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  1. Wraith

    Patch 25: Preliminary Patch Notes.

    What alt problem does limiting cross-nation trading solve exactly? If you currently want to trade between alts in different nations you can just surrender a ship...
  2. Wraith

    Patch 25: Preliminary Patch Notes.

    Hey all... back after an absence and interesting news in mixed fashion on the Patch. @admin on the whole it looks like some great changes and I'm looking forward to testing them. Like others I'm very skeptical that the Herc and Requin can be balanced against the current shallow water ship line up. I think making them DLC is a *huge* move towards pay-to-win that can't be rectified, but I'll withhold further judgement I guess... In my opinion name changes should be limited to those players who accept an xp wipe. The potential for griefing and abuse is far too high. As far as trading on OW goes, this is a great change but I wonder why we can't extend this to include non-national ships as well? If trade is initiated by both players (voluntary clicking of trade on the other ship so battle spam can't be used) then there would be a nice opportunity for opening up a trade dialog, where enemy players could communicate directly, buy/sell goods, etc. and restore some of the missing opportunities for OW interactions between players of different nations. This would be historical, open up gameplay options like smuggling, extortion, bribery for not sinking ships, etc. Of course, it would all be made easier if general chat between all ships on the OW is allowed but this would be a nice workaround/addition. 🙄
  3. Wraith

    RvR Diplomacy

    We don't need to rehash the old, vote-based Alliance system. It was too limiting. Instead I agree with @Aster and the many proposals that I and @Christendom have made in the past: Make the game clan based. A clan's friend list should be able to include any clan, from any nation. Those friendly clans should be able to join any battle, port or otherwise on the side of a friendly clan. Clans that own a port should be able to make the port either 1) Open to all, 2) Open to nation, 3) Open only to friendly clans (e.g. close it to all but those on firendly list). This would open up a myriad of diplomatic and interesting social situations and let nations become just a backdrop to the overarching social and diplomatic game that could still be there for players outside the RvR game.
  4. Wraith

    Chain shot feedback

    As long as chain is limited then I think the damage up close is too strong, and the drop off too high. Make chain more accurate and more effective at range but lower it’s effectiveness at short range. In my opinion it was better before and I would remove the chain changes completely. That said, if it remains limited but super effective, we must make sail, “rigging,” damage higher from ball shot at all distances. Accompany this with either the removal of laser aim for rear chasers or addition of laser aim for front chasers and the running, repair, rigging shock meta will be balanced a bit more. Since we don’t actually model the sailing effects of damage to rigging, shrouds, and the crew managing sails I think that ball damage to sails should be higher. As a lone hunter the balance is way off it feels. If battle sails meant something (reduced sail and “rigging” damage from ball, etc.) then it would introduce another bit of play to the meta. Another thing to consider is that yard turn speed and increased crew requirements for full sails should go up as sail damage accrues (and I would argue that crew should be killed as yards would fall, reefers in the sails are lost and blocks fall on deck). However, the amount of sail force lost should be nerfed until sails are well and truly shot to shit. This would simulate the damage to rigging first which would not only be more historical but add in a different dimension that would favor running ships up to a point, but encourage proper wind management for solo hunting by allowing round shot to hobble tacking and turning.
  5. Wraith

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    NPC helpers in safe zone are a joke. Instead we should have tiered zones. Inside of safe zones should be no player vs. player damage, no exceptions. Players can still tag, duel, open missions, etc. but damage isn't registered between players of any nation. For counties neighboring capitol zones PvP should be possible but with no ship capture or loss, only cargo looting/loss. Outside capitol and neighboring counties, all things are fair game.
  6. Wraith

    Fleet suggestions

    Capture it back? I don't mind the OP's suggestion.. it would make hunting beyond the forwarded operating base that much harder, which IMO is a good thing for RvR. But I would propose bringing back press gang then. And honestly, I think the perverted nature of marks is stupid and we should be rewarding players for capping ships not sinking them. For example... you don't get the marks for sinking them, but instead for sailing them back and turning them over to the admiralty?
  7. It would make sense to me.. but I think we all suspend a bit of disbelief since damage to "sails" and "masts" is all kind of a proxy that would include damage to rigging and shrouds, which isn't modeled. And from my understanding, it was the damage to these that were the most problematic and which caused most of the damage impacts on sailing. I think it would make a lot of sense to decrease sail turn time and change sailing crew requirements as sail/mast damage accrued. I also think that with the limits placed on the amount of chain, we should greatly increase the effective range of chain and the damage it does at range. Alternatively, we greatly need to buff the amount of "rigging" and sail damage that ball does at range. And I also think the silly laser aim of rear chasers needs to be removed or balanced by placing laser aim on front chasers as well.
  8. The great irony here is that there would be no more visible a place on a ship where damage would be noticed, since the crew assigned to manipulate sails, yards, and manage the rigging are literally in the sails and meters away from where mast damage would be taking place. Even in non-combat conditions mast damage was immediately noticeable from sound alone and changing tensions on shrouds as sails and yards were manipulated. It just makes no sense to hide mast damage from the sailing ship while providing it to the enemy. If anything it should be reversed. But in a simulation-y game it just makes more sense to give damage information to everyone. It's just a quality of life situation.
  9. All but a few whinging testers like a new feature? Something must be wrong! Remove it! This wouldn't be the first time that the dev's respond to an otherwise universally liked feature by removing it. 🙄 My only gripe was that if the enemy was notified they got a mast pen then you should be notified you were penned. I'd urge the dev's to walk this back, ignore their sycophant minority, and make it so you only get the splinter animation on a mast pen. That way both players can gauge mast pens. Too much information is never a bad thing in a niche, simulation-y game that appeals to a bunch of naval nerds. Making people guess at stuff is a universal method for upping frustration, just like RNG in a skill- or choice-based game does.
  10. Wraith

    Fleet ships getting a free teleport.

    Agreed, this would be the simplest solution with the fewest game-y side effects, assuming that you meant that you would spawn in the OW in any fleet ship that you had escaped. If your last fleet ship is still in battle, and tagged or you haven't ordered it to escape, then you just get to watch until it does escape or dies.
  11. Wraith

    Reinforcement Zones - A Better Approach

    I could easily quibble over the details.. I still like renditions of similar ideas I’ve proposed in the past: But something like this is needed badly to fix glaring mechanics issues and provide a platform for new content, player-generated and otherwise.
  12. My solution would be to shift victory and combat marks towards being a proxy for the "permit" idea posted above. No longer would you need a victory mark to make the ship, instead you'd need a victory mark to leave port in a first rate. Combat marks could be used as currency for sailing line sihps. Non-line ships might be sailed without mark costs. Using such a system wouldn't preclude people from owning line ships, but it would make it so people would need to heavily consider whether they want to incur the cost of sailing these ships for any particular action, weighed against the potential benefit of doing so. There need to be more of these kinds of choices in the game. Most other MMOs with full loss make these choices matter much better than Naval Action.
  13. I took @admin‘s description as what is planned, not how it works currently. As I can confirm, crew and sails damage does not currently confer assists or other rewards?
  14. Agreed.. though it only ever applied to Hull damage, they took the majority of damage-based xp and gold out because they were soooooo worried about people farming and this game is HARDCORE!!1! It’s time it comes back and generates rewards for all kinds of damage. People were so worried about damage farming and alts that we basically removed the means to make PvP profitable for newer and inexperienced players sailing in mixed fleets.
  15. Stellar, thank you for the update and more detailed information. This really helps!