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  1. Reinforcement zones

    So much whining... I must join! Since Commonwealth zone is non-existent, we get a lot of PvP without having to seach for it - which is great. We can activate new players quickly now, as if they don't cooperate, they sink. Please nerf reinforcement zone of Commonwealth! If you could make this an anti-reinforcement zone, I think we could get even more PvP. You could eg. allow for an attacker to call in reinforcements when near Commonwealth towns. I would also appreciate if you could remove Prussia and Russia from the game, they steal our battles...
  2. What are the behaviours that are defined as farming? I ask, since I have an urge to either hunt or duel Otto Kohl in a close future (and a few others). If I sink him regularly, is it considered farming? If we duel, should we avoid sinking each other through some house-made rules? Just a note: PvP rewards are great, especially upgrades that you have to constantly buy. Please don't remove them. A better way to address farming is to create a renown system, which would give you more marks for sinking someone that wasn't sunk for some time, and who was performing some time-consuming actions in the meanwhile (eg. missions). This way farming wouldn't be possible, as it wouldn't be proffitable. You could also give less PvP marks for sinking someone X time during a given week.
  3. Is this an unacceptable exploit?

    We could simply code in a PB group, which can be created only once per nation eg. 2h before PB, and can't be tagged until PB ends. It would remove screening during PB event, which has a few advantages: smaller nations can still capture ports of larger ones no exploits available It has a single disadvantage, which can be countered: no PvP around port battles, only inside them. This removes a focus point for PvP. This could be countered by making hostility more visible to everyone - eg. once it hits 25% in a given region, everyone gets an on-screen notification about this. It would move screening to one day before the battle.
  4. Right now I think when you switch a ship, you either get no ship knowledge on a new ship, or you get it from enemy ship. You don't get your old knowledge.
  5. It happened to me while switching from wasa to wasa. I think it's always the case.
  6. Limit repair amounts in instances

    It's even more severe problem with bonuses that add 17% thickness to armor and 10% to repairs (yes, it's possible). Such ships can't be sunk... Our last PB was a boarding festival. I'm not sure if it's a good direction for NA...
  7. When in battle you capture a ship and move to it, you still have Marines when sailing, taking crew spots, however they don't appear when you board. Please either add them to boarding, or remove from crew spots.
  8. A single case... Shouldn't be used to change the whole system. With a new system it's much easier to convince people to participate in pvp.
  9. Finding each other in OW

    Well, there's an easy solution for this - show only numbers of non-trader vessels. On the other hand a solo hunter would cause a rumor to spread in the real world as well. In every tavern you would get info about an approximate number of ships in a given region. Not accurate and not always true, but still.
  10. Finding each other in OW

    Basically you're against it due to immersion reasons, as I understand. I get your point, however having information on number of ships in area would be less intrusive than other features that have to provide for good game, eg: - an option to warp out of a fight after not being hit for 2 minutes (of course it can be explained - warp field is disrupted when hit by cannon balls, and sail ships are quite similar to space ships, at least in name. Still, for some it's fishy...) - we have damn Poland on Carribean - you're sailing 30 knots on a sail ship - you can actually sink ship in battle (it wasn't the case at that time. Ships sank only after battle, and either surrendered or were boarded) - you capture a port by sailing into imaginary circles ... and so on. Game is a compromise between being realistic and fun to play. Sure, it's realistic to sail for a few hours and don't meet anyone. It's not fun though.
  11. Finding each other in OW

    Why do you think it would be wrong to show number of players in a given region, however with a 15-minute delay? Can you please explain? Regions are quite big, while in 15 minutes you can be 2 regions further away. It wouldn't allow you to track a single ship, only general numbers in the area. @The Red Duke suggestion with tavern talk is actually great. You don't even have to see this information in real time, it's enough if you can see it when you're in a harbour.
  12. Finding each other in OW

    That would be me, some time ago... In this post I'm suggesting to show a number of players that are in a given region, not actual markers. Eg: Bowenvinds - 20 players in last 15 minutes Dominica - 5 players in last 15 minutes Fort-Royal - 100 players in last 15 minutes I'm repeating this, as it seems people understand my suggestion as markers indicating an exact position. Such an exact location wouldn't work well.
  13. Finding each other in OW

    Markers are not a good solution, they reveal too much. I'm not talking about markers. I'm talking about a system that would tell you which region to go to to find many players. An overall indication that tells you there is noone eg. in Dominica, and that there are eg. 20 people sailing in Bowenvinds. In result, some regions would get populated by people searching for PvP, while others would remain empty. It would work almost similar to shrinking the map. I would know where to go with my group to find a quick fight. I think I have a very bing hunting experience. Recently I'm wasting so much time searching for PvP that I stopped doing this.
  14. Finding each other in OW

    There are maybe 5 combat news per hour, out of which maybe 2 in areas that you can reach, and probably 50 - 100 players unsuccessfully searching for each other in OW not generating combat news. Additionally there are probably 1000 other players that gave up searching for pvp after they unsuccessfully lost a few hours searching for fights. You introduced PvP marks to improve pvp. Is adding region population counter really so hard? A tool that would simplify finding others is a feature requested by many.
  15. Finding each other in OW

    I wasted a few days, a few hours every day, searching based on taxes. If someone sold something in the morning, it's not certain he will be online around same location in the afternoon.