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  1. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    It's kind of simple, isn't it? You don't need anything complex, best solutions are simple. I was not the only one posting.
  2. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    You could read before posting, it tends to help for excess of curiosity
  3. [Community Poll] Who gets the least love?

    When you put it like this, it doesn't make sense. For me it's interesting to find ways to get richer that others didn't find yet - you exploit this, then others come in and you search for a new way. Example - in the past you could buy combat marks, make labor contracts out of them and sell for triple price. Now there are still other options like these, though price of contracts stabilized It works only with goods people need. It's about outsmarting the crowd (and people like @Graf Bernadotte)
  4. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    You should have seen the battle on our side We brought 1st rates because that's what people had at that point. I brought a teak/wo ocean tuned for an old repair meta, with guns which couldn't penetrate your victory. Some people scrambled their old 1st rates too. We switched PB team a bit during a battle, and we spawned approx. 15 km away from port If not the Black Chicken, Master of the Wind, we wouldn't even get to the fight on time Still, it was a nice battle. I can see progress of US players. Soon we may have a really interesting fights. I wish you luck
  5. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Patrol Battle: Good fight. You were lucky we were in a hurry for a port battle, otherwise we would have killed you all for sure Please bring backup next time.
  6. [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    New Smyrna battle: Good fight, especially from JD SHooTs Again. You're getting there
  7. This tells me: find an investor or funding (kickstarter-dlc?), expand your team and monetize. Build a great product ...or focus on guerilla approach Invest in some PO/gamification skills, and sustainably build your product in time. You already have great developers and good efficiency. Your multiplayer mechanisms could use some polish. Once you focus on them, maybe by chance you could have profits of WOWS, with expenses you have right now Anyway, I'm really impressed with what you've done so far. You have a big potential here, please use it I'd gladly help you a bit
  8. Broken grape

    How can you test a random bug which occurs in unknown conditions from time to time by doing a small number of tests? By the same thinking I could bet with you that a standard dice can't roll a 6. We'll roll it once and see what it shows. We'll probably have a video soon. For now I just know you can't back up your conviction with anything of value.
  9. Broken grape

    If you are not ready for this bet, I think you also believe the bug might be there. I know it's there, I saw it multiple times
  10. Broken grape

    You only showed that in a given setup rake worked for you in a single battle (or a few battles) Me and multiple others saw that in other conditions it doesn't work. If I can do something in NA, I can rake People hate me for this. Take my bet - give me 3 VM's if I make a perfect rake, which should kill 150+ crew, and I get below 30 kills You can be the judge if conditions are right. It can be on your terms: distance of 10-200 meters 90 degrees, locked sector target having a lot of crew whatever else?
  11. Broken grape

    @z4ys you seem to be very sure of your results - in your video you state "reproducable in every battle". Can you give me a prize of let's say 3 VM's if I manage to record a perfect rake which doesn't work? Locked sector is something that doesn't work very well in combat when your enemy is aware of you (as I was taking ~300 crew from L'Oceans on unlocked 250 and you would never shot the whole locked into me), however I'm willing to use it if this is your preference. I think we should record our battles now, and when this bug reoccurs, ask our enemies for their builds, just to give devs more data to work on.
  12. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    Fine woods were removed due to serious problems. This was a good idea, however introduced more issues than solved. A mix solution probably would work without those issues, I proposed it in this thread:
  13. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    You compare a very good economic-class car with a functional, yet not perfect space rocket
  14. Me personally - I wouldn't have an issue with this. I know that a Commonwealth could survive this as well - they would use 1 or 2 alt traders to craft all the ships for them, and get their ports back up in some remote area of the map. Loosing all ports usually is a symptom of a nation falling, not it's means to a fall. It's rare that a nation builds so much hate everyone focuses on them, it's also rare for even a focused nation to loose all ports for longer than a week or two. Even fallen nations rarely loose all their ports (eg. Prussia a few months ago, now Commonwealth and to some extend Russia). A nation will sooner fail due to lack of military victories and lack of fun battles in game, than due to loss of ports.
  15. the way to get a PB from a RvR players POV

    The issue here is that patrol zones work only because there's a single zone per map. Patrol zones as hostility alternative would be ok if they would be limited in time and number. Here is an intertesting solution to this problem: