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  1. EdWatchmaker

    Wipe on release, 3-4 months?

    Hello Captains and Admin, This topic has gotten me thinking again. "Able Seadog Wade! Stand fast and prepare for a barrage of incoming rotten tomatoes!" I would like to see an annual wipe. "DUCK Wade!" Around the 1st of the year when everyone is busy with the 2 Christmas' and the New Years festivities. A perfect time to reset the ports, hand out rewards, give Captains a free nation change (if they want) and start fresh. Also allowing the Devs to push out major patches and upgrades without upsetting the players game overmuch. Very handy after full release. Gives the game longevity. I noticed how everyone was so excited last time as they sort of charged out of the gates from their capitals and RVR, PVP and port battles were everywhere. Then the the ports were captured and eventually an equilibrium set in and boredom began to reign. During the rest of the year things could be shaken up from time to time by natural disasters. Hurricanes ravaging the Caribbean, volcanoes blowing their tops, fire, flood, famine etc. Time to drop small patches and move some strategic goods and resources around, stirring the pot and freshening things up a bit so they don't get stale. Just a thought. "At ease Wade, though stay vigilant." Fair sailing all and have a great day/night.
  2. EdWatchmaker


    Ahoy Captains and Devs, I'll say that out of the box we should have 10 Outposts, scaling like we do now. We should be able to have more but that part needs to be different. First, clans need to get a Clan Outpost at every port they own. It makes sense, they caped it, they own it. Others can have Outposts but must pay a rent on top of the permit fees, which would be set by the clans that own the port. All other unowned ports would be set by the Admiralty. Less in a national port, not owned by a clan, but higher in a neutral or freeport. If you don't pay it goes away, and all the stuff in it, confiscated by the locals. Fair sailing all and have a great day/night.
  3. EdWatchmaker


    Captains and Admin, I suppose I see why we might not be able to add more guns, but for the ships that obviously have the extra gun ports, let us be able to reassign guns to those ports. It makes sense that was probably what was done. It should not be instantaneous but mimic the time it takes to actually do it. And a cool down period so you can't just bounce them back and forth unrealistically. Just a thought. I really think it's needed because it would have been done in real life this way. Fair sailing all.
  4. EdWatchmaker

    Longer Day/night cycles!

    Sorry for the added post. Just had to say, this was the first time I did this from my phone. Fantastic Samsung Galaxy Note 8. Worked like a charm. Fair sailing all.
  5. EdWatchmaker

    Longer Day/night cycles!

    We also need a way to douse our lights at night. Really need an darker night and the moon in it's phases. Storms that can cause sail and mast damage or capsize and sink your ship if you carry too much canvas. Fair sailing all.
  6. EdWatchmaker


    Thank you so much Po. I just want people to enjoy this awesome game. I'll say right now DON'T nerf the either the LE Requin or Herc! They are what they are, adjust! You can do it. Those that won't or can't will sink. I'll tell y'all a little story from this past day. I got sunk!!!!! Yes, ME who prides himself for not getting sunk but now 2 handfuls of times. My characters play as merchant captains. They live off of sneak, hide RUN FAST. I have over 2 years and a combined 2000 hours in game. I can and did still get nailed yesterday by 2 Spanish in LE Requins. With anchors weighed, in my tbrig I did wait for the proper time to set sail. Requins and other enemys were all over the place at KPR (yes I have an alt, don't have a meltdown, name is Damien) and I picked my time and set sail with my solid Seadog Wade. Out we sailed, keeping lookout port and starboard, scanning the horizon ahead for any possible problem. On and on we went finally leaving KPR and it's problems astern. Ahead would be the safety of Pedro Cay and beyond. Coming up on the north side of the island we turn to starboard to round the west side. Rounding the island and with a very fair wind we shot straight south towards FREEDOM, the high seas. OH!!!!!!!! how my joy was dashed when..........."What to my wondering eyes doth appear?" No, sadly not reindeer, but 2 shiny LE Requins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I must say it took me so by surprise that I totally lost it and couldn't even remember the proper key to push to get into battle chat to call for help. Only by the grace of God and the good work of my gallant Seadog Wade, who as we speak is promoted to the rank of Able Seadog. Congrats Able Seadog Wade for valor beyond the call of duty. (Stupid master.) Needless to say I was boarded and promptly sunk. My point is it wasn't the Spanish that did it, they were just doing their job. It wasn't the LE Requin that did it, it's a ship that I have to get used to and learn to defeat. Progress moves on and we adjust or we die. Don't blame an honorable player just doing his job. It's a game...................................HAVE FUN or move on and let the rest of us have fun. Have to go to bed. Fair sailing all and a good night/day to all from Able Seadog Wade and Capt. Ed and a hearty 07 to the Captains that sunk me. Job well done!
  7. EdWatchmaker


    Hello Admin, Devs, Captains and Po, It is with a heavy heart I write this. To those that would do this to Po......... I say SHAME on you! My next younger brother, 5 years younger than I, died of brain cancer. It was a long agonizing 3 year death. I can barely write for the tears. Don't you ever do that again to anyone! This is a game. These are pixels for Lord's sake. Get a grip and get some sportsmanship. To those that have done this......... I expect you to be man enough to apologize to him. In public, as the offence was public. I have offended in public before and I always apologize in public even if it hurts. If I can do it so can you. You will find that it will make a better man of you. God bless and keep you all. Fair sailing and happy hunting/escaping to all.
  8. EdWatchmaker

    [PvE] What if pve server...

    Sorry all that I have to be so short and can't comment at length but I have to leave shortly. For the ultimate longevity of the PVE server we need this. 1... We must have our name and hail button back or it won't work on the PVE server. 2... Somehow chat must be kept civil 3...Yes you need to build a character on that server to play on it. 4...Please, people of the PVE server, understand this, if we do not somehow increase the use of our server we will eventually lose it! I personally think that would be a shame!! I really must go now or I'll be late. Fair sailing all.
  9. EdWatchmaker

    [PvE] What if pve server...

    Absolutely a great idea! I play that server more than half the time. I have advocated it several times as added content, which in my opinion, is sorely needed. Sir Heathwill, the two servers are of two entirely different mind sets and it is my belief that the fear is that, in their eyes, "toxic behavior, particularly in the chat" would creep in and ruin the experience. I don't think that can happen when you can refuse the challenge and go on your way. So that takes care of physical abuse. As for the chat, I really don't know how to deal with that. HAHAHA, it is very different on the two servers. On PVE server everyone talks to each other so politely, almost like going to Mass, in 2 years I have never seen any rudeness. It would most likely take care of itself, a bad apple would standout like a sore thumb and get chat banned very quickly. Because no harm can come, that I can see, I say yes. Fair sailing
  10. EdWatchmaker

    Other Faction Player Name and Hailing Button on PVE Server

    Admin and Captains, I want to thank everyone who joined in this discussion. Yes, let's bring back the hailing/ahoy button and I want to know who the captain is too. Okay, I'll accept that you only get the name if they respond to your hail. But, if that, it should work like this. If they respond, then you know that captain and their name appears when you meet them again on the high seas. It goes into your sea captain's knowledge base. If you are looking for realism then this is a part of it. Any captain worth captaining a ship would get to know other captains, especially foes, or he wouldn't last long. If you're worried about trash talking then that is what the ignore button is for. Grow a pair and get a thick skin. 99% of all players in this game are good in my personal experience. Some that have caped or sunk me have even taken their time to instruct me. Now that is sportsmanship! Don't take away what is good because a very small amount of garbage. Listen to me! PVP server is supposed to be rough. It's a WAR. War is brutal, is now, always has been. Every time I play on the PVP server I know the risks of sailing my usually unarmed trader and by playing I accept them. IT'S EXCITING. I love it. When I want a nice relaxing sail I use the PVE server. That's what it's there for. Fair sailing and have a great day/night.
  11. The summer has been busy and what little time I have had to play has been on the PVP server. Being a merchant Capt. I rarely come into contact with other factions, it can end in disaster. Today I had a lot of extra time and went onto the PVE server to play my character there. I must be WAY out of step with the times. As I was coming into KPR I was shocked to find that the Brits were labeled as "Enemy Player" and that the hail button was gone. I happen to enjoy greeting other Captains and sometimes talking to them. I see the point on the PVP server but on the PVE server it has no point at all and frankly I find it rude not to be able to acknowledge other Captains, after all on that server we're not at war with each other. Admin, if it's possible would you fix this please. On that server we're a small tight community and we need more cohesiveness not less of it. Personally, on that server, I'd like to see the factions done away with except in name only. Thanks for listening to my little rant. If you fix it thanks in advance. Fair sailing to you all.
  12. Thanks Admin for your feedback. Great sailing and have a great day.
  13. EdWatchmaker

    Sealed Bottle Cargo

    Hello Admin and Devs, We do need to be able to split the bottle loot so that captains with small traders can recover their loot because even if you went out with another brig or two in fleet you can't load it if you can't split it. Thanks in advance. Fair sailing all.
  14. Good morning all, I also have no idea how this would be implemented but it would certainly improve game play. Make the game world more realistic and dynamic. I also think that clans should be able to have clan docks (separate from personal ones already in game) where they can dock their clan ships. These should show up in game as extra docks like the one that already shows at a port. They should be attackable and if attacked and destroyed the ship docked therein is destroyed with it. (Gives a reason to defend them.) Fair sailing and have a great day.
  15. EdWatchmaker

    Boarding prototyping

    Ahoy Admin et Omnia, Slim and AeRoTR you are not alone!!!!!!! I'm ashamed that in almost 2 years I have not seen this. I truly like the idea and hope that Admin will renew his interest in it. I give a resounding YES to this. Must go. Fair sailing all.