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  1. I'd just bring the TP from free towns back, and maybe ship towing once for each newly crafted ships. You could then dispatch a new ship to a theatre of operation, but any additional move should be made by OW sailling.
  2. They want you to sail the regular 3rd rate instead
  3. Get rid of the limited PB window, so we can expect being more than a 2nd rate player over there, and we might reconsider
  4. And the ships in the outlaw battle are not immobile. Good luck catching them up if you enter the battle 30 min late.
  5. For someone who negotiated bilateral agreement, can you tell me where it is said in the DN-France treaty that OW PVP between France and Sweden is forbiden?
  6. Why PVP Global USA Fails

    Let's all agree to rename our server to "PVE Global".
  7. Historical pirates

    There are ways to fix this other than eliminating the TP. Severly reduce the amount of FT on the map (Do we really need 4 FT in the lesser antilles?). Limit FT to 5th rates, etc. Also, I doubt you would hunt anything between Fort Royal and Bridgetown if you were playing as France..
  8. Historical pirates

    I agree with most of your proposition, but going a bit off topic here, the removal of "captain TP" between outpost would not add anything. Everyone would just travel between outposts in basic cutter and that adds nothing new to OW content compared to what we have now. No ship TP is enough as it is. I don't even see the point of no TP from FT, considering you'd still have to sail your ships and repairs in there anyway. As a PVP Global France player, stuck in the corner of the map, I would be more involved in foreign waters if it meant I wasn't locked in there. The idea of sailing back to my main area for whatever reason in a basic cutter just for the sake of it makes me puke.
  9. My issue with the current hostility grind is that it serves no real purpose. They don't even promote OW PVP as they should (at least on global, that is). They are just a mandatory PVE grind that you get done with in the the fastest way possible so you can access to the real deciding factor, the PB. Devs did accelerate the hostility generation rate to force the defender out asap, but why would a defender show up and grind down hostility when he can place all his bet on a single battle that usually favour the defender anyway? Zergs can even win a defensive PB by simply screening the area to death ( and they don't even need to win those screening fights ) So the question I have is: How do you make hostility grind relevant? Some proposition (including mine involving many mechanics already existing mechanics : flags to open an hostility zone similar to the old PVP event in the targeted region) have already being made about removing the actual PBs and aim for OW PVP to be the decisive factor in conquest, so people will actually get out and fight for something. (And leave the perfect 25 vs 25 1rst rate battles to NA arena) It might actually favour different builds than the tanky aggamemnon or 1rst rate, and a mix fleet of frigates and Sol might actually have the upper hand on OW PVP. Battles are still limited to 25 vs 25, so the small nations are not more or less in a unfavourable position than now vs the Zerg screening) It might not be perfect, but I can't see how it could be worse than what we have right now. To to make a long story short: We currently have 2 mandatory steps to conquer a region (hostility and the PB), but only one has any deciding role in the outcome. ( the Pb) So maybe we should remove one of the two, and in a OW game, it might not be the OW hostility that has to go, but the formatted PB.
  10. Historical pirates

    I think the OP has a point: Right now, pirates are nothing but a duplicate of other nations, with a special flag and the ability to tag each other. If pirates were to become some real privateer operating out of FT or other hidden outpost, they could play a real role as commerce raider behind the lines instead of fielding 25 man PB fleets like everyon else. If they had their own commerce raider mechaninc, then they could be limited to maybe 5th rates. Until then, we got to accept they are just a regular nation.
  11. This is very good news. Hope you guys find what you are looking for on PVP global. Welcome!
  12. As long as we can't TP ships, I see no problems with TPs in and out of FT. You would still need to sail your ship there the first time, and any replacement. Slamz's suggestions means people, if they alreayd have ships in that FT, would sail back to that FT in basic cutter. And basic cutter taxi's aren't OW content, IMO.
  13. Wait for them to ask you to turn over the Maracaibo lake area to better protect you from the French!
  14. Danes are about to flip it (93%). I'm not convinced this is a misunderstanding. We all know swedes will need a few days, or even a week to flip a region. This is all about temporary conquest marks farming and Danes want to deny us those CMs. Any diplomatic talks going on?
  15. Usage of alts to generate PB

    Like here: Danes did farm their own french alt to grind the last few % of hostility in order to trigger a defensive PB at their prime time, Or I should rather say, they died volontarly to their french alts