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  1. Cmdr RideZ

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Good thing is that devs and admin are efficiently making all idiots to quit the game.
  2. Cmdr RideZ

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    If they don't have gear? They take or have to take fights they may lose? They play vs better or equally good players? Maybe they sail square rigged ships that are not fast enough to run? I agree with almost everything, you are correct here in many things but I would "fix" the situation differently. There is no content nor reward for super geared players to fight each other. For sure not related to green zones, right? But there is more to this, I come to this later... I have said it many times, admin is a gank player himself or whoever is giving him advice is a gank player. I don't think admin would else make a game like this. Probably not the best option economically either. You know, if PvP players would be fighting each other there actually would be a lot more PvP. Instead guys prefer to complain about green and how hard it is to gank? later... Pirates go to KPR to gank nubs. Brits go to MT to gank nubs. These PvP active players are rarely or never fighting each other? French guys hunt also at KPR in equally sized fleet, they don't attack each other. Pirates and French are both there with well geared ships to sink nubs, why to hit each other? If they are so good pvp players why they don't just sink the other group for easy PvP marks? Surely they are better right? They have been ganking here for 2 years so of course they are better than the other group? They wont have gear advantage in that fight but hey, they are highly skilled gankers so it should be easy, right? And here we are topic after topic speaking from green zone ganking and not from skill based pvp content.
  3. Cmdr RideZ

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    If captain loses all there is nothing bad to get back on his feets on protected area. It can be that sailing SOLs wont have any protection. They should just make PvE zones around capitals and content outside. Needs zero time to think all the rules and implement, and works 100% sure. Very clear rule as well.
  4. Cmdr RideZ

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Are you Hatchis brother or what? Both have to add short sentence to give weight for their post? "wrong", omg am I really wrong! I put it shortly. Think about NA without economy, everyone has everything. They have all gear all xp all ships. So how much safe zones do matter after? There is a relation between safe zones and economy. Another thing related to your post. I don't see reason why you would like to not give a good change for other to get back on their feet? Good PvP needs that people get their stuff and try again. Eventually they may sink you koc and you can be happy that there is more competitive PvP. I really would like there to be hunters/escorts/traders but also that people get their ships to do PvP. I really don't like this green zone hiding/ganking. They really need content outside the green that is not connected to ability to PvP. Improved RNG when built outside greens and hopefully more benefits in the future. This means that you don't gank any more outside capitals but instead clan ports where they build their ships. Right now TOW is in some cases abused to transport goods, which is bad. The last part of your post is something that is actually a bit hard to understand. First of all the current saze zone could be 100% PvE zone and it would not break the game. I have told you in other posts that there is nothing outside the green that makes greens so important. Wait that devs implement new things outside, then you have new places to go. You can forget the green at that point. There will be soon new missions and probably something new outside greens. But... So you go to gank nubs to their capital to get some easy kills. Then lazy veterans gank you instead to get some easy kills? The game has been suffering for years from the fact that PvP players only hunt nubs. When some PvP players actually start to hunt other PvP players... Sometimes reality hits you hard, bro...
  5. Cmdr RideZ

    Captin, we're safe! .. Are we?

    Need for safe zones is bound to economy, building and losing ships + upgrades/books. Also bound to grind. If everyone has it all the saze zone don't matter that much? The games like WoW cannot be compared as in those you lose nothing. We can divide our PvP players in 3 groups, this is rough so don't get stuck too much in the details... 1. Gank PvP These guys live next to enemy green zones or now also with DLC ships on green. Green zones are very important ganking zones for these guys. Always gear advantage in fights. Ships designed for ganks need a gear advantage or ganking will end very soon. 2. OW PvP Many kind of guys in this group. PvP location does not have to be on green. Actually, content outside green would be better as you know the targets there actually are for PvP. It does not matter if guys on green get their gear grinding PvE, as they just hope them to get a new ship and leave the green asap for more PvP. Many want competitive fights that are decided by skill and not by gear. Green has been important for these guys as there is nothing else. Sub category so called "Good Fights" belong in this group. Many in this group who wanted balanced, competitive and skill based PvP quit the game already. 3. Port Battle PvP These guys want even fights in a big group, have social fun while playing the game. Many from this group are not interested from ganking and not much from OW PvP. They want that their commander is good and have group success or fail if it comes to that. These guys probably benefit from greens. For many this is the main content. --- The biggest group is probably group number 3. I don't have facts I simply could imagine that is what most people want, always has seemed so. Devs will create content outside greens and we can sure then make green zones PvE only areas. The size can be the same as it is now, the map is huge and can easily support these areas. Green Zones will benefit new and old players. It should be an area where people grind to be able to do PvP. Everyone will leave the area when they are ready. Green Zones will help us to get more PvP as people can grind new ships there. Lighter economy could improve this process. The only group that really needs green zone PvP or game that does not have green zone is the Gank PvP group? Only group suffering is the Gank PvP group.
  6. It would not be possible if there were no statistics, only thing left is to use your brain to estimate a value and check again in the next iteration. I would not have done this radical changes as admin did. Max 10% changes in the first iteration, then check again in the next one. If ship is not used in Port Battles, then decrease BR -10%. To me it would be hard to get in balanced numbers by doing this big changes, so I would stay in smaller iteration. Would be somehow easier to follow ships development instead of jumping from "Not Used" to "Most Popular" or the opposite. We don't know if this is going to even happen though. Doesn't have to be perfect the first time, but it is very good that they started the process finally.
  7. Bring this here as this is related to BR balancing. I really like this as this forum is full of people who support their own playstyle and favorite ship. You then have to make sure you use right statistics. This is why I asked earlier did you use OW PvP statistics as well. OW PvP is pure gank and Port Battles are almost like a boxing ring. The only way to balance OW PvP is to change ship stats. You would need to add BR based ROE or signaling perk or something to force BR to OW PvP. After would make sense to use OW PvP statistics as well. After this patch people are probably still going to use Endymion and Trincomalee in OW PvP and have good results. Not sure if they are going to use these in port battles though. Would be very interesting to see BR values based on Port Battles and OW PvP battles separatelly. Possible to get these from the combat result logs?
  8. I am not saying that BR values were all ok, definitely there was need for change. 1000BR = 4xAggy vs 3xEndy What do you think guys? I understand that first iteration may not be the best but recommend that they follow and do fast iteration now.
  9. BR values are used for PB only. The new BR values, if you used OW PvP statistics as well, not sure if that gives the best balance for Port Battles. The only way to balance ships for OW PvP is to change other stats. Diversity is good for PBs, you could also consider adding Rate limits.
  10. It can be that good players were sailing good ships or slightly better. It can be that players who had no time to study ships sailed whatever. I recommend to follow and balance very rapidly now.
  11. Cmdr RideZ

    Ship Usefulness.

    Based on what admin wrote in this thread, I like it a lot. I think he knows the mistakes he made and the future is bright for NA. Angling is good. Greenzones are good. Remember that for example Trincomalee has an option to have 9pd cannons and 32pd carronades. Buffing small cannons like 9pd, would be actually improvement for already very good ships like Trincomalee. Right now 32pd carronades are useful vs bigger ships as those do good amount of damage from short range and have more penetration at short range as well. Making 9pd cannons to penetrate is direct nerf for 32pd carronades. From gameplay perspective it can be that it is better that Trincomalee captain has to choose instead of always take 9pd cannons. Mixed setup needs more skill. From gameplay perspective as this is the most difficult setup to sail, it should be the most rewarding as well. Better to buff Carronades slightly more than 9pd cannons. An option could be to make SOLs to have historical thickness and simply compensate with HP. Would make different kind of playstyle. There is tho a certain point where angling does not matter. If the round shot is big enough vs hull thickness it does not matter how much you angle, the shot will go through. This is only for big guns tho. Not sure if this is implemented in game. DD is good as long as boarding is too easy/broken. Smaller 5th rates are not in good spot. 4th rates are not in good spot. Including Connie. Bellona is too good right now. All SOLs should be made less maneuverable and/or slower. Wasa nerf was maybe a bit too much. Leaks should not sink ships as fast as those do now. These need a nerf. Could need more men to survival but sinking ships this fast is not fun.
  12. Aggy is a good ship it is just so close to Bellona in gameplay that everyone takes a Bellona instead. Other balance issues than BR here. Wasa really performing equally good vs Bellona in PB? Or in OW PvP? I don't even know anyone sailing a Wasa.
  13. BR is used to balance Port Battles and has nothing for OW PvP? Are you taking these results from OW PvP or PB statistics? Or from both?
  14. Cmdr RideZ

    Why no xp in lost PVP battle?

    This is actually the first time I read why you don't give reward for losers. Many times asked feature to give something for losers? Maybe some FAQ for your decisions, as this makes much more sense now. I like the phrase as well but yeah, many players, even many winners feel like that it is sad if losers are not motivated to come back. If you have ever read any game development theories, you will notice that one big question is how to motivate losers to play more. Everyone cannot win but you need them playing. Winners will always come back as winning and having fun is simply winning and having fun. A player who is sinking nubs now, may demotivate nubs. They leave the game after trying some time, this is bad. When all nubs are gone there are "no prey no pay". At the same time the player who has been having fun sinking nubs may actually be the most nub player. He starts to lose his fights as he is now the most nub player and this demotivates him and he leaves the game. Lighter economy could help here. The most common reason to quit I know is, "Really good PvP game but has now too much craft and trade". You can say "RideZ once again with shitty ideas" but I am sure you can google plenty from the subject. The phrase is good but it is a game your are making.
  15. Cmdr RideZ

    Little things you'd like to see

    Force to dump all cargo before TOW is possible.