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  1. EdWatchmaker

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Hello Capts. and Admin, Like the up and coming patch. Admin, can we get a trader version of the Le Requin. Though the hold is small it would make an awesome smuggler. And maybe the hold could be somewhat dynamic in size, for every cannon you do not carry you get that much more tonnage for your hold. Just an idea. Fair sailing all.
  2. EdWatchmaker

    Idea: Norfolk nAhab and his White Whale...

    Awesome, yes I would like to see whaling. More OW traffic, more to do. Fair sailing all.
  3. EdWatchmaker

    Le Requin Testing and Feedback

    Greetings Capts., Devs, Nice ship, I look forward to redeeming it and trying it this weekend. I did a small search online and found that they were also used as coastal traders and smugglers. Shallow draft, fast and able to be rowed in light to no wind. Though low on cargo capacity they would sometimes use less guns to gain a little more tonnage. Devs, when you revamp this ship and finalize it could you make a trader version and allow the hold size to be increased a bit depending on the amount of guns you carry? This ship would be a boon for traders and smugglers carrying high value cargo. Fair sailing all.
  4. EdWatchmaker


    Admin, Glad to have you back. Enjoy those elders all you can while they are alive. They are a treasure. Learn their history and pass it on to your children. I have great memories of mine and was blessed to have a complete set of great grand parents born at the end of the American Civil War. Such wonderful first hand knowledge. Kick started my passion for history. Fair sailing all.
  5. EdWatchmaker

    Games similar to Naval Action

    Check out 8Bit Goose Games on YouTube. One man dev, one little sailboat ATM. He hopes to launch on Steam this year. There's no bang, bang shoot'em up and it's being developed for VR but I think you might enjoy it. Fair sailing all.
  6. EdWatchmaker

    Why not have sailing in the OW?

    I rest my case. Job well done Juan. Gratias. Fair sailing all.
  7. EdWatchmaker

    Why not have sailing in the OW?

    I for one would love to see this. I like sailing in the OW more than anything else. I remember before the sails luffed and shivered, I remember before the OW storms, I remember before the birds and how thrilled I was as each of these things was implemented. It could be tried out on the PVE server. Added content that the PVE server has needed for quite awhile. I know that some would not like this, perhaps most on the forums. But I would point out that the percentage of players active on the forums is dismally low and in my humble opinion cannot truly represent the mind of the players as a whole. In my limited time to play, at the moment, I pay attention to the amount of players on line, the amount of battles taking place and the combat log. I may be quite wrong in my assumption but what my eyes tell me is that the overwhelming amount of players are just going about their business. Playing the game and enjoying it. Otherwise why would they even be there? And let us not get into "But the player base has fallen through the floor." thing. It is spring, bordering on summer, in the Northern Hemisphere and people are out and about doing all sorts of things. Then there are all the new games that have come out or are coming out that people are going to play. This game is still in Alpha and there are a lot of things to still try. My opinion is that it'll do just fine. No I'm not being a fanboy. I'm just an old man that loves the sea, sailing and adventuring around with my valiant Seadog Wade, making a story in my head. Fair sailing all.
  8. EdWatchmaker

    Why doesn't the map show where I am?

    I would love to see these things that we are discussing implemented. I understand that it's not for everyone. My suggestion would be that as they would be done they would be turned off on the PVP server allowing those that don't like them to play there. The purists can play on the PVE server where it fits better. It's also another thing that could be done to give the PVE server more value. Also it's a good place to test these things. Have to go. Fair sailing and a grand day/night.
  9. Capt Norfolk, That's why I told Seadog Wade to stand steady before I put in the Mutual Consent clause. I didn't think of the word dueling. It is after midnight here and I'm not at my best. HAHAHAHA, Just try thinking coherently when you have a 3 yo 36 kilo yellow lab/golden retriever nose bumping you to play. The reason I'm replying is if someone else misses that their'e going to think I want to turn the PVE server into Dante's Inferno. You have a great and wonderful day and fair sailing.
  10. Devs and Captains, I totally agree with Norfolk. The PVE server is an awesome resource that is being wasted. It's best use, aside from providing play for those that simply don't want to PVP, is to train the new comers up till they are ready to go PVP and be the asset that makes the PVP server throb with the excitement of a busy city. We want them schooled in the social norms that will make the server work but also realize that this server is where the BIG BOYS play and that you simply cannot be a snowflake or you really need to go back and play on the PVE server. I was in high school in Texas in the '60s and I was in the US Coast Guard, all years sea duty. If I were to have gotten upset every time someone called me a name, bullied me or bested me I'd be dead by now from angst. Rough locker room type of talk and behavior is to be expected and if they can't stand it they need to go back to the PVE server. We need to toughen these recruits for the PVP server and that is where mentoring and teaching by the elders from the PVP server shines. And in no way, shape or form do I advocate meanness, cheating or any other unsportsmanlike bad behavior. I like the tutorial, I haven't finished yet, the AI is fun to practice with. You simply CANNOT have a better instructor than a human. NOTHING else can properly prepare a Noob for truly enjoying and integrating into the PVP server. To accomplish this we must have the ability to PVP on the PVE server (I duck quickly for the incoming rotten tomato. "Stand steady Seadog Wade.") with mutual consent. We must also have green on green, with mutual consent, on both servers. There really is no better way to train newcomers or the people in your clan. Or on the PVP server the solos. It is late and I must go. Fair sailing good night all.
  11. EdWatchmaker

    Newbie protection suggestion: make PvP marks tiered to ranks

    Captains Greetings, Dammit, time is so short and I want to read as much of the forums as I can before hopping back into real life. I just wanted to thank Capt Cetric for his ideas, the rest of you for discussing them and Capt Estaban for teaching Noobs. Fair sailing all.
  12. EdWatchmaker

    Possible Game Manipulation

    Captains and Devs greetings, I don't know if this could be done or even if I'm on the right track. My suggestion would be for the Devs to get the involved captains together, as they may have stumbled on to something, give them identical ships and set up the situation to be tested, see what happens. See if it can be repeated. That way we can find out if it is a repeatable flaw in the game or just a quirk. In any case the players will have fun with the resulting battle at no expense to themselves and the Devs will find out something. Real life time is short and I have to go. Fair sailing all.
  13. EdWatchmaker

    The Free State of VCO

    VCO and Christendom, Awesome thread. Just stumbled upon it before going to bed. If you want bring it to the Suggestions portion of the forum where more people might see it and comment. I suppose nations are necessary as a spawning spot for new players or as places for solos but I think that the future of the server is more with clans. I don't know how that could really work to satisfy everyone but it seems it would give more focus and cohesion to groups interested in getting things done. And yes as long as it is nation based the cost of forged papers needs to be dropped to $5.00. The only way nations are going to work on the PVP server is if they are run like clans and I really don't see how that can be done especially in the USA where we don't have a king or queen to call the shots and enforce things. Also need a way for merchants and explorers to be able to get visas from clans and nations that ours is not at war with. Like with Iroquois Confederacy on the old US server this is exciting player driven content. If I had more time I'd write more. Fair sailing Captains.
  14. EdWatchmaker

    A timer in OW to react when tagging

    Hello Captains, This idea has merit and needs to be discussed. It has always peeved me that a ship can be tagged before it is within shooting range. You should, in my mind be able to evade in OW till you could actually be hit by a cannon ball. The old shot over the bow thing. Also I do think that ships that join the battle should have to come in from draw distance, sole exception would be if the battle were to be near land and then of course they should be coming out of the harbor, cove or estuary and such. I don't know what to do about ships sailing within sight. I would suppose that is covered by the draw distance when the tag happens. I do like the idea that the 2 captains can possibly have a good 1v1 fight given that this is amongst the greatest recurring complaints I see. I read that so many are craving a fair 1v1 fight where they can just have fun bashing each other without the interference of others. I would think that a single ship didn't often stumble onto a whole fleet. I would think it was more along the lines of a frigate & consort or so. I would think that it was the other way around and that a hunting ship would most often come upon a fleet of merchantmen sailing in convoy and would cut one out to attack. Have to go, Seadog Wade has informed me it is chow time. The insolence of that darn dog. Fair sailing all.
  15. EdWatchmaker

    WANTED : NA dead or alive ?

    Greetings Captains and Devs, First, I'll give Capt Frog kudos for sticking his neck out and putting forth an idea though, sadly, I must disagree and vote no on this one. He loves the game enough to take his time to pitch an idea. He is not, as some do, bitching, moaning, complaining, having not gotten their way, throwing themselves on the floor, pounding their fists, kicking their feet and squalling like a squalid brats. So while doing real life this morning I've been kicking his idea around in my head with the help of Seadog Wade. As you can see I've just promoted him to a ranked sea dog. I see in here the germ of an idea. What are people wanting on the PVP server? Constantly I hear "There's no PVP.", "There's no RVR." and a lot of other stuff. I see the game getting stagnant. What if every 6 months the Caribbean is struck by a massive catastrophe. The ports are reset so that everyone, that likes that sort of thing, can have at it again. Awards can be handed out etc. Massive patches can be applied without wrecking peoples game play. This might lead to greater player retention and game testing. Keeping it fresh. I must continue to think that the training of new players needs to be done on the PVE server till they are ready for the rigors of the PVP server. But we must somehow keep the old ones interested too by somehow livening up the PVP server with out discouraging newcomers. For now I've get back to real life. Fair sailing all and have a great day/night.