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  1. Thanks. I know it was a long drawn out process in the last change. Don't know if I want to go through the same thing again.
  2. Do we have to use the Forged Docs to change nation if we change the player in the new Carib Eu?
  3. And a Merry, Merry Christmas to you too! Thanks for the gifts.
  4. For BPHick: I took your suggestion and put those repairs etc. into the warehouses. Hope it works when the current server is shut down and we are transferred to the CaribEU.
  5. Any response yet regarding ships that transfer? Will they keep their upgrades and all repairs assigned under the old server once transferred to the Carib EU server?
  6. Horatio 15

    Forthcoming patch 14 Part 3

    Still haven't received a response as to whether we will retain all unused redeemables currently on the Global PVP after it closes and our stuff is moved to Carib EU server? Do we have to open it up in Global to get the ships in it?
  7. My question exactly. I may have created a character that I haven't played in years and now in Global I have been playing for a different nation under a different nation. What happens? Do I have to change the nation and name at Caribbean EU? And what is the penalty for doing that?
  8. Notice when I try to go on the EU Caribbean server that it pops up with a different name and nation than the one I am in on the Global. Am concerned that if I accepted that name and nation which I don't want to do, I would lose all redeemables and equipment promised by devs for the new server. Can one change the name and nation on the forthcoming Caribbean server to a different name and still get one's redeemables and equipment from Global? It would be nice if I could finally change my name but keep the nation I am with currently.
  9. Notice the EU Caribbean server puts me to a different name and nation. Can't we keep our Global name and nation?
  10. Do we still get any unclaimed redeemables in global or do we need to redeem them before the shut down?
  11. Under the category "ships" will all ships currently listed for sale be included in the redeemables? If redeemable what will the value amount be? A developer amount or the sale price listed by the seller?
  12. Horatio 15

    Building the Le Gros Ventre

    Thanks Cortez. Appreciate the response. Who has the blueprint?
  13. I notice the permit for the le gros ventre is in my warehouse, but how does one go about building it when it doesn't appear in the list of ships I can build in the game?
  14. Horatio 15

    Are NPC's Still Capturable

    I boarded 2 NPC traders today and thought I captured them. On the second one a Trader Snow, I even put minimal crew on it and upon closing found I didn't have the ship in my fleet. I did have the open & empty fleet spot for it. Are NPCs still capturable?