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  1. Best user made content for Naval Action is your videos mate, you know it makes sense
  2. Server Merge Proposal

    I never claimed it was the truth but it has always been an accusation from the nightflip brigade
  3. Server Merge Proposal

    Neither do I but historically the accusation on the EU server is that English speakers predominantly choose US or British factions
  4. Not sure I should make any comment regarding spelling with my history on this forum. However we pronounce aluminium correctly
  5. Server Merge Proposal

    Let's hope this get's addressed by the players during the merge, some of the recruitment posts by clan leaders of different factions have at least been more positive than I can ever remember.
  6. Great example would be River Avon into Bristol
  7. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    If you think 5 perk slots and the perm mod slots on a PvP build versus a PvE build plus PvE captains rarely bother changing their perks is close then you must have been the role model for Dumb and Dumber
  8. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    I rest my case you are looking for easy ganking around Nation capitals that ain't roving
  9. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    I was referring to PvPers going after ppl missioning in specialist PvP builds vs specialist PvE builds, specifically in the reinforcement zones Unescorted traders different story
  10. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    Nope you are not looking for PvP you are looking for the easy kill the reinforcement zones prevent that in a tiny portion of the map Rove a little further
  11. Map of Reinforcement Zones

    Never understood the argument of the 'PvP' crowd that think attacking a ship with a build and fit out specifically for fighting AI (grinding) is what they in there 'PvP' build ships is what they are really looking for I smell BS.
  12. Hell must have really frozen over if GB has allied with the cheese eating surrender monk33y's
  13. At Royal Maritime Museum Greenwich I have seen plans of the EIC dockyards at London and they dwarf the Royal Dockyards (cannot remember year) and I distinctly remember a large sign saying how much larger and more powerful the Dutch company was. Had no idea they built ships that big though thanks.
  14. Off topic I wouldn't be surprised if the French, Dutch or British East India Companies would come somewhere on that list they may not have fielded SOLs but they had a ridiculous amount of armed ships.