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  1. We need a banking system. It could be national or maybe even clan based. If clan based, I could deposit money in the Bank of XYZ Clan and anywhere there was a branch of that bank I could withdraw funds. I like the "no more magic wallet" you should have to carry funds with you. Fair sailing, have to get back to work.
  2. EdWatchmaker

    Server Downtime has killed the Aussies and Asians

    Oops, now you can tell I'm getting old. I compleatly failed to read the dates of the earlier posts and they can probably play now. Sorry for that. My great sea dog is scolding me for not paying attention. May you have much more fair sailing and a great and wonderful lives.
  3. EdWatchmaker

    Server Downtime has killed the Aussies and Asians

    I know that nothing can be perfect for all, but let's accommodate the Asians and Aussies. I want to see them back at a time they can handle. They are one of the three main groups that have an interest in the game. I don't think that, ATM, the Devs could shorten the down time because the game is a work in progress and probably needs a lot of fiddling with. Fair sailing and have a great day or night as the case may be.
  4. EdWatchmaker


    One dura! Otherwise Captains don't use common sense and strategy. Just throwing them against the wall like mud to see if it will stick. 1 dura............you think before you engage. I would like to see a mechanic that would allow me to surrender and ransom my ship back from my attacker. Have a good day and fair sailing.
  5. EdWatchmaker

    [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Thanks Admin. I'm looking forward to it. Fair sailing and have a great day.
  6. EdWatchmaker

    To battleship specialists

    This keeps up I'll have fun till the day I die. Thanks Devs. Have a great day and fair sailing and GREAT game making.
  7. EdWatchmaker

    Naval Action -- Mediterranean

    I would love DLCs that would eventually encompass the whole world. Get more people from Europe, the Americas and Asia into the game. I also think there would be players in the Middle East, South Africa and India that would like the game. Once the game if released it should just be a matter of doing the maps and getting perhaps the right 3 servers to cover the Americas, Europe and Asia. HAHAHAH, you can tell I'm not a game maker. Great day and fair sailing.
  8. EdWatchmaker

    [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Yes, trading that has real purpose. So many ports I visit have no one in them. Of course I can't get attacked if no ones around, lol.
  9. EdWatchmaker

    [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    Those Captains that are time constrained by real life for one reason or another, like myself, almost have to be solo players because we cannot realistically properly be involved in a clan. Trading, crafting and exploring is what I like to do. It fits the hour or so I have at any one time. I also greatly like the conversations I have had with Captains from all the world. Sometimes just sailing my ship while petting my awesome sea dog is fun. HAHAHA, there's no way I could have a proper battle when getting nose bumped by my dog and I didn't get him to ignore him. So yes, IMHO solo crafting and trading need more attention. I have no idea what the stats are, but from my noticing the number of players online vs the number of battles at any given time plus the combat log, I would say that I'm not the only solo player. Admin, thanks for the video it was wonderful. I know I'll probably get berated for this, but I do wish that the characters had a finite life span after which you started over again. Maybe inheriting from your previous one so you don't lose all the effort you put into the game. Just a thought. Have a great day and fair sailing all.
  10. EdWatchmaker

    Would we be so bold as to..

    I for one would love to see something like this. Clan forts, Pirate hovels etc. They don't show up on the map. You have to hunt for them. Only once found and reported would they show up on the map. It should sure get the PVPers out on the map hunting them down. Also for traders and merchants Plantation outposts with random rare resources and such. Then it would be in a nations interest to protect them. I see a lot of possibilities in this concept. Fair sailing and have a great night.
  11. EdWatchmaker

    Work in progress: Dreadnoughts

    Thanks Devs. Nice, very very nice. Fair sailing and have a great day.
  12. EdWatchmaker

    Real Life Sailing Story

    Thanks a lot William. Got it and just started reading it. I love to read and given I have a Samsung Note and Samsung Tablet I take my reading with me everywhere. Haven't read about corsairs in quite awhile. Corsairs and privateers are an interesting mechanic that we need in the game. The claned are more like the navy and the unclaned need a Letters of Marque mechanic for the role playing immersion. I really like what Iroquois Confederacy does. The lone wolf. Love reading his exploits. Fair sailing
  13. EdWatchmaker

    surrender ... or scuffle

    Yes, scuttling should be an option especially in the case of ganking. Why should I have to let them have my ship. I should have the option to open the sea cocks or ignite the powder train to the magazine and then abandon ship. Or if near shore run it aground and set fire to it. We were actually trained in doing that when I was in the Coast Guard. Most of the crew would be put in the boats and stand off some distance away from the ship then the scuttling crew would go about their business and prep the ship for scuttling. Do not forget the burning of the frigate Philadelphia in Tripoli Harbor. Fair sailing and have a great day.
  14. EdWatchmaker

    Real Life Sailing Story

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place but I really don't know where to put it. I just finished reading an autobiography of an American merchant sea captain. "Ocean Life In the Old Sailing Ship Days from Forecastle to Quarter-deck" copyright 1908. It's the sea life of Capt. John D. Whidden (1832-1911). It covers his sailing career from age 12 as a cabin boy to 1870 when he retired from the sea. It's written conversationally (he's not a professional writer) and the copy I read was a scanned 1914 copy, a lot of typos and not the best arranged but a good read none the less. It gives a great view into the real life of a merchant sailor from the time of pure sail to the time of steam. Has a fun bit about being chased by a Confederate privateer and some about South East Asian pirates. You can get it on Amazon Kindle for $0.99. For the price I don't think you can beat it. Have fun with it and fair sailing all.
  15. EdWatchmaker

    Your Ideal Naval Action

    True depth under keel, that changes with ladening, so that my ship can go where it's draft and ladening will let it. Two examples. I should be able to take my gunboat, cutter or lynx where other deeper draft ships simply cannot go and be able to take the gunboat where even the cutter and lynx cannot go to be able to access bays, inlets and estuaries that are at present being wasted. Or I'm in an LGV being chased and I throw my guns and or cargo overboard I can lighten the ship so it draws less water and can cross the Bahamas. This is historically correct as many ships bound Boston to New Orleans, if in ballast, would short cut across the Bahamas to save sailing time when, if laden, they could not. Fair sailing and have a great day.