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  1. Question on playing servers???

    Go for it Tacticus. You'll find it is great. If you get a little bored or frustrated with one server you can play on one of the others. They each have their own flavor and are each a different experience. You can even roll a different country if you want. You will meet a lot more very wonderful people.
  2. US Ship of the Line USS Ohio (1820)

    Spartan, Thanks for the Ohio information. These ships are so wonderful. I wish we could have all that the Dev's would build for us. I would love to sail the Ohio, though the largest ship I have sailed so far is the Constitution. I do see the issue of power creep though and I see also that a lot of very good ships don't get enough use. I think I have an answer. Make some ships standard, available all the time. The rest available on a rotating basis through out the year. Making the mix of ships fresh at all times as some get sunk. *Shrug*, just a thought.
  3. The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    I'm at work so I have to be short. I really like some of these ideas. These kind of things can really help the Dev's. Thanks.
  4. Neutral ports

    I would assume that if the clan owning an "Open For All" port wants it to prosper they should defend those that want to use it or no one will go there. The word that it is a dangerous port will get around. Could maybe hire some pirate clans to patrol the area to catch trader clubbers. Though I see problems with that too. How would a trader know which pirate was clubber or savior. Just my ramblings. I've wondered about that too. Seems like places where the wolves are going to be hunting prey. For now I'll just stay away from them.
  5. What's next for Naval Action?

    Awesome input from the players and I thank Admin for the responses. So many things swirling in my mind so atm I'll only focus on the UI in port. I already realize this would probably be a bear to do but given I also play Elder Scrolls I know it is possible. Let us be able to create an avatar. Then when you dock at any port the UI would look like the inside of a tavern where we would interact with the port and with fellow captains that are currently in that port and of course the AI Port Authority. Clans owning a port would have the ability to customize the avatar of the AI Port Captain. Bulletin boards could give contracts to buy and sell ships, materials and goods etc. You could get missions etc by interacting with the Port Captain or rogue AIs sitting around tables. Possibly a warehouse UI where you could bid on various goods that have been put up for sale by players or the AI. I know this is really dreaming but I would love to be able to look out the window and see the ships riding at anchor or tied up at the docks. When I arrive at a port and see all the nice buildings I have such a desire to explore, go in them and, where I have an OP, to have my own house. Oh, one more thing. Because I have dogs in real life I would love to have a sea dog avatar. I've just been nose bumped and told by my dog to get back to reality. Fair winds and happy sailing.
  6. The Praise Thread

    Dev's, having read the above I really don't know what to say except that being from Corpus Christi Texas I have always loved ships and sailing. I was in the US coast Guard. After that my jobs took me inland. Now I am old, with this game I can be what I dreamed of in my youth but was never able to do in real life. Sail the seas. Your stunning graphics, the modeling of the ships, the storms, the battles etc. All lets my mind fill in the rest. As far as I know, no one else has made a game that comes close to this realism. With the exception of Silent Hunter, all the others that I know of are cartoony. When I sailed to the Pacific and sailed beneath the Andes Mountains I knew this would be a keeper. That they would take the trouble to model what no one would ever see? I was in awe. When I popped out into the Pacific I was stunned. Shameful plug, please open the Pacific, at least for the PvE server. Too good to waste. We go forward, I've gotten more than my moneys worth and I'll never look back. Dev's, "Don't give up the ship!", "I haven't begun to fight!" and "Damn the torpedoes full speed ahead!". Let the chips fall where they may. I know that I sound like a fanboy. Okay I'll take that. I know what I like and I'll play it. I know what is wrong and I'll deal with it. It's alpha, and it is our duty to BREAK it so they can fix it. Behind the scenes I would expect they are pulling their hair out trying to fix what we are so busy breaking and being as mouthy as my new dog about. If any one of you grumps can make a better game? Do it ! I'll be sailing in your game in a heart beat.................................................................................Do I hear the sound of silence????????????????????? So let's get busy breaking, ripping and tearing apart this game and in the meantime having the time of our life. To the Dev's, a great THANK YOU for the most beautiful game I have ever played, Elder Scrolls first runner up, but by a squeak. To all of you who put forward all these great criticisms, a great THANKS! Without you the Dev's would not have the input they need. Good night, Iv'e stayed up too late. Even my sea dog had the good sense to go to bed a couple of hours ago.
  7. DLC Planned ?

    I will pray for Europe DLC. Followed by the rest of the east coast of North and South America. The west coast of Africa. The west coast of the Americas. East coast of Africa and the Indian Ocean to the west coast of Australia. Followed by the east coast of Asia, the Pacific Ocean, capping it off with the polar regions. I would gladly pay for each installment so that I could sail everywhere on Earth. I realize we haven't the population now but I can surely dream. Sailing around the Horn or Cape of Good Hope. Trying the Northwest Passage, not knowing if you will get through or the ice will crush your ship and..............."You Lose Buckwheat." Your ship is lost and now it becomes a discoverable quest to find the lost expedition. My awesome new sea dog just nose bumped me and saved ya'll from my further dreaming. Take care and may fair winds be with you.
  8. The PvE server needs some attention...desperately!

    Thanks AngryPanCake for this thread. I would think that by "profitable" the Dev's mean the amount of players on the server. So it behooves us to keep up the population if we want to be taken seriously. As I have said often, I play all 3 servers and I like them, each for it's own flavor. Most of my time in the past few months has been on the PvE server. I do love this server. I can just chill, sail around, build ships or other stuff. Not have to worry about my awesome sea dog nose bumping me at the wrong time, that has caused some disasters on more than one occasion. Not have to worry about getting locked into a battle for an hour or more that, though I like the battles, I just don't have time for. Enjoying the great friendliness and warm reception of the other players. Though I find goodness on the other servers, it is not something we can really do because we are all opponents. There it is our duty to slay the foe, or run like hell if we're a trader. Here on the PvE server it much more relaxed and we can truly enjoy the scenery, the great beauty that the Dev's have built. Over a year and a half and more than 1200 hours and I don't think it can be done any other way. I don't think there is any better server for people to practice on. Often people on the other servers just don't have the time to help noobs. Sometimes it's because the noob thinks he/she knows it all or because the noob is seen as a possible alt spy and players are shy about getting to know them. So I think PvE is the best available tutorial. I do think the this server needs more content, I for one want exploration, and I think that if we keep showing our interest we'll get it. I really like a lot of these ideas, we have some very innovative players, keep the ideas coming folks. I may sound silly but I do think the Dev's read and listen. Remember that not everyone that plays is on the forums. Talk to all you meet on the high seas and tell them that if they love this server to get on here and voice their opinions and their ideas.
  9. Outposts & dock space

    There needs to be 10 Outposts plus capital. There needs to be at least 3 free mooring slots per Outpost permit. You should be able to purchase more mooring slots but have to pay a port tax on them.
  10. Kids Habour

    I think there are 3 ports in the Secret Islands. Some nationals need to capture a port or two. They would need to be a big powerful clan though. The pirates won't like it and will really try to take it back and the curse will plague you for the rest of your life. Could make for some great PvP.
  11. Letter from a Filthy Casual

    Very interesting thread. Yes, I too am a filthy casual that also plays solo mostly. The time I have in my "spare time" just doesn't allow more than an hour or two a day for games, and I do play other games mostly RPGs. Yes, I am one of those craven, nasty, filthy snakes that has an ALT ( Oh, Lord how my very soul withers at the admission). Do you know why I have an alt? I'll tell you why. So I can play with my family or friends when they come to visit. My brothers and sisters live in different places than I and don't play computer games ( Think it's a silly waste of time). I can set it up and get them on my main computer with it's nice big monitor, I on the laptop, and we can go sailing together. They are WOWED by the stunning beauty of the open world of this game. Last time my brother was here I showed him how to board and capture me. Next round I blasted the snot out of him, but he gave as good as he got and sank me. He had great fun and I loved it. Do I use my alt otherwise? Yes I do. I role play and they are two compleatly different characters. Next. For more and better PVP I would like to see something like the flag system brought back maybe in combination with a reworked system of hostility grinding. One port at a time instead of whole regions. Perhaps it would get more players involved, if you valued your home you would be more interested in defending it even if all you could do was screen. Though I'm mostly a trader and crafter (don't PVP much) I think it was much better when one port at a time was being contested rather than regions. There seemed to be much more excitement in running a flag to a port and it being chased. Also it seemed that more low level players got in on the action. Next. Toxic players. I know first hand it is a thorn. I've met some and I generally ignore them. If they are in my nation there is nothing they can do except flap their jaws and blabber their heads off. I just go about my business and have fun. If they are from another nation and try to grief me, I surrender ASAP, go about my business in another area. It's a big map and I have no time for that type of person. In my experience in this game the population is overwhelmingly awesome. I have met some of the best people from all over the world. My hat is off to them and I bow deeply in appreciation. Next. New players. Given the steep learning curve it is the duty of each of us older players to help and guide them, but not dote on them. They must be allowed to find their own way. So many, both claned and clanless, helped me and taught me when I first got the game. There are also all the excellent player made videos and guides. Finally. I do think that this game will have a good long life. Where is it going? Toward fun. How is it going to get there? A lot of bashed elbows and scraped shins from the stumbles and falls. Probably an occasional running into a brick wall or unopened door. " Ouch! My head hurts!" I have watched and played and read. I think the end result will be something I'll play for a long time. Have a great day.
  12. weather forecast

    [mikawa] what I have done is pay attention to Global chat, somebody will complain about the weather, also I have sometimes ask buddies what the weather is like where they'er at. Being a trader and merchant I don't hunt but rather am looking for weather to hide in while sailing to a port to trade. HAHAHAHA, some of my most heart dropping and adrenaline producing experiences have been when an enemy appeared out of the foul weather. [CaptVonGunn] Back in the '60's and '70's I was in the USCG, search and rescue/aids to navigation. It was awesome duty. In the late '70's do you remember the hysteria about the eminent coming of a new ice age and now we are all going to fry. I'm far from dead yet. HAHAHAH.
  13. weather forecast

    [CaptVonGunn] I'm old and remember the time before weather satellites. When we relied on weather ships, buoys, island based shore stations and weather stations across the continent. HAHAHAH, good Lord are we spoiled now.
  14. “Being Prepared…” and Norfolk’s hard lesson

    AWESOME thread. This should be pined as a must read for every new player and some older ones like myself who have spent their in game life trading, building and exploring. Someday even they will want to stick their toes into the waters of the BATTLE. To all of you on this thread, fun read and great instruction. Thanks.
  15. Unity 5 and what can we expect from it?

    From what I learned today, thanks to Sir Texas Sir, give us Unity 5. We are testers, you and us will sort it out. Okay, I'll agree there'll be a lot of pain. HAHAHAH, without that, how do we know we're alive.