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  1. EdWatchmaker

    Far Side of the World

    Captain Barbancourt, Well done. Your going to have the scenic time of your life. I envy you. Last time I was there I sailed the whole coast and had a great time. I hope you took plenty of provisions. I didn't and we had to resort to eating birds which became troublesome. Now I really must repair my computer so I can get back over there. If I could make a request of you. Kindly ask Admin to turn on fishing and put one port over there. The more that ask then maybe they'll do that for us. Have to get back to work. Fair sailing and enjoy.
  2. Admiral Norfolk, I just found this and have not yet gotten a chance to fully read it and learn it. Seadog 3rd Class Wade is growling and scolding me under his breath, insolent dog, for not finding this earlier. It's great, Thanks a lot. it's going to be a great help. Now all I have to do is rebuild my ageing computer. HAHAHA, always something to do. Fair sailing.
  3. EdWatchmaker

    Far Side of the World

    Sorry about not saying goodbye but I had a customer. Fair sailing all.
  4. EdWatchmaker

    Far Side of the World

    Ahoy Admin, Please put at least one port in the Pacific. Turn on the fishing last time I went to the Pacific the men almost mutinied for lack of anything but birds to eat. I was saved only by my great former Newfoundland Seadog Rocky. You don't want to argue with a 70 kilo dog
  5. EdWatchmaker

    Capture, Prizes and Crews

    Hello, Awesome idea. You mirror my own thoughts on this matter. Darn! Too bad I'm working and don't have the time to more fully answer. I truly hope that Admin will look at this and do it. Fair sailing all.
  6. EdWatchmaker

    Use for Gold Ore Nowadays?

    Thanks JPJChris. The Captains, Admin and Devs need to see that we can have fun in posts. Fair sailing and have a great and wonderful day.
  7. EdWatchmaker

    Use for Gold Ore Nowadays?

    HAHAHAHA, The Devs need to give us seaweed and barnacles to slow down our ships over time if we don't have copper plating. Fair sailing all.
  8. EdWatchmaker

    Use for Gold Ore Nowadays?

    Thanks so much JBJChris et al. My petty Officer Wade is relived that he doesn't have to drag me to safety. Insolent dog! Thinks he's got enough to do woofing his house and yard. Fair sailing all.
  9. EdWatchmaker

    Use for Gold Ore Nowadays?

    jpjchris, Tell us for Lord sakes. Hanging here wondering, at my age, my grip might fail and I might plummet to my death. I doubt my gallant Petty Officer Wade could save me as I outweigh him...... not by much, but enough. Fair sailing sir.
  10. EdWatchmaker

    Additional Buffs to Battle Sails

    Hello, Need a higher possibility of lower sails catching fire if not clued up for battle. Fair sailing all.
  11. EdWatchmaker

    OW Navigation

    Hello Admin and Captains, Yes to Norfolk's idea. We need a navigation mini game and the moon. More detailed charts that we get by exploring or purchasing at a port. I would also like to be able to know depth under keel when in shallows so that with a vessel such as the gunboat I can get through places even a lynx can't go. I know that most will not like this but there should be no trader tool or chat when not in sight of land or another vessel that you have hailed. Petty Officer Wade is standing by to defend.....or most likely just drag me to safety, while scolding me and muttering under his breath. Fair sailing all.
  12. EdWatchmaker

    Cosmetic DLC! Take our money!

    Good morning Devs and Captains, A big yes to DLC paints etc. I also want to be able to name my ships. To keep it clean and respectful should need to pick them from an approved list of names. If someone wants a name not on the list, submit it for approval and if approved it will get added to the list. Players get what they want and no one gets offended. Same with flags and bow figures. Submit the finished artwork, get it approved and it can be added. Fair sailing all.
  13. EdWatchmaker

    Full Manual Rudder Control

    Devs, On release, would you please publish a keyboard template that old people like me could download and print. It would be a great help. On another note. I would like all to congratulate my Wade. He has just been promoted to Seadog Third Class. When I got him 1 year and 3 weeks ago he NEVER barked or vocalized. I thought I had a mute dog. Oh well, so be it. About a month ago he thought I wasn't fast enough giving him his breakfast and WOOFED me. Startled me so much I dropped the pot I was making it in. Not another woof from him.......till now. Just a bit ago, at midnight here, a knock on the door, ALL hell broke loose. The WOOFING and GROWLING was amazing. It was a bum, and though there was a bit more to it, I dealt with it and sent him on his way. And Able Seadog Wade stood his ground between myself and the bum, all the while vocalizing the most astonishing GROWL. So for steadfast loyalty under fire he is hereby promoted to Seadog Third Class. What a way to end a night. And I thought excitement was only for the young. HAHAHAHA, and thank God we're all alive. With a little help from a big dog and the Second Amendment. Fair sailing all.
  14. EdWatchmaker

    Full Manual Rudder Control

    Hello Captains, Devs, +1 Need more hot key controls. Even if I sadly can't remember them all when I get excited. Fair sailing all.
  15. EdWatchmaker


    Old Crusty, Captains and Admin, Old Crusty, I am sorry for your loss. Just remember it's only pixels and don't let it ruin your day. Get your clan together and recoup.You'll end up with a tighter bond. Admin, If we can track this type of person, of course if proven, for the long term good of the game and sportsmanship they need to be banned from the game. Captains in all nations. If you find this creep.... out him to Admin. Give him a chance to defend himself in the tribunal, we don't want a witch hunt with innocent capts. caught up in it, this most likely does leave a digital trail. We are too small a community to put up with this type of trash. What ever nation and clan he joins..... know that he is coming for you next! Able Seadog Wade told me I shouldn't open my mouth and put my foot in it, but I did and I'll stick by it. Fair sailing all. Ummmm, except the thief.