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  1. Cmdr RideZ

    Safe zones and Newbies

    The issue is not the safe zones. The game simply does not have content outside capital waters. If we had you would not be even thinking PvP in safe zones. The game is not as good as it was. Have to wait that they fix it if they ever will. Then if starts are aligned perfectly, maybe we are lucky and get the rest. edit. Also, it would be more interesting to see devs actually implementing something outside safe zones instead of spending 100000000 days trying to tune perfect safe zone ROE.
  2. Cmdr RideZ

    Blame devs for everything

    So many things have gone bad in the past 2 years that not going to list and wont even remember. I don't know why but sad. There well might be hundreds who will never return because Admins excellent community management skills. Many things done that none who I know would say was requested but was still done. Everyone without a clue why devs did A or B. They are clearly listening wrong people if they are listening. In 2016, was it summer? Everyone says that the combat is really good and only some balance tweaks to be done. Today many say it is not any more so good, including me. Different aspects of combat have lost balance. Too many changes after people said it was excellent. Can take long before they get it back in as good balance as it was, can take really long. What if they had stopped ruining excellent combat? 2 years of pure end game + other content development. But no? They had to F up economy as well. Lets take a really tiny example. People like subcrafting, they make jokes about chinese child labour. Who asked to remove XP from child labour? Minimum to no wages and now without XP? There was talk that repair kits make the game combat slightly unrealistic. Community talking that maybe those 2 repair kits are causing some issues, hard to balance with masts and stuff, and we should figure out how to fix this. Soon devs release patch of unlimited repair kits. ?.. ? .. !? .. !!!!1 Many of you who have been here long know that list of things going bad is very long... Not funny. We can 100% sure blame devs from all of this. ... Naval Action was probably my favorite game all time. It is not funny watch it dying.
  3. Cmdr RideZ

    Chain shot feedback

    2016 I told not to change combat too much. Admin can check forum archives, you can find it from there. When every one loves your combat, tells you how F*ing awesome it is, they tell you that it is excellent. Then you go and change EVERYTHING? What is the change that F*ing awesome turns somehow to F*ing awesome PLUS? What is the change that F*ing awesome turns to worse? I only know that the change that F*ing awesome turns to S.H.I.T is multiple times higher than upgrading to PLUS. Games A and B are from the same genre. These games are more or less the same game, small changes here and there but practically almost the same. We all know that there are games like this. BUT... A has 10 million players and B has 100k players. Why is that? Because those little things matter. You don't do ANY MAJOR CHANGES WHEN YOUR PLAYERS SAY IT IS F*ING AWESOME. Good luck with the game @admin, I know you think you are always right.
  4. Cmdr RideZ

    BR battle limits

    Why 2 years old issues are not fixed yet?
  5. Cmdr RideZ

    Naval Lobby Event

    I have sailed too many times 4 hours in OW without seeing anyone. I am sure I am not the only one. 2 hours per day should be enough to play Naval Action, it is not. There are probably at least thousand times more players who can play 2 hours per day. OW and Lobby PvP could be somehow joined. All content could be somehow joined to OW so that player base is not divided. /follow command would be nice. Traders have AI escorts which clan mates can play in case trader gets attacked. Maybe ability to provide you and your ship as reinforcements for port that your clan owns. Is the map huge enough that it has room for some ports with lobby port battles? What if clan leader could say: "Tomorrow be online 20:00 - 22:00. We have battle against XX clan. Good night and see you tomorrow". HC players who are able to play 24 hours per day can organize ships, economy, politics, etc. Today we have a clan of 10 active players, maybe even HC players. What if on top of that they had 50 players who play 2 hours per day?
  6. Cmdr RideZ

    Too many 1st rates!?

    Port battles with rate limits. New mast balance is not good for 5th rates. Chain patch is good for 5th rates? Probably not. And the rest of the reason that have been listed here on forum that made smaller ships clearly less useful than those were before. Defender Perk, I think this should be standard for all. Boarding is too easy right now.
  7. I like the fact that you are thinking new players. It would not guarantee even fights always but I know the issue. If you were a new player and you would get 2 options; 1. You get a fair fight 2. You get ganked Which one you take? Which one is worst, super competitive players cheating you in fair fights or ganking you? How big is the change that you are able to gank super competitive players? There could be a timer for reinforcements as well. Notice also that there would still be a timer before battle is closed for both sides. New players can pile 25 players vs 5 super competitive players. They can go 5 vs 15 and leave 25 players outside the battle to see that no more super competitive players enter the battle. Another idea could be that ports would have signaling for their members. Upgraded signaling port could have 1.5xBR multiplier for signaling. Green Zone with bots would provide some protection for solo/green zone players but clan owned ports with real players protecting their members would be the real thing.
  8. You argue and insists just because. If there were signaling and other features that would support less ganks. What would that be called then? There is a battle 1 vs 4. Fleet of 3 sails there and they join the battle. If they join the side of 1, there will be good 4vs4 fight. By doing so they risk losing all. If they join the side of 4, it will be 1vs7. They get guaranteed 1-2 PvP marks. Most noobs on our server join the side of 4. If devs would fix this kind of pretty damn obvious issue, this probably would not be RvR for Rediii? Fine Rediii, you can have your RvR. My term shall be Nation vs Nation, NvN. Are you happy now Rediii?
  9. Why it cannot work like today + signaling? Signaling can work everywhere, there is no reason not to really. ... Players who love this game because PvP is pure gank.. I hate you all.
  10. Weaker side can be reinforced. You have 200BR enemy has 600BR, your side can get 400BR of reinforcements before battle is closed for all. ... This could be topped so that if your nation owns the area you sail at you get signaling up to 1.2xBR. Or a clan building that enables signaling. I still would test 1xBR signaling in general, maybe then some bonus buildings etc.
  11. Challenges is a good idea. Also fast for you to implement hours of content for players. OW is simply too gank heavy. Not many are interested to fight "1 vs 3-10" all the time. Test #SignalingPerkForAll 1-3 months. You can lose nothing, it is early access.
  12. In PvE this is somewhat true but for PvP this is not true. Repair kits are forcing you to be aggressive in PvP. @admin make a note here.
  13. One reason to rule them all, Devs love ganking. Easy way would be to... Take repair kits from the first Brig. Sail upwind while repairing. I could not agree more. @admin Your repair kit system is terrible, boring time sink. Change repairs to something else where players actually do something. If you don't like angling and thickness, then invent something new.
  14. Tested more the final exam: Boarding is too easy and through hull is the hardest. This is if you don't try to exploit/cheat in the exam as Admin is recommending. It is probably as fast to dismast both as it is to sink one of them. Can be that the last mast patch was not enough. Chains were not really that useful? It felt like that it was simply better to dismast? Thickness issues were there only because best wood types and upgrades. Standard ships with standard wood types and upgrades should have enough thickness that you can actually use it. Increase thickness for all wood types and if it goes too high for best wood types and upgrades nerf those. Increasing repair cooldown to counter increased durability. Different tactics are in bad balance. ... If you get mast hits and are not able to get masts down there are 2 possibilities. You either shoot too far or you spread your hits to every possible mast section. Go closer and hit the bottom mast section. ... Instant battle from one button is nice. Sad but no can do.
  15. I was hoping to get the new GUI already. Teaser looks amazing.