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  1. You're very wrong. I can't count the number of fast ships I sank actually. Once you take down their sails or masts, they're sitting ducks. For your strategy it's not the speed that counts, but turn rate. Just like Jon Snow mentioned, you can prove your point in a duel. I can also fight you. Regading your initial point though - making hull more vulnerable would mean it's more reasonable to focus on a hull, and avoid focusing on mast/sails.
  2. It's right - hull strength is becoming ridiculous. I think strong hull should be mutually exclusive with Cartagena.
  3. The problem that I have is that it doesn't even require so much skill. It is too easy once you know how to do this. It's less fun than "regular" battles, at least for me.
  4. I hope so. Let's see
  5. I didn't loose structure, it was full. Enemy was really close - approx. 50 meters. I was upwind from him, so he had a good shooting position. I mean two full masts, all 3 sections. Palatinose and Tac were in a battle with me, they can confirm that. I heard others experienced the same as well.
  6. Btw, bots need fixing with new sailing profiles. Fighting hostility missions against Agamemnons is damn ridiculous. They turn in place, they have issues going up-wind, and when an Aga hits a Vic, from what I was told, it pushes Vic to the wind without anny issues.
  7. Please think about this. With current repair system, you can always chain the enemy equally to him chaining you, set your ship on an optimal course and escape. Regardless of the wind, I do this with 95% efficiency 1 vs 1 when I have speed advantage. Others will too. Once sailing profiles change, it will be probably super easy for everyone.
  8. No, it's not. Bellona vs Bellona is also ridiculous in demasting. I meant what I wrote. It took 5 seconds total - first 2 balls demasted my front mast, second 2 balls demasted by middle mast. Those were first shots at my masts. It's not a bug, it's a repeatable strategy.
  9. In the last fight I lost my full 2 masts on a white oak/live oak consti with a french rig refit, by being hit by 2 balls (single shots) in each of the masts by 32-pounders from a Wasa. The scary thing is that I can repeat this trick. I think this shouldn't be possible to destroy full 3 masts in a single salvo. Loosing half of the mast from 2 shots - that's more or less ok. Loosing a whole mast to 2 shots is crazy. It will make battles demast-focused soon. I think it should be addressed.
  10. With a new system, you would have to find a ship that sails exactly like you in OW to force a fight. I'm affraid it will make fights less common. There will be more battles where one side escapes from another. Even now it's hard to find an enemy that will fight you, and usually you can force a fight only when enemy has a ship which is slower than you, but stronger (which is fair). With a new system, you will be able to force combat only when you meet an enemy with the same sailing profile AND slower than you.
  11. Reinforcement Zones PVP1/2

    So much whining... I must join! Since Commonwealth zone is non-existent, we get a lot of PvP without having to seach for it - which is great. We can activate new players quickly now, as if they don't cooperate, they sink. Please nerf reinforcement zone of Commonwealth! If you could make this an anti-reinforcement zone, I think we could get even more PvP. You could eg. allow for an attacker to call in reinforcements when near Commonwealth towns. I would also appreciate if you could remove Prussia and Russia from the game, they steal our battles...
  12. What are the behaviours that are defined as farming? I ask, since I have an urge to either hunt or duel Otto Kohl in a close future (and a few others). If I sink him regularly, is it considered farming? If we duel, should we avoid sinking each other through some house-made rules? Just a note: PvP rewards are great, especially upgrades that you have to constantly buy. Please don't remove them. A better way to address farming is to create a renown system, which would give you more marks for sinking someone that wasn't sunk for some time, and who was performing some time-consuming actions in the meanwhile (eg. missions). This way farming wouldn't be possible, as it wouldn't be proffitable. You could also give less PvP marks for sinking someone X time during a given week.
  13. Is this an unacceptable exploit?

    We could simply code in a PB group, which can be created only once per nation eg. 2h before PB, and can't be tagged until PB ends. It would remove screening during PB event, which has a few advantages: smaller nations can still capture ports of larger ones no exploits available It has a single disadvantage, which can be countered: no PvP around port battles, only inside them. This removes a focus point for PvP. This could be countered by making hostility more visible to everyone - eg. once it hits 25% in a given region, everyone gets an on-screen notification about this. It would move screening to one day before the battle.
  14. Right now I think when you switch a ship, you either get no ship knowledge on a new ship, or you get it from enemy ship. You don't get your old knowledge.
  15. It happened to me while switching from wasa to wasa. I think it's always the case.