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  1. This bug exist in the game since the very beginning of OW. When dev team proposed changes that would allow only 3 cancellations per day I was arguing that they should at least fix mission spawning bug first. Guess what? Nobody cared back then. Nobody cares now.
  2. Borch

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Its not only about ships with more guns getting more risk but also about having bigger chance to succesfully use leaks mechanic. More cannons equals more chance to cause leaks with one broadside. That mechanic will work against every ship. Question is if it should be more even between ship sizes? Game against realism.
  3. Borch

    Ninja Santi and One Shot Kills

    Incompetence of OP aside, but can a frigate sink another frigate with leaks caused by one broadside? Legit question as I didnt used that mechanic in ages. The last thing I remember was that you needed a lot more leaks than possible to get from frigate number of cannons (counting in misses, non penetration shots). Seems to me that leaks mechanic is more potent in case of ships with greater number of cannons than smaller ones (also pretty easy to do with NA cannons accuracy - more than mast sniping at least). Either make leaks more potent in case of small ships ( like you need relatively smaller number of leaks to sink smaller ship than bigger one) or give bigger ships better protection from them?
  4. Borch

    Naval Action needs a good story.

    Yes, but those takes also 50-75 hours to develop while PB's and PvP is still under developement since 2016. Even combat mechanic which long time ago would be sufficient for final release is all the time being tweaked. Its time to focus a bit on small fishes filling most of OW to provide everybody interacions with other players.
  5. Borch

    Incentive for nations to own more towns.

    Yep and that means more empty port battles. Boring. Content will be provided in different means than port ownership which is boring too. Again, more of empty PB's.
  6. Borch

    Incentive for nations to own more towns.

    If RvR activity is going to stay as it is - clan based, then I would say that port ownership should cost even more or simply not be allowed beyond some number. I understand that currently with the playerbase we have it looks like bigger no. of port ownership is needed but after release we should expect a large influx of players. When that will happen one clan absolutely shouldnt be able to keep too many ports as they will deny content for other clans in nation. Out of my head 5 ports for biggest most active RvR clans with possible teleports and tows plus outposts should ne enough.
  7. Borch

    Rework of Admiralty shop

    If safezone dont drop combat marks then it has to be "safe" otherwise no point in keeping it.
  8. Borch

    World Cup (annual event)

    Its not historical to have a world cup.
  9. Borch

    How to avoid cyclic player participation

    Main goal - PvP ranks with special small boost rewards and unique ship paints etc ( could be different ranks for every nation making it a good source of money for further game developement via forged papers) Admiralty deeds - Various activities being rewarded with special paints, mods, ships ( different for every nation, county, PvP, PvE, Trading, Conquest, Exploring) Carrer focus - Different perks and deeds for admiralty captain, trader, crafter, explorer. PvE - More PvE content increasing OW traffic thus making PvP more common and on smaller scale RvR - Raids as main activity taking place of PB's - PB's triggered and hostility lowered only by PvP with no hostility decay ( slow conquest with chance of nation to rebuild ). PB being server event with rewards given to captain of every nation for activities around said city. Notice RvR is still there because it just has to be but taking towns from other nation doesnt happen too often. Main goal of playing the game is player character advancement and rewards attached to that. This would not only decrease the number of only big group battles but also create more small scale fights across whole map as there would be plenty of solo achievements and deeds ( less ganks - still there but some people will just never learn ). Carrer focus gives you the chance to enjoy game content the way you like it and adequately to the time you can spend in game while also making your path important for the whole nation (no more carebear traders and crafter comments ). Making opposition conquering as a main game goal will always lead to game faster demise ( unless you develop seasons which basicaly are wipes every few months and wouldnt work in NA - its terrible content anyway). Wake up Game Labs.
  10. Borch

    How to avoid cyclic player participation

    How about simply not making RvR main end game content?
  11. Borch

    Pirate Dens around the map

    That feature would also be one of good reasons to add exploring and exploration ships to the game.
  12. This is the direction I wouldnt want NA to go. Its another boring feature but this time affecting the most important part of NA, which are ships. Again this will make casuals life more complicated and wont affect much hardcore players. What is the purpose of bringing it into game then? If anything this feature shouldnt affect such basic thing as money otherwise its just RvR ports with maintenance cost vol 2.0.
  13. Borch

    Reinforcement fleets: feedback

    Yes, please. Time to remove hostility missions altogether... Promoting easy gameplay in end game content is worse than actually NOT providing any... The sea is dangerous and unforgiving mistress... Time to force those RvR guys to PvP instead mindlessly bashing PvE fleets.
  14. Borch

    A Re-take to Regional Bonuses

    You simply need clear difference between the roles you can play. Navy captain, trader, crafter and (hopefully) explorer should have all different pros and cons, achievements and rewards that will make every activity interesting in game. If the devs goal is self sustained economy, they should also look into ship crafting. The only problem here is that you need big playerbase to make it work including those players that needs their "hand held" as they are not so skilled in combat as hardcore PvP'ers. They could be viable part of the game if not kicked a side. With proper role implementation even fine woods would work. In fact it would finnaly make the game interesting at every aspect trade, craft, OW PvP, RvR and (hopefully) exploring.
  15. Thats exactly the point. You do not forbid players from sailing first rates but you make it harder to choose between first and third rate. Basically first rate having superior firepower and third rate turn and speed with second rate in the middle. You dont need any weird artificial limiting mechanic in the game, players will make the choice.
  16. Borch

    RVR options

    Yeah, thats how proper Raid feature should look in this game.
  17. Borch

    Patrol Zone Changes

    Ideally after release I would rather like to see more incentives to sail in OW than artificial PvP area. Hopefully everything will pan out great and we will be back with 1000 (or more) population so hot spots like that wont be needed.
  18. Borch

    Fan Made Video - Battle of Placentia 1789

    Yup, good game footage can help the game a lot. This one made me buy the game straight away not even knowing anything about it: But this one is gives you goosebumps when you see it first time ( and later too). More indeed are needed.
  19. Borch

    Problems of NA

    Following these operations, on 28 January 1815 Napier issued a challenge to the captain of US frigate Constellation to meet Euryalus in single-ship combat.[31]Constellation's captain, Charles Gordon, accepted, but Euryalus was first required for the naval operations preceding the Battle of New Orleans and then peace was signed before the engagement could take place. Napier wrote to Captain Gordon that he was glad they were at peace, but should that situation change 'I trust we shall have an opportunity of being better acquainted'.[32] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Euryalus_(1803) Anyway I agree with most of the points but they are only small upgrade of what we now have in game and for release that still wont be enough. What we got: Great and realistic combat mechanic but being under constant rework taking most of developers time. We are missing: - General end game goal - Currently its only gathering marks, buying/crafting upgrades, fitting ships, fighting, loosing ships, rinse and repeat. People play only for this thread: And if they are bored but stubborn enough to still play the game they are looking for content changing nation and starting over again. We need PvP ranks one way or another to give people some longtime purpose in playing also rewarding differently for defeating more experienced opponents. Introduce admiralty achievemenets with rewards for various deeds. Taking part in PB of every port in one county, sinking number of players around location, succesfully finishing raid goals, exploring trading etc different for every nation. - RvR needs total rework - Patrol zones proved that people are tired and bored of NA RvR. Its again just rinse and repeat for the battle itself and certainly not for the port. We need raids and Pb's separately in game. Raids could be fast group effort PvP or PvE (doesnt matter as sailing players create content for others) where the goal would be to win against boom chain defences, beach tower defending acces to important hill or burning enemy fleet gathering in the port ( achieving all goals in city PB timer should be greatly rewarded). Cities conquest needs to mean something. Tax is not enough. Battle itself should be server event with captains of every nation showing up and being rewarded for tasks arund PB area. - OW needs more life. PvE is not the main game goal on PvP server but is a great tool to increase trafic in OW. Reward properly sailing outside safe zone. Make it interesting with various events. Named AI opponents, more interesting loot from npcs, give us a small chance to capture good ship from AI 4-5 -5 even if it will be only 5% chance. People will sail out of ports for that. - Game needs more variety when it comes to the role you can take. Combat captain, trading captain, crafter, explorer needs their own separate traits, upgrades and should provide different benefits and achievements. Introduce exploring ships able to report enemy movement around scouted area with lets say 10-15 mins delay, events, current goods prices etc visible on the map in the form of lifting fog of war. In combat instance those could be used as support ships able to report enemy ships trims and builds. - Pirates! They badly need rework to finnaly be pirates for real. Sorry for hijacking the thread a bit but I believe that to achieve great game ( and there is huge potential in NA for that) you first need to develop game general goals and tweak them accordingly after. This is the real problem of NA
  20. Borch

    Community Representatives.

    Admin, charismatic with strong opinion, also very stubborn person, need a counterpart that is able sometimes to bash bad game ideas out of his head. Very polite person will never succeed in that task.
  21. Borch

    Reinforcements update

    No Victor, we in developement of NA already had time when OW PvP became rare thing ( I dont remember which patch was it) and the most PvP battles happening were big groups OW PB screening and PB's itself. You think those pro's realized what's happening? Absolutely not. They started crying about lack of small OW PvP action instead. Plenty left the game or made theselves a brak from playing. Most of those who stayed still cried about "snowflake carebearing revenge fleeting port huggers" and demanded changes towrds making "their" gameplay better. People need to understand first to learn something. Second cant happen without first one.
  22. Borch

    "Go to bed" log off

    I dont care abuse or not. This is a game and we need to have a chance stop playing when we want WITHOUT loosing that for what we worked hard. Curently I myself when I log in the game wanting to do some PvP away from any friendly ports, every time I come up with conclusion that there is no time to do that. Real life hold me always from spending few continous hours in the game. I'm pretty sure that, there is plenty of people like tied up to a friendly port. Like it or not, you need to be able to log off when RL calls you. Also, notice how battlescreen was abused mostly by PvP so called pro's while most of casuals were just sunk trying to play the game. From who did they later on learn that? I guarantee you that in the future those PvP pro's will come up anyway with "Safe My Ass" - button tactic while casuals will be sunk mercilessly thus no logging off from the game means more harm than helps.
  23. Borch

    Reinforcements update

    Well, thats why Im quotting Admin. Presonaly I see plenty of Brits sunk in Jamaica reinforced zone. Plenty around Belize too. How it looks in other nations? Is it the same? I dont see so many clerk messages from other reinforced zones. Maybe its a good choice to join another nation so then you can have some instant battles with newbies/ players that need their hand held in Jamaica reinforced zone. That would help getting them out of the game faster. I hope that will make OW better for real PvP players. Having a lot less battles but more quality ones, like in this thread : Where most OW battles are pro's fighting other pro's. I just hope that when casuals will be out, Pro players wont start using their tricks on each other to actually not having a battle when they dont have advantage. That would be shame. Probably some Pro's would stop logging too. Not too sure about that though. Need to test that again, because all the other tests wasnt definitive. Can we have some stats/thoughts Game Labs?
  24. Borch

    Reinforcements update

    How does it look after a week of testing in developers view? Good, bad? How does the stats from combats in reinforcements zone look (percentage wise combat won by deffenders with reinforcements and by attackers without)? Did you got rid of players that needs their hand held already or need more time? Did we already had increased number of PvP players logging and decreased logins of PvE crowd? Any thoughts?
  25. By spyglass rework I meant better graphical and spglass movement implementation. Currently at closest distance you barely can hold your view on enemy ships as they sail too fast from your screen. You have to move your mouse like crazy to hold your view until you reach the end of your mouse pad so you loose your target again. This needs to change. You also need to watch your ship at the same time. Nobody will do that for you. As for the second part. Player with fleet currently holds advantage over a guy with spyglass only because of server/pc performance/limits. You cant see every ship separately as this is impossible for GL to implement. Logical way here is to identify fleet ships by just using spyglass once on your target. We need a middle point between realism and gameplay here.