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  1. Fix mission hostility

    Just what we need in RvR... more opportunities to PvE...
  2. I agree, this patch is moving in the right direction. But the easy-mode, broken economy is moving the open world quickly towards the World's Worst Matchmaking Engine again, instead of it being a sandbox MMO that supports a diversity of play styles (trading, crafting, coast guarding, pirating, raiding, RvR, Clan v. Clan, 1v1, zerg v. zerg, etc.). As others have identified above, there must be some reason to leave the safe zones, especially to move goods. To facilitate this, please consider a change that takes raw material production out of players' hands. This could be done most easily with the least amount of coding by refunding player-owned buildings for raw resources (mines, forests, etc.) and making it so Euro-pricing only works outside of reinforcement areas. This simple change would facilitate a system similar to the one I propose here: This would accomplish the goal of getting traders back on the open water, even if it's for short runs outside the safe zone to get those raw materials necessary to support crafting and ship building back inside the safe zones. Low-level crafters may be able to turn a profit (for the love of god please reinstate crafting xp for components, not just ships) by going out, finding raws and making parts back in green zone, ship-building centers. Right now true piracy and privateering is dead because trading is dead. It also makes those longer trade runs to important resource areas potentially far more lucrative.
  3. Solo hunters require solo targets. You've effectively killed any reason to be in the game in trade ships by breaking the economy again, and unlike the last time there's not even a reason for traders to be involved (unlike the compass wood or tobacco eras where at least we had trade goods to move in order to be rich). Without traders there are no real pirates. Without pirates there's no need for escorts. Therefore, the only solo hunting is seal clubbing new players who are trying to level and accidentally wander outside the reinforcement zone.
  4. National Free Towns

    Agreed. Rogue clans and alts are already infiltrating and opening up ports on the doorsteps of nation capital areas... Seems a bit silly to not be able to punish those clans, and I feel the dev's didn't have the wherewithal to actually go full on clan wars like they initially planned, and instead implemented something totally half baked.
  5. Econ

    I agree, and identified the complete disincentive for trading/leaving safe areas under the new mechanics and a potential solution that I sketched out here for your consideration:
  6. Rattlesnake

    Heavy Rattler can but Niagra is a no, unless something changed in the most recent patch.
  7. Open World

    @Macjimm I'm sorry, after the 2000th hour of watching the same ol' scenery and wave animations float by you might feel a bit differently, even if you're breaking it up into one hour chunks. For all the AFK sailors out there who want a more competent simulation: http://store.steampowered.com/app/552920/Sailaway__The_Sailing_Simulator/ For the rest of us that enjoy some content, please add it (either by some more interesting navigation/exploration challenges) and/or increase the rate at which we can find it by "shrinking" the world by increasing speed (or *gasp*, increase the number of players through server merges and sales).
  8. Open World

    This is it, pretty much in a nutshell. If there were more content (gathering spots to find, exploration-related content along shore lines, caches, wrecks and salvage, storms, etc.) then AFK sailing would be a choice not a requirement. In addition, if there were 5000 people on a server this would also be a moot point because players would be creating content through their interactions at a much higher rate. But the world is too large for the number of players and increasing world speeds is a very effective way to "shrink" the world and increase the rate of player interactions through trade and PvP.
  9. Open World

    I've made this suggestion in the past but we seem to have a significant portion of the player base that feels like AFK sailing is a significant enjoyment. There's a reason why those of us who've been around quite a while have 1000's of hours in-game, and it's not because of PvP. Come on.. if you can't keep up a tag at twice the open world speed you might need another cup of coffee... In fact it may create more realistic engagement distances and make paying attention in the open world as tags developed even more skill-based.
  10. Rattlesnake

    I'm happy for you but the fact that it's not available for everyone is a bunch of b.s. It's one huge contributor to why I'm not playing much anymore.
  11. Player Produced NPC/Admiralty Ships

    Sure, any of these types of content would be a good addition.
  12. Resource Gathering and Refining

    I don't think refits and their materials are enough. I believe it has to be tied to ship building as a whole for it to alter the fundamental nature of the game mechanics and player interactions.
  13. I'd like to try a system where all NPC ships on the open world (outside of missions) are player produced or captured, and sold to the admiralty. Traders and war ships could be player-produced/capped and sold to the admiralty, which are then used by the admiralty to fill roles in the NPC navies for each nation. The prices the admiralty pays for certain ships should reflect how many of each ship the admiralty needs for coastal defense and "trade" needs (perhaps scaled by the number of ports held by the nation, etc.)? This would incentivize players to produce/cap ships of different classes, support lower level crafters for making ships outside the current PvP meta, and also provide incentives for sinking NPC ships of different nations because it lowers their ability to protect their home nation waters and limits supplies (if nation port production is tied to nation NPC traders, etc.).
  14. I've been mulling the new mechanics put in place and feel like there are some significant disincentives for new players and veteran players alike to get and stay involved in the game. The largest of these is a huge lack of content on the non-battle (PvE, PvP, and RvR) side of things. Trading is mindless and with the complete abandonment of any type of inflation control with the new PvE rewards system it's almost unnecessary since money is so easy to come by other means. Therefore I'm proposing the implementation of a new resource gathering mechanism that removes "player production" of things like raw timber, ore, and fiber to one that forces players outside of the safe zones of national harbors. To collect these raw materials gathering/trade outposts might temporarily appear in natural harbors and inlets along the coast lines, in addition to towns and ports outside national home waters where these resources could be purchased and loaded onto ships. Once depleted they would disappear until restocked, but always because of raw resource scarcity near national home waters it would force players to sail beyond the regions of well-traveled areas for these. This would facilitate some exploration beyond just mindlessly AFK sailing from one port to the next since you might miss a lucrative pop-up resource gathering/buying opportunity. Refining these materials into building materials would still be housed in ports in player controlled buildings (and should give crafting xp), so the raw materials would have to be transported back to safety. But the introduction of random raw material production instead of player controlled production increases the possibility for meaningful trader movement, importance of players moving outside safe home nation waters, offers opportunities for solo pirating and resource spot camping, as well as economic warfare for blockading home national waters and raw resource movement. I'm not saying these raw resources wouldn't be available in home nation waters, just limited, and potentially could scale with the nation's active player population size?
  15. Player-selected ships 2017 - Initial poll

    Give me my Rattler back or this game is dead to me.