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  1. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    Is this even a problem in need of solving? The reason that we see a preponderance of gank/countergank dynamics right now is that there aren't enough people playing with different play styles to support finding smaller sided battles. You have core groups of players and clans who are primarily motivated by PvP or RvR, desperately clinging to a dying ecosystem, and the only way within reasonable amounts of time to find PvP is to basically advertise your position, which will bring a fleet. So you better have a fleet yourself, and when the enemy shows up with a few more people you bring a few more yourself, etc. Scaling rewards based on BR difference is just reinforcing the same broken methods for "encouraging" PvP that have been tried in the past and have led to nothing but alt farming and abuse. It comes down to one fundamental thing: People either want PvP or they don't. If you make rewards for PvP "special" in some way then those that don't want PvP will figure out a way to get them without having to PvP. In order to create a diversity of engagement types you need to support different play styles, one that creates opportunities for both consensual and non-consensual PvP through diverse types of OW interactions. I think it's a mistake to assume that just bumping up rewards for the underdog will encourage people to go sailing out by themselves, thus diversifying the engagements you might find. They'll just moan they're getting fewer rewards than their alt/friend-farming competitors who may maximize their rate of return by tipping the BR scale in their favor, and go find something else to do. Furthermore, while I don't have a huge problem with the balance of the current repair mechanic, it greatly supports group play over solo or small sided play. The fact that with a large fleet you can sail away, repair, and reengage many times throughout a battle makes disabling and putting down opponents in unbalanced fights very, very difficult. Changing rewards won't help that.
  2. Honestly, I think it could have been even more one sided after watching my stream back if we'd had a surprise, as planned, that could've gone after the mortar brig instead of a Wasa just chasing him off station. We might have kept the Wasa's engaged at A for just a little bit longer before regrouping, and as at least a couple of the Buc's, as built, were very squishy with one more broadside in the main engagement we could have focused down at least one more. This would have likely snowballed into a resounding defeat instead of just a tactical one. But overall, I agree, it was a good fight and definitely nice to face old foes and friends alike.
  3. Instead of playing whack-a-mole why don't you treat the disease instead of the symptoms? Remove ridiculous, OP PvP modules/notes and reintroduce cosmetic items as PvP rewards. Then no one will care whether there's farming going on or not...
  4. Opinions of a Newcomer

    Which is what we need drastically more of... only not just random, X marks the spot random battle instances... Create chase missions, exploration missions, bounty hunting, resource gathering areas, etc. etc. etc. There are hundreds of different things, proposed by your community and that could be cribbed from other OW MMOs, that could be implemented in-game to do one thing that supports the stated ultimate goal of generating PvP: Getting more people, and specifically those people that prefer their PvP less than their PvE, on the Open World and outside of safe zones. By getting PvE'ers outside of safe zones with the promise of big rewards, to risk some non-consensual PvP from time to time, then you increase PvP, which is what most of us want.
  5. Alt PvP mark farm abuse

    Heard of VPNs run via virtual machine? Not to mention multiple people playing per household... seems unfair.
  6. Macros for manual sailing? No wonder some people are so bad at PvP... Kidding aside, for anyone who doesn't have a disability, I fail to understand what is so hard about double tapping your rudder or sails key to fix them in max position? (Even that is inefficient and isn't good practice for eking out speed, but it surely is less hassle that using macros and will produce better results...)
  7. Spanish Hypocrisy port battle timers

    LOL, you PvP EU guys. "I have a 1.5 hour slot just before mom gives me my milk and cookies after dinner, and before daddy tucks me in where it is acceptable to flip a port." Please... you and your unnatural pixel love makes me laugh. This was @Christendom's reaction:
  8. Loss of all ships in outposts

    What is your point? You can have as many ships as you want anchored in the bay of a town you don't own as an outpost as long as you don't leave port without them in your fleet (try buying as many ships as your character's dockspace can allow while in port). You don't lose those ships until you try to leave port without them in your fleet slots.
  9. Loss of all ships in outposts

    I have to agree that it makes no sense, either intuitively or from the descriptions, that you should lose your items in a port you're sitting in if you close that outpost and then immediately reopen it. This should be considered a bug pure and simple.
  10. Patch 12. Caribbean invasion

    Because they're an endangered species? But seriously, no. We'll see LGV Pirate Refits being moved all over the place.
  11. Global Chat on Global Server

    I've volunteered to be mods in the past, and I know others have as well because this is pretty common place these days. Unfortunately those players that are active at all seem to be excluded from being moderators, which is a shame since we are obviously the ones in the game the most (chicken meet egg). While it doesn't bother me personally, I know from other fora I participate in that NA has a reputation for being a pretty salty community, and I'm sure that turns younger and more conservative players off. All that said, the threats in the past of getting rid of Global chat altogether is not a solution.
  12. Loss of all ships in outposts

    Yikes. That seems buggy af. I hope this can be addressed and thank goodness my tendency towards OCD hasn't extended to this in the past.
  13. Rig / Hull - Diminishing Repairs

    I'd argue that mast repair is "realistic" as it is since I've always assumed that "masts" include spars and rigging that would be in-battle repairable (on realistic terms, not game timelines) and that "losing a mast" is just a game mechanic that approximates other types of real-world damage that is temporarily disabling. I think that repairs on structure should be port only and that "armor" includes things that would be patchable, including hammock splinter protection, etc. All that said, I like the idea to have finer grained control over crew assignment to repairs vs. gunnery vs. sailing, somewhat along the lines of the OP. But I'm not sure it's worth the coding at this point to make it happen given that length of battles and balance right now seems relatively decent compared to the ups and downs we've had in the past.
  14. I'm in support of anything that makes things more dynamic and reduces this b.s. meta of sailing with alternate nations for escape and battle hiding purposes. But I'd still lean towards an outlaw-like, free-for-all mechanic in place of limited, fixed number of sides mechanics: That said, you could implement such a thing like I proposed with outlaw join mechanics and free-for-all mechanics without the added complexity of my proposed reputation system by just making all foreign flags red and shared-nation flags green in these types of free-for-all RoE, just to start.
  15. Thickness Upgrades

    How about removing all of the ridiculous OP, no malus PvP upgrades which are fueling PvP alt farming instead of actual PvP, and replace them with paints and custom pennants?