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  1. That's completely wrong. We just destroyed economy so that "people could get more ships to do PvP". It didn't work. Now let's destroy a 1-dura system, for the same reason. Right now you can craft a Vic every second day by spending 2 hours in the game. There's more than enough ships for everyone. The issue is definitely not about risking a ship you couldn't risk. The issue is that: you can't find enemy to do PvP with you have to spend huge amount of time to get even a slim chance to have a PvP it's right now much more profitable to do PvE, and PvP gives you next to nothing. No XP, money, or marks PvP doesn't give any change in real world (as RvR is for more organized, larger groups)
  2. To be honest I'm doing more PvE fights than PvP, even though I always jump to PvP when there's a chance for this. Statistics of number of PvE fights are misleading, as everyone is forced to do PvE now - to earn money, get XP, get drops, or kill time (as PvP outside of RvR is non-existent). What's more, in 1 hour I can finish 3 PvE missions, while it takes more than 3 hours on average to find one PvP fight. I bet there would be many more people interested in PvP once they would get proper incentives.
  3. Safezones were added, and their serve their purpose. New players have their areas of safety. Please don't go in circles by removing safe zones now. Instead, we need a content for PvP generation by players. Not removing or nerfing safe zones, as it will mostly generate unwilling PvP. It would be a better solution to promote PvP between parties willing to fight in PvP, by giving them tools and incentives to start such fights. It's enough if PvP in smaller groups can be connected to RvR...
  4. I can assure you that it didn't stop growing yet It will slow it's growth, but i bet that until Friday it will be 350k. This is a great indicator of superinflation. Something that supposedly is non-existent as I've heard on this forum.
  5. PvP desperately needs fixing

    No, you are playing RvE. You wouldn't stand a chance in a fleet of 5 to 8 in RvR.
  6. I've yet have to find a player who would be thrilled with PvE in Naval Action. Everyone that I know (even new guys) does it only for xp, drops, money and marks. Safe PvE zone is important for gaining new players, however ad-hoc PvP in groups of 1-10 players is what makes new players stay for longer, creating environment for others, and improving reviews. RvR is for more advanced players, who already know at least basics of PvP, and who are ok with plans and schedules. Right now we have a gap between PvE and RvR.
  7. I agree, with exception that groups between 1-10 could use some more love. Larger groups can operate in RvR, once it's slightly improved. Smaller could join with larger groups to join RvR, however then it becomes a different experience - a fleet of 25 players needs on average 1-2 hours to organize, and then you can sail. With groups of up to 10 players, you can make them ad-hoc and organize quickly. It would be great to have some content for them, as NA would become more dynamic then.
  8. Btw, you mention Legends as future of NA. If you make PvP fun, I bet that Legends will be a gateway game for people playing NA. Legends, as I understand them, won't give players some things that NA can give them: sense of fighting for something more than just a single battle and XP option to fight their nemesis - enemies which they know clan interaction community cooperation learning environment option to train their clanmates with time, and create a cohesive team sense of epicness groups of players that you can learn to sail with efficiently (eg. as a nation), and which you know personally If you link those games well, people can keep playing both games. You could even include microtransactions in NA, eg. for paints/insurance/increased money income for those with lack of time, and make it an extended experience of Legends.
  9. It's nice to hear system I proposed works... I can see it's flaws though If issue is coding, some quick solutions that will improve gameplay a lot are eg: show a message once someone buys a hostility mission for a given port, similar to message when a PB is started. Make those missions cost money, to avoid multiple fake missions. remove hostility generation from OW fleets make hostility missions spawn in a close distance from an attacked port, so that fleet doing missions can be spotted quickly This will improve situation a lot, and I hope doesn't require a lot of coding. Another option which may require more coding, but I hope not as much as well: a raid mission, which raises hostility by eg. 50-70%, and which is a "small PB", with eg. a number of ships entering based on BR, or a preset number of various ships (eg. 2 2'nd rates, 2 rd rates, and 2000 BR of other ships.) This last option would allow for smaller groups to influence RvR, which would awake an activity of smaller clans. In the same time it's not preventing larger groups from fighting, as they can still intercept smaller group before they enter the battle.
  10. From what I know I'm the one who first proposed an idea for a hostility system, listing all issues with flags in the process. The thing is that almost all those issues disappear if flags are used only for generation of hostility. PB themselves could work just like right now. Only one serious issue remains, which is fake flag. This can be easily solved though by high flag cost, which would be returned only if flag actually sank, or generated hostility. You could also tie flag to a ship it was generated on to avoid other funny stuff. Flags are just one solution though. We're just saying we need some tool to better find each other. It would be also great to link battles to rvr and incentivise fights due to this, however it's only a problem. Finding each other is a huge problem.
  11. When I think of it, there's very easy way to improve a situation a lot. Give an on screen notice when a hostility mission is created for a port, just like it worked for flags. Even better solution would be to remove hostility missions and instead use a flag to generate 100% hostility at once. This way people who want to do pvp know better where to do it, and are not forced to pve. It also generates more fights as even a small force can intercept a flag and have their victory. Probably not much coding is needed for both.
  12. With flag system even small group could still intercept the flag of larger groups. This also generated fights. Flags had serious issues for PB's, however they wouldn't have those issues if they didn't cause port to exchange hands, but had minor effect on rvr.
  13. Yes, 6 player group can't find another similar group. It's the same with 25 player group, they don't know where another such group is. They don't even know where to search for each other, regardless of size. Even if those groups find each other and fight, it doesn't influence OW or RvR.
  14. I have bases in all hotzones. There's very small likelihood to find someone there. There's no single place where you can find PvP'ing players on OW. I'm on EU server.