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  1. Unequal battles

    Show gear score. New player knows that his enemy has gear score of 1 and he has 50. Those 4 are Samurais, wtf those 2 could possibly do? Balance gear. Let them KNOW they have a change.
  2. Unequal battles

    Most common thing in every mmo that I have played -> Players grind max lvl and best gear before they start doing PvP. You could remove or decrease ship knowledge slot XP. You could balance gear. Lets still go with your average players scenario.. I have told you 1-2 years that you don't have to motivate winners, you have to motivate losers to get up and try again. You give 0 reward for losers + death penalty to lose all. Worth risking your ship or motivates ganking? Easy targets for easy rewards or good fights for possibly no reward? If they are average and take harder fights that probably means no reward. .. edit. Throwaway ship, losing a battle, getting demotivated, letting Samurais to farm you. Getting ~nothing from it. That is not fun.
  3. Unequal battles

    One more thing you have mistaken Mr. Admin. Gank does not often look like this at all. Instead it is more like 10x Samurai vs 1 newbie. Give that newbie a change and remove this shitty idea of Samurais.
  4. Unequal battles

    Samurai has OP gear. Balance gear so that it really does not affect to battle results. See plenty of effort to get gear in balance. "Tricks" that some people know and others don't. These are basically something that waits there to be found by the rest and after that Samurai has plenty of difficulties once again. Keep it balanced and inform all in patch notes. Also if you have a clever way to win and you implement that -> Inform that in patch notes. The game does not need Samurai, actually ruining all realism to me. Can you please let us have fair fights? #KillTheSamurai ... edit. If there is a Samurai, let him have equal gear and no tricks that only he knows. Let it be fair.
  5. Some common sense before you make a release could be used.
  6. Review and Suggestion of the Impossible Nations

    Many times community has asked Pirates to be pirates, create special Pirate like nation and features. I think more than a year maybe 2 years? It was asked again and again and then devs decided to go with 3 new nations, which are there to support our playrbase from specific countries. Community was like wtf you guys are doing?! We have plenty of Russian players so they want to give them a change to sail under their own flag. Don't really know why Ultimate General does not have Russia as an option already.
  7. Top sections could be balanced so that those can take 2 hits from big cannons without breaking down. Right now Pirate Frigate top section has 90 hp. 12pd long cannon damage is 49 and can penetrate from +750m. 2nd hit from 12pd cannon takes the top section. If you take Edinorogs, 61 damage. For top sections to last 2 hits, that would be 61X2+1 = 123 hp 42pd long damage is 60, 32pd medium damage is 60. To give some change for smaller ships, mast wise, I don't think that would be bad at all. ... Speed wise smaller ships should have an advantage. This is pretty much because else you don't leave them room to stay in the end game. You take hull hp, you take hull thickness, you take masts, you take speed? Trinc and Endymion both have excellent speed and smaller ships than these have the same or lower speed. Smaller ships have less firepower, have less hull hp/thickness, way weaker masts.. You should leave something for small ships. This is also important when new players join the game. Before they get enough rank to sail big ships, they will be in small ones naturally. If you would increase speeds from Renommee to 180BR ships, it can be that these new players would have a role and feel useful sooner in their PvP careers. You may say it would be unrealistic and that big ships were equally fast, depending from wind conditions. In this case you probably should go gameplay first and bend realism a bit.
  8. Everything used in Battle Should be Limited

    The reason why we need so many repair kits is because we have so high damage. We want weak masts that ends the game, if we dont have repair kits. We want high stern damage that ends the game, if we dont have rum. ... Now we call this bubblegum fix as a "skill". Even though it is pretty clear that games that don't have healing potions are in general more skill based than games that have.
  9. EVE... pvp vs pve

    1. EVE has its issues. NA could and should be something better. Our community has plenty of members who believe in rare mods. There are plenty of players who think that it is not gear based PvP. It would be nice if you could make them understand that NA is today a gear warrior game. 2. I don't recommend EVE way of life. It should not be about some expensive or rare gear etc. Better remove/minimize gear advantage so that from veteran to new players everyone has equal change to win. Should alone make people to sail out from the green more often. I liked your post in general but crew costs part is something I want to make clear here. Before the last wipe crew was expensive. It was an issue for new players. I told here on forum that it is too expensive for new guys. Nothing was done, EVER. After Mega patch when none had gold, everyone was crying from crew costs. Now we sure get more gold than those early days after wipe but I would be very careful with this one. Crew is something that hurts early economies. New guys lose most ships, they lose most crew. This is not that big issue for players who have healthy economy and money already.
  10. Read again what I said. Yes it does.
  11. Jodgi, how did you know?
  12. There is physics simulation in this game. You don't make your thin hull to do magics if you dont have the cm.
  13. So are you using Cartagena still? After wipe everyone was on the same level. None had anything. Today this is not the case anymore. Did not see the RUS vs Rubli fight. If gear does not matter, I suppose you could then support me on my cause? Ask devs to balance gear so that people like me who hate gear warriors would be happier? I may not be the only one. Thickness upgrades?