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  1. Thickness meta is back

    So once again like always, upgrades are broken. I think devs are trying to balance these mega bonus upgrades in the game. I don't understand why bonuses cannot be small and easier to balance. Wood type should mean more than upgrades. Basically ruining the game for everyone else except for guys who have the best upgrades. Very freaking well done devs! ..."both add a layer of skill".... Positioning, enemy positioning, wind, energy, thickness, angling, penetration, etc. all are bound to angling skills. I would say this is a tactical shooter skill. If enemy is in position to get a clear shot on you, well there is nothing you can do because the game has so slow tempo. You have to be able to position yourself correctly before the shot. If you have multiple enemies, you have to make sure you are angled vs all of them. I don't even count healing potions as a skill.. But I can say it is the skill you need after you have failed in everything I said before. This is once again reactive "skill". Better to have really good rules for skill based stuff and decrease the amount of healing potions we can use per battle. .edit. Also shooting skills can be included in that list.
  2. Thickness meta is back

    At some point thickness was good but with upgrades it was broken. I have not checked but what would be the situation without upgrades? Thickness is hard to balance if upgrade bonuses are very high. We also have tons of bad wood types so balancing would not harm at all. Thickness and angling should have a meaning and not simply removed from the game. It may not be that hard but at least 1000000 times harder than elite healing potion skillz0r. .edit. Started to think about this. Angling is the game before healing potions. If you suck at positioning yourself and angling, you probably like healing potions skills. Basically, stronger the thickness meta is, less healing potions we should have. This is also the way of skill based gaming.
  3. Unequal battles

    What if you had equal players, another one with the best gear and another without? Sorry man, but your idea is simply utter crap. ... Shall we do so that Hachi will make the best possible ship he can make for 1vs1 fights. Blackjack Morgan will make the worst possible ship he can make for 1vs1 fights. They exchange the ships and take a duel. Hachi will win this, easy?
  4. Unequal battles

    May I ask how do you think this game would be good like you say? Tell me what there would make this game worth a buy? How would you like NA to be? Oh, and as you seem to know, can you tell me the crowd NA is targeting? I have to admit I don't play PvP games that are not competitive. So it can be that you are right.
  5. Unequal battles

    The last time I played this I had everything you can get + more. I would like that there are plenty of players in this game who have a good change to win in PvP. I would like there to be good PvP. I would like to give this option also for players who are unable to play as much as I am.
  6. Unequal battles

    I can accept this only in a PvE game where you can do PvP. If you really think this is a PvP game and all that you said. You know that we often disagree? You can be sure that we disagree here again. Why WOT, CS, LOL, any PvP game is selling well? Because of good and even PvP. You wont make a good game as you put it there. Do you know how PvP Civilization games end normally? Do they play those games to end or people surrender early in the game as they notice that they cannot win any more? Yes, correct, they surrender pretty soon after they notice they cannot win any more. In your game theory there, you are simply wrong.
  7. Unequal battles

    Maybe my mistake then.. Olympics.. Why do we watch Olympic games? Do we watch Ice Hockey because one team has extra player? Do we watch bicycle marathon because one guy has a motorcycle? It is not fun to be part of this marathon when one guy has a hello kittying motorcycle? Like WTF is this shit? Of course he won the race, what kind of question is that? He basically ruined the game for the rest and none said anything, he got even gold medal. He did not even know how to drive a motorcycle but was able to win because why would he not?
  8. Unequal battles

    Am a bit lazy to check it, at some point you did add there that content is mainly PvP. If you changed it, then fine. Have your PvE game. A small hint why PvP players don't like gear advantage. You were describing there real life, right? Lets go back in history to https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gulf_War How fun it was to play a soldier and serve in one of those T-55?
  9. Unequal battles

    You really have to think this through. To me this is obviously bad. If you change steam description to PvE game where you can have PvP. Then I accept your point of view. If you write there this is mainly a PvP game, then I don't understand this at all.
  10. Unequal battles

    Long time ago we had Exceptional upgrades that gave +2.5% to X. We had MC upgrades that gave +2.0% to X. I really liked to pimp my ride with that extra 0.5%. I also hated the fact that I may have 2.5-0.5% better ship than my enemies. I was not sure if I won those fights with skill or because of that 0.5%.
  11. Unequal battles

    Then why it is so hard for you to let everyone have that gear? Why you need gear advantage? You have it, you say it does not matter. WTF?!
  12. Unequal battles

    As a PvP player I have hard time understanding this. RNG crafting to me is a fix to economy issue that none is crafting and selling ships. This would not be needed if economy would work better. The rest are there to buff players who have time to play. For example HachiRoku is playing plenty? You have this stuff. You get a benefit from it which you basically deny here. Standard players don't have time to play as much as you. Why you need an advantage vs them? You are not really after skill based PvP games?
  13. Unequal battles

    I believe you verified that before you posted. Thickness nerf was anyway too much. Ships without thickness upgrades are not good enough or upgrades are too good. 2 different ships. One is light another is heavy. I install thickness/hp upgrades to light ship, I install speed upgrades to heavy ship. Lighter wood types are clear winners here in overall ship performance. If I had lighter ship with hull upgrades and I could get close but maybe not reach, and definitely not go above the hull "level" of heavy wood types. It can be that this kind of system would be in better balance. Maybe. Everyone here who state that upgrades have no meaning. They are basically against math, logical thinking and common sense. I believe we have people who have all mods speaking for themselves. May I ask why you decided to go with big bonuses? I mean there must have been some game design reason?
  14. Unequal battles

    I like this one... Sad state of NA at the moment. The last balancing patch was hull thickness nerf. Hull thickness was ok, it is just that these stupid mods break it. Then you guys are asking for hull thickness to be nerfed. How can we ever get this game in balance when most changes are completely retarded?
  15. Patch 18: BR and Smuggler fix

    Hull thickness nerf was too much.