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  1. Wraith

    Flags Flags Flags

    I'd vote Blue.. but where are the pirate flags?
  2. Wraith

    Full Captain Chest

    It's possible that their DB system is capable of such nonsense, but I was just conjecturing based on the hardware and coding specifics of storing long integers that it would seem unlikely they'd put a hardcap of 9999 on them. My understanding with regards to the gold caps in the past were that once players were overflowing the positive integer ranges of the data types they were using, but otherwise it was just a display issue?
  3. Wraith

    Full Captain Chest

    Are you sure it's not just overflowing and it's a display/UI issue? I'd be surprised if there's a hard coded limit of 9999 anywhere in the database or from a programming perspective (since it takes the same amount of disk/memory storage to store 9999 as it does 10000).
  4. Wraith

    NPC Fleets Dependencies

    Been this way since forever. Can be/was used for your pleasure in various ways: quickly grind hostility with minimal ships, cap multiple ships for sale/pvp very quickly, grind xp/gold, etc.
  5. Wraith

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Great work @Felix Victor!
  6. Definitely hit us up in-game, be happy to have a chat with you and your guys!
  7. He probably doesn't realize the fact that BR determines rewards, being only a Flag Captain.
  8. Heh.. glad to know Pathfinder: Kingdom is good!
  9. I nominate, #WhenOctobeardIsShaved
  10. Any chance you could just tie this functionality to a double click instead of tying up a key that many will have already bound to other functions?
  11. Wraith

    What Quality of Life Features do Merchants Want?

    Quite simply: A functioning, player-driven economy. This means tying player production to active time in-game which requires sailing, not some magical labor hour, spend-money-hours-get-mats click fest. Make player production sites located along coast lines away from cities. Therefore production of raw resources and certain trade goods would require both exploration to find production sites, plus escorting of trade ships to and from said sites back to the crafting buildings in major cities. For trade goods, make these also player produced not magically dropped. Create missions that you buy, requiring you to go out and meet European traders somewhere at sea and escort trade goods to ports. Once in-port, those trade goods can then be purchased and sailed to ports which consume them. Lastly, make trade interfaces live-updated with data, and all contracts and crafting activities accessible while at sea. All of these activities should be done using "agents" on behalf of your captain, and as such you should be able to manage econ while sailing to reduce the downtime and time on your sailing "screensaver."
  12. I don't necessarily have a problem with icons, but rather the way the icons themselves integrate with an inflexible UI. I would just like to see something that streamlines the interface elements in ways that makes it faster to do repetitive things than slower. Wading through multiple tiers of icons, all placed in different locations for similar functions is just bad user interface design. Burying common actions within tiered, icon-driven window states is bad user interface design. There's a reason that every modern user interface uses menus in one form or fashion, and allows user configurable changes between icons and list-based representations of things.
  13. Wraith

    Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Yeah, there’s no fixed scaling factor but 2x is probably close for cases not close to the wind. I think a rough estimate would be a nice addition but the inconsistencies might be cumbersome when considering wind changes over long trips... But happy to test if you want to give it a go.
  14. So, I've spent quite a few hours now with the new interface and I feel like I can give an informed opinion on many issues. The art is amazing, it looks great and fits the feel of the game that I think many of us have in mind. Well done. The interface and design of the UI, focused on a multi-window paradigm, seems better suited to displaying that art than on usability. In short, it's horrible from a usability standpoint. It takes three clicks where it should take one, as a general rule. And often it takes even more because the layout of the multiple windows almost always requires you to move those windows around the screen multiple times to cover/uncover various other aspects of the UI to get anything done. Scaling is a huge issue. UI elements could be half their size or even smaller. I've asked for it multiple times since the OW UI was changed, but the scaling of these UI elements should be user configurable because as it is, across multiple monitors or screen resolutions the UI elements are outrageously large and difficult to deal with. The basis of the default Unreal Engine UI elements is far, far preferable than the non-scaling, new elements. I would urge the developers to do a full rework of the elements that allow for not just optional scaling, but also configurable icon vs. list views. Furthermore, the list-only warehouse/hold views is incredibly frustrating compared to the ability to sort and organize our holds/warehouses as we see fit. All of these things could be stored locally and the overhead could be minimal but improve usability significantly. The usability must be improved before launch because new users who buy this game at launch will be twice as frustrated as those of us who know that the feature exists but just can't find it. If it were up to me, I would scrap the multi-window paradigm completely. I would re-skin the existing UI elements, keep the addition of the hot key elements which is a nice usability addition, as well as significant mouse-over information as these all will aid the new user and veteran alike. As of now, I would honestly buy a DLC that gives me the old interface elements back, despite the attractiveness of the art.
  15. That’s how it always has been, you pay to store labor hours essentially.