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  1. Wraith

    Event Zone RoE

    Hopefully now you can appreciate my distaste for the Events.
  2. All OW PvP'ers have to do is look at combat news and go find where other hunters are at, or announce in Global that they're undocking at La Tortue, and say, "Come get me suckers." Or maybe try raising hostility a bit at a well known PvP'ing clan's port.. That will surely get action. Instead, a large chunk of those "PvP-is-my-life" players won't admit that they don't really want "good" fights, they just want to sink some ships, the easier the better, and get some marks. Which is totally fine by me, but then they shouldn't be all hypocritical about it. They should just own being a safe zone camping noob hunter and accept the moniker of seal clubber. That said, I'd love to see the dev's focus on player-generated content for increasing open world PvP opportunities (raids, blockades, escort, trade, pvp missions, etc., instead of twiddling needlessly on four different types of currency, mints, and the combat model.
  3. Don't forget, we really don't care about those noobs anyway. "Git gud or refund" is the mantra now:
  4. You know.. 'cause sailing around in pixel waters with 1000% time compression requires "realism." Who needs other quality of life things like, you know, chatting with other players in a multiplayer game? 🙄
  5. Wraith

    Tutorial feedback 2

    I think it should be a "Pause" or "Exit" button that also indicates to people that their progress through them will be saved, etc. Skip makes it seem like people will be forever missing out and the UI should indicate that this is always accessible and people can return and retry, pick them up whenever they want.
  6. Wraith

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    Exactly my point.. I feel like the safe zones are just honey traps for new players with completely opaque RoE that leave them open for ganking. The new reinforcements are a joke, the fact that tagging AI in a safe zone leave an always-open battle while it doesn't just over some magical line is silly.. What new players need is true safety and room to play and experiment. Once they get the mechanics down then they'll want to venture out to get more rewards. But those rules and RoE they find should be a nested set of predictable, understandable mechanics that are clearly communicated by tutorial and UI.
  7. Wraith

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    Well, I've got a lot of issues with the RoE in safe zones, and fundamentally agree with you. But like all successful MMOs there should be incentives (carrots) to reward riskier game mechanics. Scaling up efficiencies outside the zone, or scaling down efficiencies inside the zone accomplish the same thing. But honestly, I think the safe zones should be tiered. Capital counties are no-PvP zones with extremely high taxes and labor costs. Neighboring counties are open to PvP but players can't lose or capture ships, only the things they carry like mods, cannons, hold items (e.g. insurance zone). Then outside this is the red zone, where any clan can attack any other clan, regardless of nation, etc. Basically it's free for all, full loot, clan-based warfare where all that matters is which clans (again, regardless of nation) are on your clan's friendly list. Incentivize moving outside these tiered safer zones by increased gold/xp/trade goods and production management options.
  8. Wraith

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    This is exactly the kind of incentive to get people out of safe zones we need. If you make it impossible or reduce the production capacity (or increase production cost/labor hours) for buildings inside the safe zone that would be useful as well. People should be able to make due in safe zones, especially when starting out, but with increasing risk should come increasing rewards.
  9. Wraith

    Tutorial feedback 2

    I suspect these buffed AI are mast modded which makes penning more difficult. I gave up demasting or dealing with the long drawn out cautious approach and just rage boarded them (which a new player would never do).
  10. Wraith

    Stuck in french port...

    I think they call that a dummy tax.
  11. Wraith

    Tutorial feedback 2

    You might want to check your reading comprehension before you accuse me of wanting anything beyond superficial changes to the missions. I think having challenging end-tests in the Exams portion is desirable. All I called for was some additional text that clarified what the player was getting themselves into, and letting them know that it's "ok" to explore other parts of the game before they beat their head against the wall over and over on the final two missions and refund the game before taking the time to get better. I would also add that in the same vein, I would separate the "Admiralty Exams" from the "Tutorial" missions to make it clear that these are different sorts of challenges and not there to hand hold your way through learning a mechanic.
  12. Wraith

    Tutorial feedback 2

    I'm going to wager that no new player, without coaching or finding some way to cheese, would ever complete the final exam without significant extra time spent learning how to fight AI on the open world. This in and of itself isn't a problem, but I think some extra explanation in the Final exam screen would be useful to set expectations. I'd also let people know in the Endurance exam that they, "Should preserve their armor and capture repairs because as a captain you should always prepare for an extended engagement," or some such. As a new player who might just barely scrape by the first brig (which is a huge step up in difficulty from the previous exams) and all of a sudden facing the second unexpectedly is a potential rage quit situation, especially if the player has been cautious and taken their time.
  13. From both physics first principles and from a game mechanics standpoint you're thinking on this is flawed. Holding player count and the ratio of time players spend doing things in port vs. on the open world while they're in-game constant, if you increase the speed at which players move through the open world the only thing you change is the rate at which players encounter other players, battles, etc. Speeding up particles (ships) will have the same effect as shrinking the OW map relative to the number of particles (ships) bouncing around it while holding their speed constant. All either does is affect the number of times those particles run into each other. I can illustrate it for you if you're having a hard time thinking those two steps ahead. Safe zones are irrelevant to the issue (even more so now that reinforcements are a bit of a joke), since the speed at which players move between them would be balanced by the speed at which hunters can cruise from home port to trade route to trade route.
  14. No, it's just a shortcut to M&C.
  15. IMO we should increase OW speed by a further 50% in order to increase rates of all player interactions, and make the game more fun. An empty OW is fun and pretty for the first 10 hours, then you realize there's less and less to do other than stare at cookie cutter coastlines and ports, or open ocean for the next thousand hours.