to have a possibility of not going aground or Of being able to refloat your ship if it is not stuck fast. Those that get grounded should leave in their place their loot and wreckage so it can be retrieved by who ever gets it. There is a lot of good game play that could be built on this. Fair sailing and a Happy and Prosperous New Year to all.
  3. Shader Model 5 required

    Yes LennieL47. I have an Nvidia 760 in my 7 yo AMD machine it runs the game well. They should be cheap now and you'll like the result. Happy Christmas.
  4. Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year to all. Thanks Devs for another wonderful year of sailing fun in this game. The life of a Scrooge like trader is hard. Thanks to all the Captains who have been helpful and to all the Captains who have made this at times a nail biting, heart pounding and totally thrilling experience. Nothing quite like passing an island or inlet and out pops a Reno flying the Black flag. OMG! Now I'm sunk and dead. I wish everyone the best. Fair winds.
  5. PVP servers merge

    Devs, though I do greatly pine for the lost ships (Had I known I would have redeemed them.) I move on. Otherwise I think it went well and also think it was the right decision. We have needed a single PVP server for quite awhile. On the subject of Forged Papers I think this way should be scraped and a quest be made for those who want to move at the end of which they would meet the scoundrel who will sell them one. It needs to be dangerous and spooky.
  6. Storms belong to the caribbean!

    Yes, by all means PLEASE give us storms with all the associated havoc that comes with them. With the advent of "Naval Action Legends" anyone that wants to fight without that fuss and bother can do it there. At the very least it should be implemented on the PVE server as a test to see if it can be done well. The ability to shorten sail and reef sails is an integral part of seamanship. A ship being damaged or lost at sea was nothing unusual, just part of life at sea, and there was more than just mast, rigging and sail damage, there were things like hatches blown off and seams opening up and flooding the ship. When I was on the USCGC Iris the gasket on the main hold hatch failed in a heavy storm. We were burying our bow in the oncoming waves, flooding our buoy deck before the water could run out the scuppers and coming close to dipping our bridge wings in the oncoming waves. You should have seen all the water pouring in. The damage control team had to work like hell to stop the flooding. It was an all hands on deck experience. The Iris was a 180 ft buoy tender so about the size of one of our ships in game. WWII vintage. Stationed out of Galveston Texas so this was in the Gulf of Mexico. Storm in the Gulf = BAD mistress. All my time in the Coast Guard was sea duty and in the Gulf of Mexico, so yes I have seen the best and the worst that the sea can dish out. God bless those who go down to the sea in ships.
  7. Storms, Dynamic Weather in Battle

    I have to go to bed now so I have to make this short. I just watched "Chasing Shackleton" on my local Public Broadcasting station. OPBS. You can get bits of it on YouTube. Watch it if you can. It'll show you what it's really like to sail in stormy weather. It's a recreation of his voyage in his lifeboat to get rescued. Fair sailing
  8. Storms, Dynamic Weather in Battle

    Yes, yes, yes. Amongst other things we need risk of loosing masts and sails or capsizing in a storm. It is silly that I should be able to be under full sail in a storm. Having been in the US Coast Guard, search and rescue and aids to navigation, I know first hand how ship wallows in the trough of a wave during a storm. It is a dangerous position even for a motor vessel.
  9. Free towns

    On a "Free for All" port the devs need to give the owner the ability to allow or disallow TP. It should be tested and see if the players like it or not. Fair sailing and have a great day.
  10. Free towns

    "Available to All" properly run, then the players have made their own. Just a humble suggestion. Of course the players would have to police it so it would work and people would have to trust it or they won't use it. Have to get beck to work. Fair sailing and have a great day.
  11. Server Merge Poll

    I've readied my new 35 kg/77 lb lab/golden sea dog in the wings to rescue me should the incoming get too dangerous 'cause I'll probably insult or hurt the feelings of all 3 communities. When I first began the game there were 3 PvP servers and 1 PvE server. The combined population was much higher than it is now. I had a character on all 4 servers but usually only played on the PvE and PvP US servers. After the butthurt of the merge settled down then began the drumbeat to force the PvP US people to be merged with PvP EU and of course get rid of the useless resource wasting PvEr's. Then came "The Wipe" and the same monster raises it's ugly head trying to force players of a game to do what they just DO NOT want to do. So this has been going on for a long time. What should be done about it? Never can make everyone happy, won't happen ever. How could we come close to getting all 3 communities able to work together because running 3 servers at this total population IS wasteful of financial resources and undercuts development which impacts the gaming content of all players. A few things I see that while they won't make everyone happy might come close. My ideas come from reading the forums and in game chat while sailing. For the PvPr's PB timers seem to be the big issue. I totally understand time zones, the need to sleep and real life. When a clan owns a port they should be able to set the PB window at a time when they are able to defend so that it does not interfere with work, family or sleep etc. That is then displayed so that everyone knows ahead of time and an attacker knows when the battle window is and has thus agreed to that time frame. If an attacking clan wants to get up at 3:00 AM their time to capture a port then that is their decision and the port owner has not been dragged into a battle that is, time wise, untenable and ruins their fun. A game should be fun or what is the point. Given all the time zones in the community there should be RvR for everyone that wants it. More player sailed ships running around in OW means more PvP opportunities for those that want that. Now I come to the PvErs. In no way shape or form are they going to want to be forced to interact with what they see as a toxic, bullying group of people and getting griefed or be trapped in a small part of the map. They are also always wanting more content. So give them a PvE flag so that they can sail around enjoying their PvE unhindered but with a twist, that some might like and others not, they can be tagged and drawn into a battle instance once every so often. During the countdown timer they have the opportunity to accept or decline the battle. If they accept they can have fun and maybe you win a PvP convert. If they decline the instance closes and they go about their business having only lost a couple of minutes of their time and hopefully gotten quite a thrill and cannot be tagged again for a period of time. To fulfill their PB needs let them be able to do the free towns. Fun for them and no affect on the PvP people. Have more player sailed ships in the OW would benefit everyone by making it more lively. In closing, there is no perfect solution just can we come close to giving everyone fun. Look some things like the PB timers, given that RvR is clan based now, we should be able to work that out ourselves, don't need to waste the devs time giving us hard boundaries. PvE flag should make PvE people happy, can't be bothered unless they want to. PvP people that are so worried about it being misused, get over it, I really can't think of any other solution that would allow them to play on the same server as the PvP people. Devs save money and can put more resources into the game. For very little downside to any faction I think that if done right a merge would be good for all. An addendum that has nothing to do with merges. We need numbers. Reach out to the noobs, even if you think they are alt spies. You'll never really know who is real or not and we are THE best tutorial. Given there is no green on green except in the pirates, seasoned players from other factions instead of griefing noobs, and I realize that it is only a few that enjoy sealclubing, if you would make yourself available to teach them it would make a great difference toward new player retention. I'm no noob at gaming but I remember how totally stuck I was when I first got the game. They won't know about all the great player made videos on YouTube, they won't think of it. Just punching WASD keys and see what happens, "Oh Lord, sails are up and the ship is moving, now what do I do?" And how do you attack? Then I figured that out and spent an inordinate amount of time getting blown to bits and sunk. Gosh what a box of rocks I was. And I remember all the good people that reached out and helped me. And, yes the ones that shunned me thinking I was a spy and the ones that sealclubed me. And realizing how great the vast majority of the players, from all factions, are in this game. Now my gallant sea dog has me by the pant leg and is dragging me off stage before I get into too much trouble. "I just get a new master and he does dangerous things. I don't want to be an orphan again!". Fair sailing and have a great day or night.
  12. Idea: Additional Nations for the future maybe…

    https://www.fastmetrics.com/internet-connection-speed-by-country.php Norfolk another map. This one of world internet service. I see money. People that like to game, gamers that might like our game. I really like it that you are taking a busman's holiday on EU server. I hope this can be puzzled out for the betterment of the game. Off too work now. Reinventing myself at age 70 is harder work than working was. HAHAHA, such is life.
  13. Idea: Additional Nations for the future maybe…

    http://www.bigfishgames.com/blog/2017-video-game-trends-and-statistics-whos-playing-what-and-why/ Norfolk. The devs need to look at this. There is a world map showing the gaming world. For the future of the game the devs need to make money. They have wives, children and such that have to be paid for. China, the rest of Asia, North and South America, Europe and even some of Africa. There is a lot of potential money there. Need to get all that money for the devs so I can fund the full globe, HAHAHA. Now I better get back to work.
  14. Idea: Additional Nations for the future maybe…

    Norfolk. Wonderful idea. Admiral Zheng He's voyages were great indeed. This could be the tool to excite and get the Asian market. On the PvP servers, for game balance we'd have to keep it to this era's ships but on the PvE server it would be nice to incorporate other ships from other times and places. The canal could be handled by a safety zone at each end. If enough copies sold maybe the devs would add all of North and South America together with Europe and the Mediterranean for the PvP servers I'd really like the whole world for the PvE server. I'd write more now that I'm stirred up but have to go to work.
  15. Alts

    Thanks Norfolk. I did read it long ago and will reread it again soon. They'd have to pry my alt out of my cold dead fingers, HAHAHA. I role play and one is the nephew of the other. The nephew thinks his treasonous uncle is over the top but blood is thicker than water so they get along, somewhat. And they both are dammed greedy merchants. The one on the PvE server is a monk questing during his "long night of the soul", after his Yank uncle lured him out of his monastery with tales of adventures at sea, who knows what trouble he'll get into. Oh well, I just have fun. Making a story in my head in between all the real life things to do. Fair sailing and a great day to all.