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  1. Which is exactly as it should be in my opinion. How boring was it, and would it be again, when all you had to do to outrun an opponent is look up the Escape-o-Matrix based on your ship opponents and away you go? Let's not go down that route again. Customization and surprise ship builds are useful and interesting.
  2. Wraith


    No. This is a feature not a bug.
  3. Also, for anyone who is interested, I rebuilt the Escape-o-Matrix with current API data meaning neutral builds, no mod effects, etc. which makes it almost entirely useless other than for academic comparisons. Color range of red to green is from -2 to 2+ knots respectively:
  4. My current Requin calcs to 6.58 at 180 deg.
  5. I think they're great for training up players.. in the absence of proper free-for-all battles it's the next best thing... Hopefully fleet/group duels with controllable joins will also be available for these types of activities.
  6. I'm not saying there doesn't need to be some rebalancing done to give more choices, but I wouldn't reduce the opportunity to customize ship builds for specific purposes just to satisfy people's bloodlust against the Requin and its sailing profile...
  7. In the current game, modules are life. And they do create interesting opportunities to purpose-build ships, so I think they should stay. It’s their availability and min-max potential that needs to be rebalanced. Just saying.
  8. Great, looking forward to the planned progress. Thanks for the update!
  9. Wraith

    The Latest Escapomatrix

    I'd agree with @Banished Privateer here.. Basically any ship between a Bellona and a Lynx can be speed failfit to 15 knots at one or more points of sail, and with the Navy Loodsman perk plus sailforce mods you don't know whether that speed you see in open world being chased will translate into speed in the battle instance... It's all very unpredictable from ship type alone these days. This isn't a bad thing necessarily, but it does make it hard to give solid guidelines. The best you can do probably is to use @Felix Victor's map ship comparison tool and compare sailing profiles in an unmodded, neutral build state, and make a best guess at the point of sail with the biggest difference. Then cross your fingers. https://na-map.netlify.com/
  10. Wraith

    Hoist the Colors!

    One can only hope!
  11. Wraith

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Why is this a headache? All it does is speed up battles and lets everyone get on to the next one, and hopefully one that's not an out and out gank... Everyone wins.
  12. Wraith

    Working as entended?

    A perfect example of scurrilous behavior, slander without any evidence. Thanks for proving the point yet again, and even in the same thread! That should save moderators some time, thank you.
  13. Wraith

    Working as entended?

    Methinks you're just sour that your little gank didn't bear fruit... well, actually you did get an assist so you actually did get a mark or two, right? Funny, that plus repairs seems like a pretty good deal for not actually having to do any fighting? Wrong. We all serve at the discretion of the Admiralty, in this case @admin and the outcome of @Ink's tribunal. Your continued scurrilous behavior and toxicity are not encouraging to new players of the game. 😐
  14. Wraith

    Working as entended?

    Scuttling is a valid tactic of naval warfare. The green on green was consensual and this has already been tribunalled once and was asked and answered in favor of the mechanic: Also have to point out the fact that I left you plenty of repairs on the wreck, so you're just lying on that point... o7 p.s. learn to use a spell checker babe, "entended?"
  15. Again.. seems like it might have been the players involved, not the ships?