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  1. Get yourself a Frigate, Belle Poule, Essex, Trinc, etc. Sail those, do it better than in a Surprise. Come here after and tell us that it was actually easier in a Belle Poule. It has +40BR and everything, right? I know that Surprise has 4 stern chasers. Other ships have other benefits like you say, and because of that are on the same level. Not true. There should be many viable hunting ships like Surprise. Should we let devs know this or you still want to stay on "Not OP" side of the table?
  2. If the captain knows what he is doing. You do not know what you are doing so you sail a Surprise? Has to be better than you to sail a Frigate? For many Cecilia was/is the only competitive option for Surprise. Are we Surprised? What if we just stop fooling ourselves, Surprise is OP because you have to be a better captain to sail others. ... Oh, to proof your point that Surprise is not OP. I am expecting that you guys start sailing something else. Show us that it is not because Surprise is OP, show us that you can do it in any ship.
  3. Liquicity.. Stop sailing a Surprise already. So us your ganks in a Belle Poule, Frigate, Essex, etc, ... You have skills to do it in other ships as well, right? Say for your comrades that lets stop sailing a Surprise. Say them that other ships are as good as Surprise. OR Can you do it just and only because you sail a Surprise?
  4. I wish there were other options than Surprise for a goal that is so common. What if we nerf Surprise or buff others so that you actually have to decide from multiple options? Honestly, Surprise is OP and that is the reason why so many sail it. Absolutely nothing to do with anything else.
  5. Maybe some kind of player crafted fleets, protecting a region or a port. Ships from these fleets could be captured by other players. You may have to balance ship prices in general for this to work. Ships cannot be so expensive that none wants to sell those for local authority. You could go even so far that every ship is player crafted in the end. Players providing the ships. May need some kind of buffer that there is actually AI ships in the game even tho none crafts those. These ships can be captured, but as players crafted those, economy stays player driven. We may run to an issue.. Players do not want to craft ships for their enemy, because those are so expensive? This is an issue already. Ships prices are ok when people want to sell those for AI use.
  6. LOL In every game, when something is better than the rest -> Masses use it. Do not cheat yourself. Surprise is the easiest ship to sail, there is absolutely nothing related to skill here.
  7. Speed is in balance if fast small ships are used as taggers. Renommee should have its place in the game. Traders and "pirate" ships and probably some others will be speed ships still. 10% more sailing crew, does not really matter in my trader at all. For my PvP ship, I probably would take something else. IMO this does not sound bad. We should probably nerf rest of the upgrades as well. The game was simply better when bonuses were small. Personally I do not recommend this kind of gear based PvP, at all. Traders have to be slower than their combat variants, else Lynx cannot catch Traders Lynx. @admin At some point I understood that you agreed that small bonuses are good. I do not know why you changed your mind to be completely opposite. I have been asking this more than a year and I know I am not the only one. What if you would make those bonuses to be small and we could start developing something else already? You probably have to remove regions, capture each port separately. I think the biggest issue in current RvR is the hostility system. It does not work. You either have to start creating new content for it ASAP that will fix it or go back to the good old flag system. Hostility system is extremely boring, yes, extremely. Upgrade random drops, are worst than random crafting. Make upgrades easy to access. We craft upgrades, that needs some effort and materials, cool. Keep the main focus in action, in war.
  8. Constitution needs 150 combat marks, it has 250 battle rating. It should annihilate cheap ships like Surprises, 100/140*250 = 179 -> 79% more BR. Surprise has very good upwind sailing qualities, 4 stern chasers, it is very good to escape. It really does not need to be even close as good as Connie in combat. Essex does not need combat marks, but it is 225 BR frigate. Essex vs Constitution is completely different story. Still, Essex is priced way under Constitution so I suppose Constitution should be clearly better, or how do you set your pricing policies? In my opinion, you should nerf Surprise or increase BR. Someone could say it is OP vs price and BR. Yes, sure, a good Constitution captain will always win vs Surprise, but a good Surprise captain will escape before it is too late. I have understood that stronger the hull is more water pressure it can take. Faster the ship goes more pressure it has to sustain. Live Oak should be the fastest wood type if we went with laws of physics? I understand that from game point of view that would be slightly boring.
  9. Teak has been expensive and WO as well. Give a small nerf maybe?
  10. Patch is good. Verify that other upgrades are on the same level. ... A. Upgrades are too rare. You could consider decreasing rare material crafting requirements to 1 unit per upgrade. This will make upgrades 5 times more common. After this follow trade. When a rare material reaches every capital it is in balance. Rare materials will be common and cheap where those are produced, and when transported through map those get more expensive. This change alone dramatically decreases ship prices, and at least in theory increases PvP. B. Multiple repair kits changed the game radically towards Mass > Skill. It will be radical change, but I recommend that you come back to 1 of each type. This change will radically affect to other aspects of the game. Combat was simply better with one. Before the wipe, when a Surprise captain had to repair his ship he often also left the battle. Right now they just continue repairing 90 minutes. One issue here are masts, those seem to be hard to balance. Issue with masts; those are easy to shoot + strong disabling effect vs effort & skill + we want to keep dismasting in the game. C. Half the amount of XP needed for ship knowledge. Grinding rank means that you can do what ever to get XP. Grinding ship knowledge means that you have to sail always the same ship. People often like end game PvP and they purely suffer and grind to get there. I do not think as radical grind as we now have is needed, wont make anything better. OR announce that there will be subscription for double XP/Gold. I can understand this as a part of money making machine.
  11. Conquest Ladder Zero

    Carebear alliances will just attack small ones or one nation together. It has to be from control, that it forces you to attack big ones.
  12. Conquest Ladder Zero

    I give you a port and get -2 for this cycle and you get +1. You will win and after reset you give the region back. It probably cannot be reset.
  13. Conquest Ladder Zero

    What if SE, DK, PR, FR, NL, US all attack GB and take one port from them. That is -12 point for them. Like I said, small nations have to attack together vs big ones.
  14. Conquest Ladder Zero

    Maybe I have understood it wrong, it can be that I have actually misunderstood... At the end of cycle, you get 1 point from a region, more if important region. You lose 2 points if you have lost a region. ES has 20 points, so natural target for GB, they cannot win if ES does not lose ports. As this is something they probably have to do, and they have a good front with them to encourage them to do so. The rest have to attack GB to create negative points for them, at the same time increasing their own points. If you spend time attacking small nations, GB will win for sure. Lets say GB lost 10 regions and ES 10 as well. It is probably either DK or SE that is going to win. If DK is winning, SE should attack DK. You should not get any points from won/lost battles, just from regions controlled at the end. If you fight multiple times from the same region and it finally ends for the original owner, no points should be granted or taken.
  15. Conquest Ladder Zero

    GB wont even win the 1st one if all the rest attack them. They have to capture two ES ports for every port they lose for you. If you continue raping the small ones like usually, yes, you will lose.