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  1. vazco

    True Economy: An Experiment and Vote

    Not exactly. It's sometimes worth spending 4x price to free up an outpost or save you a travel time, especially if you're running eco alone. With this outpost and time you can sometimes get more than price of resources.
  2. vazco

    Overloaded shipwrecks

    It's a well known fact that caribbean traders often overload their ships. It's no wonder those overloaded ships often sink. Greed kills
  3. vazco

    OW Navigation

    A better approach would be to show player on a map, but disable F12 coordinates. This way GPS accuracy for homing revenge fleets would be gone, but player would still know more or less where he is.
  4. vazco

    Poll results are in

    Youre completely wrong. 3 good players in requins don't have to care about 3 reinforcements. It's repeatable that 3 tag and 3 go out.
  5. vazco

    Boarding and DD Adjustment

    That's actually an interesting suggestion. If it was introduced, maybe even DD could be removed.
  6. vazco

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Getting a screening was the only way to win, as otherwise your MBrigs would massacre us before we could even get to a fight sailing against the wind. With a good wind and standard deployment this port is easier to attack than defend. It was a good battle. Nice to see Pirates working well together, thanks guys Prussians as always were a skilled enemy.
  7. vazco

    Poll results are in

    It's easy. You set your fleet to demast, angle, and when you have opportunity - demast or chain. He will want to angle from reinforcements and that's when you can disengage to chain range. Just stick to reinforcements and they will kill Endy for you. Three broadsides and he's with damaged structure. You're talking about a single ship, while requins are impossible to counter when they gank in reinforcements - not when they're alone. Any other ship type dies when it ganks in reinforcements (or is much easier to counter, eg. prince). Take 3 Endy's for example - there's a low chance for all of them to leave reinforcement battle alive
  8. vazco

    Poll results are in

    No Any other ship that tags me in reinforcement zone is either dead, or I can escape. Either reinforcements kill them, or I demast/kill/escape. Endy is fabulously easy to counter with 3 Indiamans and reinforcements. I tried this with 3 bellonas, 3 hercs, 3 5th rates non-herc, 3 6th rates non-requin. Only requins can't be countered. It's repeatable. Good requin captains will tag you separately and you can't do anything. One will join wherever, two others will join down the wind. Your reinforcements can't do anything - even if you're Cochrane reincarnated, you will loose.
  9. vazco

    Poll results are in

    Nope. If you're in 3 Indiamans and 3 requins tag you in a protected zone, if you make no mistake and they make no mistake, you die and they don't. That's not how reinforcement zone should work. If requins are not nerfed, reinforcement zones could be removed as a fake feature. It's the most risky part of every trade run. It don't really matter for me if I die. Some new guy however can loose everything he has due to those buggers.
  10. You should then go to Portsmouth and stand on a Victory Every ship which you see in real life becomes more precious to you.
  11. Constitution to me is a well balanced ship. Some people want it to be superior to all other 4th rates, while in reality it was just a different ship, not better. It's right now better than Wappen and Ingermanland in many aspects. It hits a good balance of being the tankiest 4th rate with fairly good firepower. It's one of the most often used 4th rates. Once you buff speed and turn rate, it will be simply superior to other ships, which she shouldn't be. We need a reason to sail all of the 4th rates, without one sticking out.
  12. NSANE to klan skupiony na PvP oraz RvR, działający w ramach pirackiej republiki. Podczas bitew mówimy po angielsku, jednak od połowy września będziemy pływali z 4 polakami. Zapraszamy wszystkich którzy chcą pływać z doświadczonymi graczami. Wymagamy: przyjaznego podejścia do wszystkich graczy i innych klanów uczestnictwa w PvP/RvR grania dla frajdy podstawowej znajomości angielskiego - w bitwach mówimy po angielsku Zapewniamy: dużo fajnych bitew dużo wiedzy od jednych z najlepszych graczy w NA udział (nieobowiązkowy) w wydajnie działającej ekonomii Stawiamy na PvP oraz RvR. Mamy obecnie 10'ciu doświadczonych kapitanów.
  13. vazco

    Le Requin is ruining the game for me!

    Almost, but not exactly. People complain because previously safe zone hunters had to have some skill and even then they had a poor win/loose ratio when hunting. Right now skilled hunters are almost harmless, while life in a protected zone becomes really hard in some places. You can't safely travel in safe zone at all - there are plenty of Requins around, tagging in the zone. I moved my alt to GB. I loose approx. 2 Indiamans per week to requins in a protected zone. If I loose them, new players stand no chance at all.
  14. vazco

    Ball Desync

    They did hit you. I'm uploading a video to Youtube, tomorrow I can link it. If indeed they were not shown as hitting you on your client, that's an old bug, which happened to me very rarely in the past as well. Note though that two ships were firing at you. One was reaching, another one wasn't. On both mine and Black Veil's client you were being hit. #nerfcannonballs
  15. vazco

    [Caribbean] Great battle results.

    Good fight with skilled players. Fairly even and interesting 90 minutes. Banished, congratulation on your victories!