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  1. Are NPC's Still Capturable

    I boarded 2 NPC traders today and thought I captured them. On the second one a Trader Snow, I even put minimal crew on it and upon closing found I didn't have the ship in my fleet. I did have the open & empty fleet spot for it. Are NPCs still capturable?
  2. Ok got it! No P word.
  3. The Pirate Nation?

    It sounds like the Devs were leaving Shroud Cay as a Free town but a follow on question I have is: If Nassau is a noncapturable capital & one has craft bldg & ship yard there...it appears to me only shallow capable ships can be built there??
  4. Repairing Fleet While in Combat

    Do my accompanying fleet ships repair themselves while in combat? It appears to me that if you ascertain they are damaged below 65% it's time to order them to retreat. Devs should allow hull & rig repairs on fleet & automated or directed repairs be made when needed.
  5. Went by the procedure and found there were no players on the testbed and it popped me into a situation of basic with cutter and 500 gold. Got out of that and back into my regular game. Say, do you know when this next change is going to come about regarding Nassau being Pirate capital and is there any information for all of us as to what happens to our assets during the next change?
  6. Thanks Skully. Thought that was for the testing of the new ships & unity 5 which was scheduled to close end of Aug.
  7. What's the test bed key for entry? The last session on Steam was a real nightmare in not letting me into the arena, but kicking me into the game with my old nation and starting me at the basic level!
  8. I've heard that the safest place for building a craft building or ship yard is in a Free Town. Any advice out there? What about nation capitals?
  9. Changing Name

    Used Forged Papers, but didn't see a way to change name. Is there a way to do so after changing nation's? Would like to see this provided within the forged papers process.
  10. Looking for Pirate Clan

    Thanks ALL! Educated again. Appreciate the responses.
  11. Finding it extremely difficult to get interview for Captains of the Black Clan on PVPGlobal. One must have the method to try an interview on TeamSpeak, but doing so presents a whole bunch of new complications. Why don't clans offer an invite and then, if they find the new recruit not to their liking, boot them out of the clan? What are the Pirate Clans on PVPGlobal? Any of them recruiting?
  12. PvP Leaderboard - No Rewards

    Well finally made the big step and changed Nations going from Brit to Pirate which I was before. Are there any Pirate Clans out there actively recruiting? Send me a note.
  13. Mega Patch 10.0

    What is the step by step process for changing a nation and changing name without losing xp or the redeemables? Thanks. This sounds precarious and don't want to make any changes until I absolutely am sure I can do so without losing everything!
  14. Naval Action - Magic moments

    Enjoyed this game from day one! Graphics have been phenomenal! Played Empire Total War for years then converted to Naval Action. Love the strategy & game play. Realism is there even if I lose my ship. It's a game you have to learn on your own or, as I did, by watching it on YouTube. Been with it for three or more years and love every battle, trading, buying ships etc. What I like most is gaining experience in a ship you feel you know. Great job Devs!
  15. Thank you Devs! Just the need on the part of all to exercise some more patience! We can use more of that these days. I understand the amount of work used in the programming. Ultimately, we will have a superb gaming platform to an already tremendous game! Will just await the final tweak to the system. Many thanks to all of you Devs who have been contributing! Many of us have been on the testbed assisting by comment. Hope that has helped. Take care and hope to be sailing on the regular servers by May 24th.