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  1. Motivate to do PVP

    Definitely support this. I'd say that it should be a sliding scale with PvP marks granted on damage done (including masts, sails, and crew) multiplied by the BR difference of the fight. Accompany this with the multiple surrender option outcomes and it would be perfect.
  2. Broken trade or not?

    I agree that the economy is very poorly developed but having perfect knowledge of what prices are what where does not fit the age of sail game. Furthermore, if you want to make money *do not* build ships or ship materials. The market is completely saturated and the vast majority of players in most nations who are losing ships are getting them crafted from within their clan ship lines and as a solo player you will never be able to compete. If you want to make money trading then look for national trade goods in ports away from your nation's capital and sail them back to sell in your nation's capital. You can get a good idea (though it's not perfect because of that lack of "perfect" knowledge) by using the trade tool in the map menu. Look for ports that produce (click on P) and then look at ports that consume (C) the goods in question and find a short trade route that gives you those with the highest margins. You can easily make money this way but it isn't risk-free. High-rank players often find a much higher return on investment (of time) by doing missions and killing off large, open world fleets. The rare drops you get from looting these open world ships will often far outstrip the income you'll get from trading, in addition to the money from sinking the ships. So basically, the only people who are trading are the people that like to do that more than fighting, or who can't do first rate fleets.
  3. The problem that I think you're running into here is that PvE and PvP are almost completely two different games with the current ship meta. With current RvR (see Cartagena yesterday) it's not out of the question for 30-40 ships of the line to be lost in a single 25v25 battle. Ships are not forever in other words. And what we're facing now is the basic fact that crafting is just an afterthought in the PvP world... It's all about the mods (which you don't need to craft for the most part) and the skill books. While I like the "tweakability" of the ships, I'd like to see that baked in via crafter's choices and skills, and in addition do away with the RNG- and PvP/Victory marks-based nature of the current module, book, and ship permit system relying instead on skill trees.
  4. I'm not proposing any changes that would eliminate grind.. Right now we grind for XP and slots on ships, which I think is a fine way of tracking progression, but it should be accompanied by accumulation and decision-making surrounding the roles/skills that people like to play, and with that it should enhance their ability to compete. Trying to stay on topic, as it pertains to loot and the looting system: Right now the looting system is a requirement for advancement. I'd argue that quickly sinking ships and difficulty keeping AI in lootable positions, in its current form with RNG Jesus involved, is a huge frustration for players who just want to be competitive. If we removed the need for RNG drops then the challenges involved with maintaining wind, sailing well to get to sunken ships, etc. would be ok... Looting repairs, maybe the occasional fancy paint or lucrative set of intelligence papers, false flags, etc. etc. would all be highly desirable and fun. But right now, when you miss out on your RNG lottery ticket for a book that you need to be competitive against the people that have it it's super duper frustrating.
  5. Come to the Russian nation my friend, we welcome this type of attitude with open arms. Enjoy the experience regardless, this game can be hugely rewarding.
  6. @admin It's simple. The primary means to being competitive within your skill level should never be based on RNG. No one likes this and you've tried it with ship build quality, special woods, random super mods, wash, rinse, repeat. I've never understood why you can't take what works in other MMOs and learn from it: Skill books or their equivalent should be progression based. Implement a skill tree that requires choices not RNG. I mean, "skill" is even in the name of "Skill Books," not "random." Better yet, tie some of these to the ship, not to the captain. Implement a skill tree for crafters as well where progression or specialization allows you to refine your ship builds for certain purposes and for crafters to have something more deep than mindless, formulaic clicking. To put it even more simply: the incentives systems you put in place are almost entirely broken. From marks to RNG required mods. Marks should be used for superficial things only and winners and lotteries should not be the primary means for further success.
  7. The shittiest timer nation in the carribean

    Let me ask you one question: Do you feel like there are too few port battles going on? Because I sure don't. Our nation has had more port battles than we know what to do with, more attacking and defensive both. So clearly the timers are working just fine for a good number of people that are attacking and being attacked by us? Or do we not count because *gasp* there are U.S.-based players involved?
  8. The shittiest timer nation in the carribean

    Maybe that's just when they have the most players online and that's their prime time? :ducks:
  9. RNG kill

    This may be the first time I've agreed with you on anything. o7
  10. Uss Constitution

    @HachiRoku If that's indeed true there may be a bug in the build type modifiers for the Connie or something, because those are not born out from the relative values of the API data: Victory: 9.31 Constitution: 13.31 Wasa: 10.50 Agamemnon: 10.50 Does anyone know what units the API-provided MaxTurningSpeed is and how to parse the Specs.TurnToSpeed values? Are these even used anymore or were these a first stab before sail force calculations were implemented? I took a very rough stab at comparing Max turning speeds from the API data, converted to the same units that the sailing speed profile data uses modified by the turning speed profiles. I'd say don't interpret these other than in relative units because I can't guarantee this conversion is meaningful in any real-world way: Note that the Connie and Belle Poule are almost identical, and the Aggie and Wasa are identical (overlay perfectly) as well.
  11. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Performance is back to about the same as the live version (laggy but usable), but I honestly do miss the option to turn on port battle zones for all ports. But it definitely seems like you're making progress and it still is a beautiful piece of work. I definitely like the additions of the production selector, etc.
  12. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    I'm not sure the tower/fort locations outside of ports (where they're coded for port battle instances I believe) exist in the API data. I could be mistaken but I can't find them anywhere.
  13. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    One thought I had about performance would be to simplify the map elements at various levels of zoom... I think the raster base map is not the bottleneck and rather it's the number of SVG elements being rendered. It's interesting Chrome is that much worse off than Firefox in this regard, but it is what it is. Perhaps you could create a version that replaces flag elements with circles just as a test? I actually much prefer the icon behavior/size in the live vs. the test version in any case...
  14. Caribbean Invasion News

    The final toll for Hat Island: Starting wind: As Chris said the plan called by Anolytic was to play it tactical and work for wind and circle control. We were screened in by three nations (flattering that WO feels like they need that much help, huzzah) and so we joined just north of A, while the bulk of the French joined to the NE of C and two of their Wasas joined NW of B. We dispatched Vodka and myself to control B (Louis finally was sunk by Vodka in the end). The rest of the battle consisted of a long running kite by the main fleets back through A, and then around South to B. We fought for control of the circles and even after losing the Surprise in the end needed to get into circles to keep from losing on points. We did so and as the French thought they had it in the bag and were busy moaning in chat about how "boring" it was, they lost three ships in the final minutes to sinking and boarding. It was a critical error that cost them the ships, even if they weren't going to get the points. We won with all three circles capped as time ran out.
  15. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    I'd say it's almost twice as bad as the non-test version. Chrome Version 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit), Windows 10 (Default Hardware Acceleration On, etc.)