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  1. New "Special" Trims

    I don't want to be the poor guy burning 1 victory mark and all the mats for a shabby Océan...
  2. Hotfix for patch 14.

    Plz consider bringing back the 22 hours delay for a PB instead of the current 24 hours. 22 hours makes for more uniform and stable gaming sessions all week long instead of an inflation towards later and later hours
  3. Maybe the guy had that new stern armor upgrade. This upgrade buff the armor at more than 100 thickness, depending on the ship.
  4. What about these other player forced to fight your useless bots while you are yourself enjoying being back to your business? You are the one who brought them in, you are the one to take them out.
  5. The Victory lost!

    Victory also has a lower BR thant the other 2 first rate. In some PB, that can mean one or 2 more ships (Wasas or Mortar brigs, for exemple) than if you used Océans or Santi. That can make a huge difference.
  6. @admin What was wrong with the 22 hours PB delay so that you felt the need to bring it to 24 hours? 22 hours meant the PB would start roughly at the time the PVE grind started, allowing for a more regular play schedule each day, which is more convenient. Could you consider bringing back 22 hours delay instead of 24?
  7. What does the A-P-C Dots mean for Ports

    I’m not convinced A means « available » in stock, but rather available for aunction. If teak is listed as A in a specific port, it means that port will spawn a set quantity every few hours and fill the highest bidder contract, or dump in the port stock if there is no contract. If you need teak logs, you go to a port with A status for teak logs and outbid the buy contracts already in place, if there are any, or buy the leftover directly if there is no contracts.
  8. And launch the 3 new 3rd rates they announced ! (Montanes, Wrecker and Téméraire). It will obviously take a few months before we see them.
  9. I like the idea of hard to get 1rst rate, but I'm not sure about the timing. I think @admin could have waited until the 3 new 3rd rates are launched and become the backbone of RVR fleets. Meanwhile, maybe keep Wasa as a combat mark ship, as she is the best way for nations without CM to challenge those at the top? Any ETA on those new 3rd rates? Must be a few months still.
  10. [POLL] Should 1st Rates be Considered "Rare"

    They can be rare once we have mon interesting 3rd rates. We have 3 more coming and that should spice things up
  11. D'ailleurs, si la tendance se maintient, la France devrait avoir une des meilleures flottes PVP lors du Prime Time US alors on ira chercher ces ports pour vous
  12. What happens with contracts? I had a 2k White oak logs contract that should have been fulfilled this morning. Are they transfered too?
  13. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    The 3 vessels selected to make it into the game were miles ahead of the 4th position, a good indicator that 3rd rates were strongly requested by the players and underrepresented in the game. Excellent decision from the devs on this one.