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  1. [PVP EU] battle results

    If you mean a battle I commanded, it was 4 vs 8, which I couldn't control (some players were not even on TS) and Otto said such gank is ok for you If you mean other battles, 10 vs 1 can go both ways - depending on what type of players on what ship you fight Your ship was sunk by a Prussian player in the first battle.
  2. Perspective of a new player

    Some other fights which shouldn't be possible (someone should sink on the winning side): This result in large part is possible due to overpowered ship mods and repairs. A response that we get sometimes is "fck that, I won't fight with them again". After a few battles like these many probably quit. @admin, please address issues mentioned here. Even when the battle is lost, it should be more balanced. People should also have more incentive fighting with experienced players, so that when they win, they get a better reward.
  3. Should I join?

    I say we take it Let's ask @Cr33D for permission, he negotiated it from VP. @Davos Seasworth, what do you think?
  4. Turn inertia - discuss

    It's worth to ask new players what they think about this. It's a new skill for a veteran, since they're used to an old system. I guess for new players it's just a standard mechanic. Worth confirming though.
  5. Turn inertia - discuss

    Turn inertia is great. For one, it makes sniping masts harder, which makes demast meta a bit less common. It feels right and in my opinion is a good addition.
  6. [PVP EU] battle results

    A nice encounter around Mortimer today: Thanks for a really interesting battle! It was close when you started boarding, well played.
  7. Didn't get victory mark

    I distract my statement. After relogging I got 2vm this week. I just didn't get 3 last week while on smuggler flag on OW. Flag reset for me after maintenance.
  8. Didn't get victory mark

    I don't think so. Maybe... I just checked, now I'm Lord Protector of 2 ports, and I didn't get any marks this week as well. Tbh, the whole system is badly designed. You don't get marks for participating in screening. If you took part in capturing some safe harbour in your capital, you're set for months. If you fought for ports on the frontier, you're not so lucky and you have to fight every week. If you're in a nation that doesn't have a chance to win a map, you don't get any marks regardless of your involvement in RvR. On top of that, it seems there are bugs...
  9. Didn't get victory mark

    I had the same issue. I'm lord protector of Roseau, Grand Turk and a few others (I guess 4-6 Swedish ports). I didn't get marks last week. I think I was on OW with a smuggler flag, and it was reset after I logged in.
  10. It's probably because people don't invent problems, just report existing ones. I guess that's a really useful feedback
  11. Regarding wind in PB - I think the amount of change into a given direction could change randomly, so that it's eg: 15% change - 10% chance 30% change - 15% chance 45% change - 40% chance 60% change - 15% chance 75% change - 10% chance 90% change - 10% chance This way it's more random, yet still it's worth to fight for the wind.
  12. [PVP EU] battle results

    If you like fighting some prussian captains as well, go ahead Commonwealth is reforming now. Give them some time.
  13. A system like this could be exploited. For this to work, you would have to get PvP marks for sinking based on a mix of two factors: player experience (like you propose) number of fights that this player didn't sink in until now A most fair system would be to use a renown system - once you die, your renown is reset eg. to a base of your rank. When you sink other people who give you PvP marks, your renown increases in a linear relation to rewards you get. Once someone sinks you, he gets PvP reward based on your renown at that time. This would make skilled players fight each other, in the same time avoid exploits of farming each others eg. in duels.