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  1. What's the purpose of RvR?

    The problem is Conquest Marks itself. You can get them only in Port Battle but you wont get them if you dont have ship big enough and you cant buy big ships of conquest marks because NOONE is selling them. Ships of the line should be veryyyyy expensive in gold, mats and labour hours, MORE then before wipe (like x10) BUT craftable by even by some few players who dont have access do conquest marks. That will bring new players and make them stay. regards P.
  2. Overnight TOW

    Yes it shuld cost. Gold and PvP marks.
  3. What's wrong after wipe

    Me too ;/ 1000 hours in game on main account and no XP redemable on Global server. I did played battle before wipe on this server
  4. Different XP amounts from a server to another

    I dont have XP on Global server too. I created profile and played battle before wipe to sync xp. I recived xp on alt but didnt on main acc.
  5. Global or European

    90% for Global
  6. Chyba im sie kasa na picie skonczyla to sie wzieli do roboty ;p
  7. My one of the first "wow" moments where when i crafted my first serious ship it was Mastercraft Pavel My first Port battle Game look in Open world Agamemnon Blueprint drop from port battle case
  8. Fleets

    Its really great idea. None True solo PvP hunter need AI protection on PvP server
  9. My "New Player" Experience

    Powderhorn That was a good writing. There shuld be more rewards for begginers to keep them in game. And we need fresh blood to keep Naval Action alive.
  10. Hotfix 4 for testbed patch 9.99

    Yup, traders shuld be faster than most ships, now even Santi can catch you
  11. Hotfix 4 for testbed patch 9.99

    After this hotfix game is unplayable for me. Trade prices in shops are worse in shorter distances. With speed downgrade i wont sail hours to make 150k gold income having 1 mil cargo load. cant capture AI ships so i cant begin with my trading crafting thing after wipe (no traders in shops) cant exit to nearest port after PvE Mission so i have to wast more time to sail back Bucentaure Blue Print needs 6250 PvE marks for non PvP (Port Battles) player, and no one will sell Counquest Mark in many weeks after wipe. How do i test crafting and Blue Prints now when i played Fleed Missions for a week to get 175 PvE marks to get Bellona? Please, make game playable for Crafters and PvE players.
  12. Hotfix 2 for testbed patch 9.99

    Most MMO Games give someting even if its lost battle...
  13. Hotfix 1 for testbed patch 9.99

    @adminBug? Cant teleport to capital with Rig or Hull repairs in hold.