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  1. Malachy is mostly right there, at least I agree with him. We have players who want very high rake damage. Players who want instantly breaking masts. Players who want that ship side is protecting from everything while at the same time everything else comes down fast. Players who think that shooting hull side needs 0 skill. Unlimited repair kits to fix all your mistakes. Sure we have those who support idea of not having repair kits or having only few. Unlimited repair kits so that fast ships can always repair and run when needed. Only engaging when they actually want, have superior numbers, can gank. Players who know the current meta and already forgot what we had before. Players who directly look from perspective of current meta, from perspective of their current playstyle and what are the issues for them. "I sail a Surprise, I can rake 1st rates. That is the most difficult thing to do so we have to increase rake damage." .. Pro gamers in their Surprises, how many of them thought that maybe the game is broken? I believe they rather wanted to think that they are PvP gods of Naval Action. Because of that, they did not ask devs to fix things when those were clearly broken. Instead they started to defend their godly position. etc. We have players who think completely opposite to everything that I just wrote. If you think about this from devs perspective. In case they try to listen our community, it can be very hard to know what would be the best thing to do. Simply so many opinions.
  2. I am just asking, you are the expert here. If I google about Constitution they say that live oak hull was very strong, they tell me something about ironsides and that it was fast, 13kn. I think some place explain that strong hull made it possible for Constitution to reach that kind of speed. Strong hull was strong enough against water pressure created by speed. (What I have read from google, don't know how reliable those sources are at all) How fast Agamemnon was? Will the new model simulate both ships? How realistic you try to make it? I understand that game may need a bit less realistic simulation, mainly to create good balance between ships. Fans of more realistic games can get disappointed if historically fast ships are not actually fast.
  3. In real life Constitution was still the fastest? Was not? If so, some variables are missing from this function.
  4. Limit chain like double shot

    Chain has high damage so that chain would have a purpose vs firing masts. When balancing chains you have to think also masts.
  5. A few suggestions, almost got it devs... almost.

    If rum does not fix the crew back to 100%, why repair kits should repair the ship back to 100% ? Maybe none has to fully repair? Repair crew requirement based on % to be fixed vs repair efficiency. When hit with full sails, there could be a high change that sails start to burn. Or hitting the hull could send wooden pieces to fly all over and harm your lower sails as well. Or firing your own cannons, especially on the weather deck, could increase sail fire change. Faster you go, less accurate your cannons are.
  6. You are not really saying it so going to ask. Draft affects how ship sails after this or not?
  7. I agree here pretty much. Someone challenged every armchair captain here to take a shot with a rifle when standing on a moving platform and target being on another moving platform that has a mast. I understood that would be a difficult shot to take. If accuracy is too strongly decreased, not sure if that will then make it to be too much about luck? Victories are shooting each others hulls from some distance and random generator is only bad for one player. Other player can then complain that he lost the battle just because rng was so against him. Not saying that there is not room to decrease accuracy before we start to complain about rng. It can be that cannon ball and mast have too big hitboxes. Cannon balls that we actually see flying are huge.
  8. That is an issue, not denying that. Wasa and Constitution are equal ships, right? Issue comes then as Bellona is one rate bigger and then could not dismast ships like Constitution. Maybe that is ok. Surprise vs Wasa, I think that Wasa should be able to dismast Surprises relatively easily. Dismasting has been long time balance issue and I have been voting for balance where big ships dismast smaller ships but equal ships cannot dismast each other that easily. Constitution vs Java would be there, but Constitution vs Constitution would not be a race for dismast.
  9. Wait that they limit repair kits, at least they really should. They have to make masts stronger when that happens. 32pd cannon vs Surprise masts. 250BR ship that should have higher BR vs 140BR Surprise. Basically the same cannons that Bellona has. I think that in this scenario masts should come down. Surprise is a very small 5th rate and Wasa is a 32pd 4th rate, it should be a hard fight for Surprises. Would be hard to balance if 32pd cannon could not dismast a Surprise. Equal ships should have hard time dismasting.
  10. Draft has a meaning still? The new model is historical? Fast ships will be fast and slow ships slow? People who know that ship A was historically fast and ship B slow. They will find this model interesting?
  11. Anti-gank rewards nerf!

    No additional reward is needed. It is alt abusable anyway. Reward reduction is a good idea. Gank reduction features in general has been asked many times. Why we don't get these? @admin You have a good reason?
  12. Fatigue/Morale

    I like the moral idea but how would you implement it? The game is about ganking at the moment, very few good battles in OW or none, which is sad. For example 2vs4 battle, fatigue would make it more difficult for these 2 to win the battle. Personally I would not introduce features that make it even easier to gank people. Devs though seem to love ganking so maybe fatigue/moral has its place as it is improving it. Fatigue will also make battles to last longer as it decreases damage output. Do we want longer battles?
  13. Promoting more PVP

    @victor Right now you have to either trade/craft/PvE to get new ships OR CM/PvPMark. CM and PvPM are a good idea if the only other option is to trade/craft/PvE. CM And PvPM are decreasing player driven economy so it is a bad thing in the end. What if they remove CM/PvPM ships and add conversion from CM to Gold and PvPM to Gold. Give enough PvPM from PvP and they will come to buy their ships from you. If you are in the same nation with me, my clan will buy every ship, cannon and upgrade from you. 1st I have to be able to afford that -> Higher PvP rewards.
  14. Promoting more PVP

    You as a trader would be the final deposit for all that gold that PvP players earn in their battles. How is that so bad thing? In the end of the day you are the only one that is benefiting. edit. In the end PvE players, traders/crafters would rule in NA by using PvP players to fight their wars. You are still complaining?
  15. Promoting more PVP

    1. PvE is important at the moment. I have understood that most play PvE at the moment. PvE is also the area where people grind their ranks and ship knowledge. (I am not strong supporter of ship knowledge grind either, mainly increases PvE) 2. Have I understood correctly that right now PvP players basically take all the risk but get no reward? They don't have money to buy from you + now you can buy directly with marks if you need. You could be still right, we have not tested PvP with good rewards. What you think would happen if they actually could afford to buy your ships? Could it be possible that they also would do that? Could they even order ships from you? Sure, with the current rewards there is no change that they can afford your services. 3. Big clans will probably always have clan crafters. But in the end, if your clan is good in PvP your clan does not need a clan trader/crafter. 4. You have to understand that an average player is losing more money than gaining from PvP. At the moment they simply cannot afford to buy from you. An average player, KD 1. He sinks one enemy and sinks himself. He lost plenty here. He simply cannot afford to buy a new ship from you. He is back in PvE and has to craft his own ship. Player driven economy does not work for Average Joe. What has to be your KD to actually be able to buy the next ship from you with cannons and upgrades?