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  1. Storms belong to the caribbean!

    Please dont slow down already slow Open World sailing.
  2. Whaling

    Why do you assume that someone do like you do? https://gyazo.com/836230627f1d2609b69b6230ba39df1e ~1 hour upwind in 2nd rate from Tumbado to Champeche. (no nation towns near) 30 mins of grinding hosti. ~~1 hour sailing back. 3h to play PvE. Open world sailing shuld be 30% faster.
  3. Whaling

    Yes! great idea! maybe quit the game?
  4. Whaling

    Open World sailing for hours make me feel like slave...
  5. Yet another map: Naval Action map

    Good job Felix!
  6. Simplify crafting for easier ship access

    Global market with contracts for woods, upgrades, ships, and all other stuff plz! @admin
  7. Wasa and new mark costs?

    No ships for PvP marks! PvP marks for paints!
  8. Searching hours for PVP

    Its Christmass Time in EU! what you want to find? It will be normal past 2nd January dude
  9. Remove random ships from ports

    There should be ships in every port right now there are but YES! there should be in game tool to place and order contracts for specific ships you want to buy or sell.
  10. Double OW Speed - no players in sight

    Great idea! it will make OW sailing less time sinking and u will find PvP faster.
  11. Require pvp to play on pvp server

    i have been here!