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  1. les EDR ont pris une décision funeste

    I need you my friend. The grades in the Netherlands are from 1 to 10. 10 is the best and 1 is the worst. 5,5 or higher is good enough. But i am standing for french a 6. And because of my Dyscalculie mathematcs and all those kind of things are very hard.. so i needed atleast to stand for English , french , deutsch and others a 8 or higher.. so i need to learn french extreem!

    Many will leave to legends No worries , this game aint dead , not ever!
  3. Oh well... on one side i would say.. thats really nice... on the other side.. thats bad. Its nice because we will get easy many players.. on the bad side is that many children will join. And i will not tell the kids on my school about this.. because they are mean. Very mean. They bully the crap out of people.
  4. I am already in Closed Beta Test , i almost got snow , and you are saying it will be a seperate free to play game , so everyone from the world who have not bought naval action can play it then?
  5. So everyone is allowed to play it? Even those who have not buyed naval action? But if you bought the game.. you can sail all ships?
  6. Player-selected ship 2017 - Final poll

    I understand and i agree with you , allthough i do think that it has taken long. The Dutch have had times that they ruled the seven seas.. and still dont have a ship. So i do agree with you.. but i do think it has taken long.
  7. Let Agamemnon take Wasa place.

    I would sail the Agamemnon now and forever , in legends though. I dont do open world anymore.
  8. Legends Ideas and Questions

    Thanks mate!
  9. Idea: Additional Nations for the future maybe…

    Aye , i agree with you
  10. Legends Ideas and Questions

    Hello everybody. I had some ideas and questions. I have tried looking for information about Legends in the forums , didnt found much. Now to start of with a question of mine: Wen will Legends be officially released? Some people said Next Thursday to me. Now about the ships. In Legends we have quite some ships , but not all of them. Not even close. First i have this question: Will all ships come into Legends? And i have an idea for the ships that are not in game yet. Right now you gotta have xp to research your next ship and buy it with silver. Maybe you could buy the other ships with gold , that is harder to get or something like that? Because i would love to sail with lots of ships in Legends that are not in game in Legends yet , like L'Hermione. Or Bellona. And others.. actually just all of them
  11. Idea: Additional Nations for the future maybe…

    Okey.. i understand why he wants to do it.. money . And that makes perfect sense Now i heard some history on the Chinese and Japanese ships.. i want to know more ;p I am going on a research tour ;p. People always said to me that they didnt have ships like Europe at all..? Is that true?
  12. Idea: Additional Nations for the future maybe…

    So you wanna attract.. chinese and japanese players to the game? I am not sure if i am saying this correctly , so correct me if i am wrong. I heard from some people and websites that many people from china and japan cant speak English. I am not sure if this is true , so again.. correct me if i am wrong
  13. Legends Server Time

    Okey , thanks! I would love it to be more online , but if that aint possible.. well.. thats sad but thats how it is i guess.
  14. Legends Server Time

    Hey everyone! Good morning! I have a question... does anyone know the exact times wen the Legends server goes up? Or arent there really exact times? Because yesterday it was almost not online... but the day before that it was the whole time online.. and now it has not bin online.. and i want to play legends , so does anyone know? ?