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  1. Cmdr RideZ

    Nerf all Mods to promote NA

    Balance everything, focus back to PvP please.
  2. Cmdr RideZ

    Little things you'd like to see

    Display in percentage how many players play per nation from the playerbase. Give bonuses for small nations. For example resource production, more XP/Gold, etc.
  3. Cmdr RideZ

    My reasons why this Game will never Succeed....

    Some small things we can argue about but he is telling the truth. PvE game where you can do PvP. The question is how long admin needs to understand, admit and react. Do we need a year or 10 more? He will go down proud, never admit? How many bought the game? Enough to say there are players interested from the genre? Definitely enough. The combat sucks. Why so many good PvP players left the game already? Did they see and understand something what the rest did not? Maybe you guys can ask from your old NA heroes why they quit? Where did they fail and bring the information back to forum. Ship balance, gear balance sucks, why to have 3 end game wood types and not 9? Why we have to keep lying to devs about this? RvR, who really wants to grind bots to get in a Port Battle? I think even devs said that this is not optimal, I at least think they did say that. Why it takes so long to get forward from here? PvP marks are good? PvP marks to buy ships is a band aid to economy that does not work. The same thing with random crafting. Probably both features can be removed when devs make a working economy. I know I always say S about the game, because simply so many things went backwards.. I make an exception and here goes couple good things. 1. Central structure is good. Improvement to the void armor issue. 2. Bow/stern tanking has been fixed. Not sure if the values are exactly the right but an improvement. 3. New sailing physics are a step to right direction. This has been bad for the combat balance but can be hopefully fixed. 4. New graphics are nice. Somehow OW UI is a bit hard to get used to, does not feel as intuitive as the old one. Still, clearly an improvement.
  4. Cmdr RideZ

    Is this really what you wanted?

    This is true. Was it so that when the game was less economy based it had most players? Most players wanted and want Naval ACTION? The shallows are more lively than ever because it has more action? Anything we can learn from this?
  5. Cmdr RideZ

    Is this really what you wanted?

    I have understood that DLC ships made shallow waters more like DLC only zones? Admin and his buddies should start sailing Renommee, Surprise and Frigate in PvP.
  6. Cmdr RideZ

    Little things you'd like to see

    Add double shot/charge damage/penetration and additional reload time in the perk description.
  7. Cmdr RideZ

    Buildings not magic

    Coastline resources is a nice idea as an additional way to get resources. Not sure if can replace the old system as there are nations that are heavily based on small islands. There could be also specific amount of resources in each one, random amount. When all gathered server spawns randomly a new one. Traders should not give PvP marks as else everyone comes to this location to sink traders to get more marks. Traders right now should not provide marks as marks are more valuable than goods.
  8. Cmdr RideZ

    End game idea 2

    Scenario. Copper mine port to get copper for copper plating. Clan A vs Clan B. Clan A captures the port and all that clan B owned are now destroyed. Clan A wants to defend the port and Clan B wants to capture it back. Clan A wants to build forts and towers for better defense. Clan B wants to make it as hard as possible for Clan A to build forts/towers, as they don't want those to be there the next time they attack it. Clan B attacks traders that try to get in the port and Clan A escorts their traders.
  9. Cmdr RideZ

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    Admin should verify and after give you a dlc If it was really you, well thank you. In the last 2-3 years your idea has been the first good content outside green zones.
  10. Cmdr RideZ

    End game idea 2

    Before wrote about something similar. No rare resource ports. I recommend balanced gear, including balanced wood types. All forts/towers build by clans. Forts towers have upkeep, foodsupplies to feed the men. Green zones have always forts/towers. Repairing forts/towers need stone blocks. etc you understand the point. Clans build their shipyards outside the green like today, and probably want to protect these ports as well. Decrease resources from buildings owned by players, decreased resources from building on the green zone. Players on green have still ok access to everything, including change to get a special ship. Nations have all possibilities on the green to get back on their feet, though not as good as if they actually owned ports. Clan buildings for resources with higher output. Only owning clan can build clan buildings. The rest, if they have access to the port, can build player owned buildings only. Each port can support only limited amount of clan production buildings for resources. Clans may want to own multiple ports as they want more resources to build more 5/5 ships. As everyone in that nation has access to these ports and can build personal production buildings, everyone has still access to everything. The amount of resources simply limits the amount they can build. More means simply more 5/5. Balancing wood types will mean there will be more interesting ports to own, more ports that you want to protect. Todays few rare ports are not serving anyone. Today we need rare resources that provides clear advantage for the owner. Tomorrow that stoneblock port is interesting port to own, as only the owner can build clan quarries. This should create trade and politics as one clan cannot own it all. Either be able to make hostility system PvP oriented, better, or go back to flags. None wants to grind bots to get in a PB. Balance ships so new and old players even in Renommee can participate and have fun. Clan leader saying that he will buy a flag to port A and everyone should be ready tomorrow at this time. This is 10000 times better system than the current one. This creates content while the other one is just ewww. Decrease combat ship cargo holds, half maybe? Make traders important, make escorting important. Building forts and towers to protect your trade routes might not be a bad idea. High trade ports have high BR limit in port battles. Clan buildings can affect to the number slightly as well but never make it impossible for small clans to own ports. When you lose a port, all clan buildings will be wiped. Bring back balanced gear. Theorycrafting different builds is very fun part of any PvP game. You can probably innovate the rest.
  11. Cmdr RideZ

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I have been here long enough to know that many can say the same thing. Is this for sure the initial post? Admin should verify. Truth is that there are other good ideas here but none gets ever implemented. So if it was you Intrepido, I have no idea how you were able to get it done. GJ
  12. Cmdr RideZ

    OP Ships

    Today NA is a PvE game where you can do PvP. Years ago it was a PvP game. It is PvE because in PvE games you have gear progress. In PvP game emphasis is in balance. Edinorogs, rare books and rare upgrades are as stupid as it can be. Rare 5/5 ships are pretty close to the same category. The last time if I remember you all defended this? I wonder what changed your mind. Starting from gear, continuing to combat mechanisms, the good old PvP balance that NA had is gone.
  13. Cmdr RideZ

    Patch 25: Open world user interface update.

    I am not a fan of rare upgrades and ships as are not good for competitive PvP. Increased change to get better quality ships if crafted outside green zones was a good idea for a game like NA is today. The first good idea to give players something to do outside green zones. Which also got implemented. Whoever invented should get a free DLC.
  14. Cmdr RideZ

    End game idea

    UG is a very good standalone title based on steam reviews. UG would be MMO game, don't see why it would not be positive. Why NA would be bad standalone title after this? NA has a huge map, even with 2000 players it is far from full. Lets make an example. UG land battles on continent would make gulf of Mexico far more interesting? You think that would benefit NA players?
  15. Cmdr RideZ

    End game idea

    Not worth our time. Admin should ask from UG team how long it would take. Then estimate if it is worth it.