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  1. Towing Ships

    You can already tow a ship with it's gun complement.
  2. Nerf or Re-balance the Wasa

    Yeah, adapt by sailing a Wasa.
  3. Naval Action Meme collection

    Maybe you should look for the Duchy of Warsaw instead
  4. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    All of em!
  5. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    With the incoming BR limited PBS, we need all 3 new 3rd rate model. Hopefully their BR will be balanced to be the "go to" line ship. That way, first rate could become much more expensive, yet dominant with their firepower, without pissing too many people off.
  6. Never tried it, but can you stack both French and British gunners? Should make interesting crew parties.
  7. VCO Takes the Black!

    There are only 3 active nations on global, (US, GB and Pirates) all other barely have the manpower to take a neutral port once in a blue moon.
  8. VCO Takes the Black!

    You cannot blame non-EU players not to play on a server (EU) designed explicitly to exclude them... Live with the consequences of what you've asked so much. I'm already at peace with this game failing to keep a population outside a single continent.
  9. How could they? Since the Danes and Swedes are easily blockading them in Baltic, and the Ottomans are closing the Bosporus.
  10. Player selected ship 2017 - Suggestions

    The real poll is over here: Go ahead and cast your vote asap
  11. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    The race is so close between the 3rd rate. Hopefully, we'll see all 3 in game
  12. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    We need more 3rd rate, as they were the backbones of the navies back then. Let's add both téméraire and montanes, and include also a Dutch 3rd rate We always need more ships!
  13. Request for Global Ceasefire

    Right after the server split, Global barely reached 300, and 400 once ( and that got celebrated by a specific thread). All this was before many players migrated back to EU because of it's already higher population. We got a 190 players peak yesterday. I don't thing the situation will improve much but who knows.
  14. If you happen so sleep during the limitedPB window, then night flip it is
  15. Good job for the swift Unity 5 transition and I'm more than happy to sail de Prince on live server But I'm worried about the return of the hostility missions. Killing 45 NPC can be done quickly and stealthly. How are you supposed to defend against them? Launch your own defensive missions as before so we get parallel PVE grind? Are these missons opened for a long while so defenders can enter the battle and get some PVP? Will those missions be indicated on the world map for all to see so we can gather in the area for a fight? Sadly, we don't need more invisible ninja flips via PVE, but more OW PVP outside of commerce raiding
  16. 'Global PVP' server a failure

    PVE player should all move to a PVP server and get involved in RVR. They'll find all the PVE they want.
  17. Invisibility poll

    This is the main culprit IMO. Being hostage to the game must be avoided at all cost, so either leave it as it is, or add the option to quit the game immediately after a battle.
  18. Indeed, be aware this game is entering the " political correctness territory" defended by legions of social justice warriors. You'll neeed your own party of PR officers and lawyers to get out of there alive Otherwise, this is an interesting concept. GL in this new project.
  19. Unity 5 - Testbed Feedback topic.

    This has been fixed in the last patch on testbed. Prince's foremast is now correctly depicted as square rigged and you can manual sail thoses. Kudos to devs for that ninja fix. Sailing profile still include a massive speed loss when sailing downwind.
  20. Little things you'd like to see

    For immersion purpose, it would great to change the word ''clan'' to ''squadron'' or ''fleet'', especialy with the incoming clan PB's. Also, please allow the apostroph in the character's name!
  21. Sélection de navires 2017

    Exact, ce qui enleve pas mal d'intérêt pour les nations du jeu, selon moi. J'aurais aimé que chaque nation ait ses vaisseaux historiques exclusifs, pour chacun des rangs, quitte à éliminer les nations superflue ( dans le sens que nous avons déjà trop de nations pour le nombre de joueurs en ce moment) comme Danemark et Suede si l'enjeu des 1er rang devenait trop problématique. Ça aurait donné une raison particulière de jouer la nation X au lieu de la nation Y.
  22. Why did players leave?

    I left in two steps. First is when I realized my limited playtime meant I could barely keep up with the evolving PVP-RVR situation, thanks mostly to the ''no tp in or or of FT''. Then, the dwindly numbers on Global completly demotivated me to even log in at all.
  23. I'll show you hostility

    The problem I see is that of the 2 mechanic we currently have for RVR, only one decides the fate of the port: the PB itself. Hostility is felt for what it is, a grind, because it barely means anything. 1 of the 2 had to go, but I think it is unfortunate that it is the hostility that is thrown in the bin. So many things have been tried to make the PB's work, without success, even going at such length as splitting a huge part of the community on their own server, that I think it is time to send the PB's to where they belong : NA Arena. I'd just remove the PB and flip the port once hostility reach 100%. That way, any battle happening in the are would have the value of a PB, as it would have a direct impact on the control of the port. The no show strategy would only happen when a nation doesn't not wish to defend a port, since the defender would lose the port automatically. We could also use the flags to open an area to conquest, so both the attacker and defender know where the fight is happening. With the removal of invisible PVE mission, correct tweaking of AI fleets and flags, and great rewards for PVP kills in a constested area (paints for exemple), we could have an interesting and working system all around the clock. Regarding the balance issue between small and large nation doesn't change much as OW battles are also limited to 25 vs 25 and I d on't see how it could be worst that with the current situation or with the flags, that both allow the large nation to completely screen out smaller ones.
  24. Naval Action Meme collection

    Both PVP servers have less than 100 players when I log in... I'd take 350 anyday
  25. So, the server is currently dying because of lack of content, and you reaction is to annihilate the lone nation provinding you with any kind of content?